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Redwood Plastics and Rubber Appoints Nicholas Gavigan as Business Development Manager

Redwood Plastics and Rubber announced today the promotion of Nicholas Gavigan to Business Development Manger (BDM) for their flagship branch in Langley, BC.

E Instruments E9000 Emissions Analyzer Now Includes Heated Probe Head and Sample Line

LogoAs one of the leading manufacturers of emission analyzers in the U.S. and Europe, E Instruments is pleased to announce that it now provides the E9000 Emissions Analyzer which includes a heated probe head and sample line. This Bluetooth-integrated system is the most complete, portable tool for EPA-compliance level emissions monitoring. It can be used for equipment such as boilers, engines, kilns, furnaces, and countless other types of combustion equipment.

E Instruments Provides Information on AQ VOC Handheld Indoor Air Quality Monitor in New Video

LogoE Instruments, a leading manufacturer of air quality monitors, combustion analyzers, and much more, has provided customers with an informative NEW video on the ins and outs of the AQ VOC Handheld Indoor Air Quality Monitor. On the company's website, those in the market for specific air quality products can browse certain features and capabilities of the IAQ monitors and take note of different settings on the equipment along with how to use the instruments through their training videos.

The Hosemaster Now Offering 10% off Full Product Range: Terms and Conditions Apply

The Hosemaster, leading supplier of hose, couplings and range of other workshop supplies are now giving their customers, both old and new, the opportunity to benefit from a 10% when buying any products found on the company's website. All that anyone interested in receiving the discount has to do is register an account with the company.

Premium Tortilla Products Produced by Easy Foods

LogoWhen it comes to corn tortillas, Easy Foods remains among the few manufacturers that continue to utilize fresh corn to make nixtamal on premises for its tortilla products. The corn is cooked, ground down, and it is then used to make the deliciously authentic flavor that has made Easy Foods corn tortillas so irresistible.

FDA Approves MICRALOX for Use in the Food Industry

LogoThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition recently approved the use of MICRALOX®, a patented hard coat anodize technology product created by Sanford Process and supplied by its sister company, Precision Coating, as suitable for food contact. The innovative hard anodic finish can serve as a protective coating on aluminum parts that come into repeated contact with food. MICRALOX is a patented, durable, abrasion-resistant, and highly corrosion resistant coating formed out of the aluminum substrate. MICRALOX® Lumina and Ultra provide revolutionary protection aluminum parts and are able to withstand frequent high pH cleanings and resist chemical attack up to 50X longer than conventional Type II and Type III anodic coatings.

CleanGo GreenGo Solidifies Position as a Premier Non Toxic Child and Pet Stain Specialist Through a Fresh New Green Product; 'CleanGo GreenGo – Fabric and Carpet'

Today Clean Go GreenGo Inc. ("CleanGo GreenGo") is officially introducing to the public a fresh new product; 'CleanGo GreenGo – Fabric and Carpet'. By expanding the brand to focus on a specific application, the Company has custom tailored the revolutionary power of emulsification to a new product and is releasing it to the general public for the first time. Designed to handle the toughest tasks while remaining green and nontoxic, 'CleanGo GreenGo – Fabric and Carpet' has been formulated with the concerned pet owner and parent in mind. CleanGo GreenGo firmly believes that toxic cleaning products are a major cause of premature cancer and death amongst the pets we love and has released this product in response to other non toxic products that simply do no have the power to affectively best remove urine and other stains.

Johnny Bugs, Inc. Offering Ant and Cockroach Extermination Services This Summer and Beyond

Florida residents in need of pest extermination services can seek assistance from Johnny Bugs, Inc. now. The full-service company is currently taking on new customers and is offering their ant and cockroach extermination services throughout the summer season and beyond. In fact, for cockroach and ant exterminators in Sarasota County and many other surrounding areas, please feel free to reach out to the company today.

Al Ameen Releases New Product Line of Forklift Attachments

Al Ameen Engineering workshop LLC, A leading steel products manufacturing company in UAE specialized in fabricating loading and unloading solutions have launched a new product Range of Forklift attachments, which helps to quickly move or Drag heavy machineries, Heavy Steel Pipes, Steel Tubes or any Heavy duty items used in construction companies.

Sterling Manufacturing Continues Expansion with Focuses on Life Sciences and Medical Devices

LogoSterling Manufacturing is pleased to report its continued expansion as a leader in turnkey injection molding. The company's recent growth is being fueled by its focus on life sciences and medical device applications, which now represents approximately 40% of the company's operational focus.

Wickwire Warehouse Inc. Taking New Customers in Need of Top-of-the-Line Stainless Steel Wires Throughout Spring and Summer 2018

Companies or other organizations looking for leading suppliers of stainless steel wire and other wire products should look no further than Wickwire Warehouse Inc. In fact, the Philadelphia, PA-based organization is pleased to announce that its taking new customers in need of top-of-the-line stainless steel wires throughout spring and summer 2018. Those who are interested in learning more about or ordering products through Wickwire Warehouse Inc. can give the company a call at 1-800-419-6720 or visit them online at

Safety Direct America Announces Revolutionary Anti-Slip Floor Coating

LogoAlmost two years ago, Safety Direct America presented SparkleTuff™ Anti-Slip Floor Coating, a clear, glossy, long-lasting anti-slip floor coating that works in virtually any situation. Today, Safety Direct America announces that SparkleTuff™ Anti-Slip Coating has been successfully installed in hundreds of locations across the country and has received rave reviews by clients looking to keep their homes and workplaces safe from slips and falls and injury.

CleanGo GreenGo Keys on Child & Pet Safety as It Introduces Total Purpose; a Nontoxic Green Cleaner That Actually Works

Clean Go GreenGo Inc. ("CleanGo GreenGo") is today officially introducing to the public its flagship product; CleanGo GreenGo – Total Purpose. An environmentally friendly nontoxic green cleaner that actually works.

MASA Launces New Awnings to Improve Protection Against the Harsh Weather

LogoAwnings enhance the look of one's house and are highly functional in keeping away the direct rays of the sun. Depending on one's preference, one can install fixed awnings or retractable awnings. These extended coverings can be used on the windows, doors, porches, and decks. Besides, one can also opt for manual or motorized awnings. By extending an awning further and attaching several columns to it, one can use it as a canopy.

MASA Launches New Signs and Awnings for Property Extension

LogoAn awning is an exterior overhang which is hooked at an angle to protect the property from direct falling sunlight and rain. This extended cover can be used to decorate and increase the beauty of homes. Made of material like aluminum, vinyl polyester, acrylic polyester, canvas, these awnings can completely change the map of one's home. Usually, awnings made from aluminum are the most common choice for many. Being durable and expansive, these awnings can last for a long time. They can't be repaired after cracks. The only solution is to purchase another awning.

Tampa, Florida Wasatch Labs Contract Manufacturer Reveals NEW Formulation ( OTC Regulations

LogoWasatch Product Development is focused on providing the most responsive and flexible service in the industry and has a diverse clientele ranging from leading global companies to virtual and emerging entities. With unmatched technical expertise, innovative equipment and regulatory knowledge, Wasatch maintains a demonstrated record with the FDA as well as with its customers; many of whom have outsourced with the company for over ten years. The Wasatch Product Development's lab is compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) along with being registered and certified by the ATF, and FDA. Wasatch has been developing and manufacturing several unique products for many of the World's most successful consumer product companies since 1998.

Durapak Supplies Offers Folding Boxes and Clear Plastic Boxes

LogoEstablished nearly two decades ago, Durapak Supplies has been helping clients in the US and beyond to achieve their packaging and shipping goals through their range of products. Situated in California, they've been known to offer high-end supplies suited for different packaging and shipping needs. They enjoy years of industry experience where they've managed to come up with a system that ensures clients get more for less and still get to maintain high-quality. Not only are they famed for their range of items but they're also synonymous for offering an exceptional online shopping experience that's facilitated by their easy-to-access website. Their customer service is next to perfect, and one can always rely on the company to cater to all their demands.

Environmentally Friendly Nontoxic CleanGo GreenGo Launches Website to Highlight Revolutionary New Cleaning Product

Clean Go GreenGo Inc. ("CleanGo GreenGo") today announced it has successfully launched new website in anticipation it's 2018 Nationwide Infomercial Campaign. The campaign is centered around the fact that through the power of emulsification CleanGo GreenGo is a nontoxic environmentally friendly green cleaner that actually works. CleanGo GreenGo is delivering the message to the people that they can now reclaim their space knowing their family and pets are protected from repeated exposure to harmful chemicals.

DPSI and Infralogix Partner to Provide Full Spectrum of Maintenance Management Solutions

LogoDPSI, an industry-leading CMMS software vendor based in Greensboro, NC, has formed a new partnership with Infralogix, a provider of reliability maintenance services based in Williamsburg, Virginia. The partnership between the two companies provides customers with a complete maintenance management solution.

ecoFINISH Now Offers Non-Slip Coating for Swimming Pool Exteriors

LogoecoFINISH®, one of the country's top providers of pool finish installations that are designed to last, is proud to announce that they are now offering slip-resistant finishing for residential and commercial pool exteriors.

Carydean Enterprises Offers and More Cases

Carydean Enterprises is a NJ-based company dedicated to turning dreams into reality. They design, develop, and manufacture both wearable and handheld electronic devices for industry professionals and consumers alike.

LEM Products, Inc. Encourages a Safe Work Environment

LogoLEM Products, Inc. creates, manufactures, and distributes safety signs and labels that encourage a safe work environment. The company is known for providing workplace safety solutions to businesses and organizations around the world for over 50 years. With that type of pedigree, LEM Products, Inc. intends to use its position to promote the usage of preventative safety signage to protect workers and site visitors from the potential harms associated with industrial work environments.

LEM Products, Inc. Highlights Their Green Initiatives

LogoLEM Products, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of safety signs and labels, prioritizes environmental consciousness when creating their products and completing everyday tasks. Their products are designed primarily for industrial sites, which require safety labels of the highest quality.

Al Ameen Releases New Product Range - Drop Deck Trailer

Today, Al Ameen Engineering workshop LLC, A leading steel products manufacturing company in UAE specialized in fabricating loading and unloading solutions have launched a new product of drop deck trailer, which helps to quickly move or tow heavy machineries or any Heavy duty items used in construction companies.

WESS Offers a Wide Range of Products for Hire for Small Jobs to Power Station Builds

A prominent supplier of welding equipment in Australia, WESS offers an incredible range of products for hire for a variety of welding tasks, from small jobs to power station builds, at reasonable prices. The products that they offer for hire are available for a period of 1 day to 10 years. The wide selection of welding products that they have in stock are Arc Metal Sprayer/Transfer, Arc Welders, Automation, Bevellers, Fume Extractors, Heating, Gougers, Pipe Equipment, Sub-Arc, Tig Welders, Power, to name a few.