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Domy to Unveil New Natural Toothpaste at 126th Canton Fair

LogoDomy is honored to announce its participation at the 126th Canton Fair from October 23rd to October 27th (Booth No.: Area C, 15.2 Hall - G18). On the occasion of the exhibition, DOMY will unveil its latest lineup of natural toothpaste to overseas buyers.

Trade 21 Is Offering Laboratory Glassware in Singapore

LogoTrade21 is a renowned Singaporean firm offering a wide variety of medical equipment and laboratory products. It supplies scientific instruments, laboratory glassware and equipment, histology-related chemicals, and more to clinical laboratories and scientific research centers countrywide. Trade 21 offers various products for industrial use, including biotech, pharmaceutical, hospitals, and petrochemical companies, among others. The firm also provides laboratory equipment to institutions, such as universities, government agencies, and research institutions.

Trade 21 Is Offering Microscope Slides Frosted End and Round Bottom Centrifuge Tubes

LogoTrade 21 is among the most reliable Singapore e-commerce stores when it comes to the provision of medical and laboratory equipment for clinical laboratories and scientific research sectors in Singapore. The manufacturer has a variety of products on offer, from laboratory glassware and plastic-ware to scientific instruments, equipment, and histology-related chemicals. Trade 21 serves many types of clients that include hospitals, as well as pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and biotech companies. The manufacturer also caters to the lab product needs of R&D labs in various industries, medical-research institutions, polytechnics, universities, and government agencies, including defense.

Centralized Pipe Fusion Data Recording with the DataLogger 6

LogoThe DataLogger 6 is a centralized solution to accurately record essential job site data. A user needs only scan the pipe or fitting barcode. In turn, vital information like the pipe material, size, manufacture date and lot is logged automatically. Users can also add operator and machine information plus GPS location of each joint and even photos.

Trade 21 Provides Microscope Slide Coverslips and Laboratory Glassware in Singapore

LogoTrade 21 provides a broad assortment of laboratory equipment to Singapore's scientific research sector and clinical laboratories. The products include laboratory plasticware, instruments, glassware, and histology-related chemicals. Trade 21's clientele includes hospitals, biotech companies, pharmaceutical firms, petrochemical companies, and medical research institutions. Other clients are R&D labs, government agencies, universities, and polytechnics. Trade 21 sources its high-quality products from some of the most reputed manufacturers. These include Alpha Laboratories, Paul Marienfeld Superior Germany, Labcon North America, EINST Technology Pte Ltd, and Labskins Gloves. Partnering with such manufacturers helps Trade 21 to deliver a wide range of top-notch laboratory products to its clients.

CDF Corporation to Attend the American Food Manufacturing Summit 2019

LogoInternational Packaging Manufacturer to Showcase Meta® Pail and other Mindful Packaging Solutions at Food Manufacturing Summit

Clariant Introduces Innovative Halogen- and Cobalt Dichloride-Free Type 2 Non-Reversible Humidity Indicator Cards to Ensure Integrity of Moisture Sensitive Electronic Components

LogoMuttenz, September 10, 2019 – Advanced technology is an integral part of society, with electronic and digital devices becoming ubiquitous. To ensure the integrity of devices ranging from personal electronics, including computers and cell phones, to industrial automation solutions, it is critical that these moisture-sensitive components such as printed circuit boards (PCBs) and surface mount devices (SMDs) are carefully transported and stored. SMDs for instance, are comprised of many powerful and essential processors, chipsets, diodes, transistors and integrated circuits that power today's digital devices and products. These components are very sensitive and can easily fail when exposed to moisture, due to cracking, delamination and "popcorning."

Suburban Marble & Granite Explains the Benefits of Quartz

Suburban Marble & Granite offers so many different countertop materials that making a decision can sometimes be difficult. With marble and granite in the name, it's easy to forget about the benefits of a quartz countertop that might make sense for a modern kitchen. Suburban Marble and Granite is proud to offer quartz countertops to Malvern and its surrounding areas and knows what to look for when making this decision.

Henvcon to Show Top-Class Suspension Clamp at IIEE 3E XPO 2019

LogoHenvcon is glad to announce that it will participate in the IIEE 3E XPO 2019 on November 27th to 30th at SMX International Convention and Exhibition Center in Manila, Philippines (Booth:143). On the occasion of the exhibition, Henvcon will showcase its top-class suspension clamp and hot sellers.

Rotary Products, Inc. Offers the Best Quality of Loading Dock Equipment

LogoRotary Products, Inc. is a prestigious Ohio based firm that has been providing high-quality products to the people of the local communities for decades. They are especially renowned for providing their clients with specialized services related to dock bumpers and guiding them on their perfect installation and application. While this company is based in Ohio, their projects can be availed by people throughout various parts of North America.

Rotary Products, Inc. Offers Efficient Services Related to Dock Bumpers

LogoRotary Products, Inc. is quite a prominent company based in the Midwestern state of Ohio. Through this company, people can purchase premium dock door seals, the edge of dock levelers, truck dock bumpers, plastic door curtains, as well as loading dock equipment. They offer a full line of warehouse safety and loading dock products. These products are designed especially for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Arch City Steel and Alloy Offering a Wide Range of Stainless-Steel Products

LogoArch City Steel & Alloy, Inc was established in the year 1992 as a customer-driven distributor of stainless steel, carbon, alloys, and nickel alloys. The company inventory is built around its clients' needs. Their team specializes in different sizes, so the client completes even the toughest jobs without a hassle. Arch City Steel & Alloy, Inc has a precious stockpile of products ranging from carbon, nickel to stainless steel pipes, bars, tubes, and sheets, respectively. They also offer customized goods on request apart from their standard catalog.

A Two-Day Designer Journey Was Organized by Sunon in Dubai

LogoIt is a truth universally acknowledged that a giant company in possession of a good reputation domestically must be in want of chances of branding abroad. This is happening on Designer Journey. On October 11th, Sunon, one of the most prestigious office and home furniture manufacturers in China featuring in high-end products, held an activity for designers and furniture distributors across the world.

General Partition Company Offers Recyclable Interior Box Packaging

General Partition Company is an industry leader in the production and manufacturing of interior box packaging materials. While most packaging companies supply recyclable boxes, General Partition Company has gone one step further in creating all of their products from 100% recycled material. For over 50 years, they have dedicated themselves to not only providing high-quality partitions, but also doing their part in providing eco-friendly products.

Bee Chems Offers the Highest-Grade Silica Gel – Sorbogel in a Variety of Packaging Options

LogoOne of India's leading industrial chemical manufacturers, Bee Chems offers silica gel – sorbogel in a variety of packaging solutions, including 25kg Bags, 50 Kg. Drums, and 170 Kg. Drums. Compared to other desiccants and adsorbents, the substance is highly suitable for use in different environments. The surface and properties of silica gel can be modified for use in varying humidity operation requirements. The company provides silica gel in two types: indicating and non-indicating silica gel.

Bee Chems Offers Smecton Clay Used in Paint, Grease, Sealant and Many Other Industries

LogoA well-renowned chemicals supplier in the industry, Bee Chems offers smecton clay which is used in a in paint, grease, adhesive and other industries across the world. With high gelling efficiency, the organic clay is characterized by high viscosity and exceptional thickening property under different temperatures. The clay provided by the company is known for their quality and reliability. Cost effective and versatile, the substance is known for its high effectiveness and ease of use.

Sihui to Exhibit Instrument Transformer at Canton Fair 2019 Autumn

LogoGuangdong Sihui Instrument Transformer Works Co., Ltd is glad to announce that it will participate in Canton Fair 2019 from October 15th to 19th (Hall B at Booth No. 11.3 E20). On the occasion of the exhibition period, Sihui will showcase its new arrivals of epoxy transformer as well as the hot sellers.

Robot Component Pvt. Ltd Is Redefining Standards in JBC Spare Parts

LogoRobot Component Pvt. Ltd is a one-stop destination for all JCB spare parts requirements. The company has an extensive range of earthmover spare parts made to perfection using premium grade material that makes them highly durable and robust. Clients are sure to get value for money for a long time. Robot Component Pvt. Ltd has extensive expertise in JCB aftermarket parts, and that is an assurance of the high-quality products that the company supplies to diversified customers spread across geographies the world over. Being the trusted earthmover spare parts manufacturer, Robot Component Pvt. Ltd is known for the best industrial practices that it employs to deliver high-performance products.

aquaBRIGHT™ and polyFIBRO® by ecoFINISH® Is the Best Choice for Pool Coatings

LogoAnyone who owns a backyard pool understands the investment and commitment required to keep it clean, safe, and beautiful. One of the easiest steps to take to ensure the longevity of a concrete pool is to coat the interior liner with an aquatic finish. aquaBRIGHT™ and polyFIBRO® by ecoFINISH® are the best high-performance coatings, scientifically designed to resist staining, shrinking, and cracking.

Trade 21 Offering a Microscope Cover Glass

LogoTrade 21 is a Singapore based company that is offering the latest and best laboratory products that are used in clinical laboratories and the science research sector. They have a wide range of laboratory products that include laboratory glassware, laboratory instruments, disposable gloves, laboratory plastic wares, and microscope accessories. They have made a great name for themselves in the health sector due to their high-quality products that can be shipped anywhere around the world.

JRE Offering Finn Power Crimping Machine Sales and Service Solutions in India

LogoJRE Pvt. Ltd is well-positioned to manufacture marine loading arms, roof drain hoses and systems, API couplers, metallic bellows, rubber bellows, PUHB saddles, hose movers, hose rack, folding cages, and stairs. The company is equally proficient in delivering technology-based solutions for the Petrochemical and Power Industry in partnership with Wiese Europe, DITEC, KOMPAFLEX, DELMECO, STRAUB, HOSEBUN, CAVMAC, SUBITEC, AKVOLA, SOPAT, TODO, and other top global brands. JRE complies with ATEX, CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 norms, and focuses on total quality, R&D and resource productivity for product and service delivery.

Architectural Canopies Offers Custom Canopies at Affordable Prices

LogoWith an increasing number of outdoor activities everywhere, the demand for custom canopies has also remarkably increased. Architectural Canopies brings in a great selection of canopies and awnings customized only for their valuable clients.

Architectural Canopies Brings in a Range of Aluminum Awnings

LogoAn awning is not only a great way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the property, but it also ensures protection against sun and rain. Architectural Canopies brings in quality aluminum awnings that add beauty to the home and office with durability and long-lasting quality. All the more, installing an awning contributes to the reduction in energy costs.

Architectural Design Offers Protection with Quality Glass Canopy System

LogoSimple or complex, connected or freestanding, canopies never fail to produce a mood of vigor for the building or home. Architectural Canopies bring in a range of glass canopy systems and other products to help accentuate architectural design without compromising beauty and protection. Each glass canopy system is custom-tailored to the client's design requirements, and custom engineered to meet one's specification requirements.

Architectural Canopy Offers Quality Modern Glass Awning

LogoMany homeowners choose to try out a variety of accessories to enhance the look and beauty of their homes. Of them, graceful modern glass awning is proven to be pretty useful as this awning can add shape, dimension, and elegance to the patio, balcony, or window. This add-on transforms the outdoor space into a stylish living area.