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Wholesale Direct Offering a Comprehensive Range of Takeaway Food Packaging and Restaurant Docket Books

Wholesale Direct strives to enable restaurants, cafes, hotels, takeaway shops, fast food outlets, clubs and pubs, bistros, coffee bean distributors, cleaning contractors, education providers, catering companies, offices, car wash businesses and homes to buy a large range of food service, packaging and washroom products with utmost convenience. Wholesale Directs success revolves around its simple philosophy of providing quality backed products and wholesale prices direct to restaurants. The same allows restaurants and cafes of all sizes to access competitive prices, which was once a privilege available to only large restaurant chains and franchises.

Diversified Rack Offers Used Pallet Racks for Sale for Businesses Throughout the Northeast

Warehouses and commercial stock storage locations in the Northeast can benefit from purchasing used pallet racking systems from Diversified Rack. The family-owned business has been buying, maintaining, and providing used pallet racks in PA, and the surrounding areas for almost 30 years. These storage systems allow storage of palletized materials in horizontal rows and across multiple levels.

General Partition Company, Inc. Provides All Types of Box Partitions to Protect Items During Shipping

With hundreds of thousands of businesses shipping goods all year round, it's important to protect items as they journey from seller to buyer. Polycoated chipboard, box dividers, and interior box packaging are three products that General Partition Company, Inc. provide to protect items and secure commercial packing processes.

OBALS Will Present New Lighting Products in an International Exhibition

LogoOBALS, as one of the leading lighting manufacturers in China, will participate in the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition that is opened from 9th to 12th in June in Booth No. 2.1 C45.

American Durafilm Announces New Cleanroom Expansion to Holliston, MA Headquarters

LogoAmerican Durafilm Company, Inc. is excited to announce the completion of another expansion project that took place at its Holliston, MA facility earlier this year. Adding to their original 1,000-square-foot cleanroom, American Durafilm has finished construction on an entirely new cleanroom, which now claims its own 750 square feet of space. Both rooms are certified to class 10,000/ISO 7 in accordance with cleanroom standards. The main purpose of both cleanrooms is to serve as premier heat sealing areas for making bags and assemblies for the most demanding applications primarily in the biopharmaceutical and semiconductor industries. The new room marks a huge increase in capacity for American Durafilm's existing technology and will enhance its ability to take on the continued growth that the industry demands.

Hlh Prototypes Is Offering Injection Molding Services with Fast Turnaround

LogoHLH Prototypes, a world class engineering and manufacturing firm, is offering its clients high quality injection molding services for their prototyping needs. The company is located in Shenzhen and has been in operation since 2008. They offer low volume production of parts and products to meet the demand for constant product innovation. The parts produced are all high quality and fully functional to give the real picture to clients. They have already made parts and prototypes for more than 3,000 clients in 50 countries and continue to attract more business from all over the world due to their product quality and fast delivery.

Work Efficiently in Small Spaces with the McElroy 1LC

LogoWith a richly robust array of machines, McElroy provides proven fusion tools without having to worry too much about the scope of the project. For smaller solutions, McElroy’s Mini-Mc® is an option and there is also the 1LC Fusion Machine Package.

Wickwire Warehouse Inc. Accepting New Clients Interested in Stainless Steel Wire Products

For the last several decades, Wickwire Warehouse Inc. has been proud to be a go-to stainless steel wire distributor that serves OH, NJ, PA, and the rest of the U.S. Restaurants, medical manufacturers, construction, and trade industries purchase stainless steel as well as bright and galvanized wire in bulk from this prestigious manufacturer. This June, the company is pleased to announce that it's actively accepting new clients interested in stainless steel wire products.

Trade 21 Is Offering Centrifuge Tubes and Globes

LogoTrade 21 is a reliable resource for laboratory products and medical equipment. The company supplies histology-related chemicals, laboratory glassware and equipment, scientific instruments and much more to various scientific research centers and clinical laboratories in Singapore. Trade 21 stocks a wide variety of products for industrial use. Their clients include petrochemical, biotech, hospital and pharmaceutical companies, among many others. Their laboratory products are for various government agencies and research institutions. Trade 21 is planning to launch its new e-commerce website and expand its product market to international buyers.

Specialized Turning Announces Machining Zeron 100 Capability

Specialized Turning adds the ability to machine Zeron 100 to its list of capabilities. Zeron 100, a super duplex stainless steel, is excellent for sub-sea applications due to its high-strength and corrosive-resistance properties. The material is well renowned for the toll it takes on the tooling and its heat and corrosion-resistance properties. Zeron 100 is in high demand in industries such as petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas, and pollution control, etc.—anywhere there is extreme pressure and a caustic environment.

New Size Exclusion Chromatography Column for Monoclonal Antibodies

YMC's newest size exclusion (SEC) column uses a stationary phase specifically designed for separating monoclonal antibodies (mAb). The product, YMC-SEC MAB, utilizes a 3µm, 250Å dihydroxypropyl stationary phase bonded to a silica gel base.

YMC BioPro SmartSep Ideal for Fast Purification of Biomolecules

A two-page brochure from YMC describes YMC BioPro SmartSep Q/S columns and media.

Hlh Prototypes Provides Customised Molding and Prototyping Solutions

LogoHLH Prototypes began its operationsin 2009 with a mission to become the leading provider of engineered parts for companies andindustries all over the world. The company makes things for people and commits to achievingthe clients' engineered works in the fastest most accurate and most inexpensive way possible. HLH Prototypes plans to relocate to a new 15000sqm facility not far from itscurrent location in Shenzhen, China, right next to Hong Kong.HLH Prototypes provides a range of services including rapid CNC machining,rapid prototypes, 3D printing, rapid injection molding, cast urethane molding, and rapid sheetmetal work.

Round Magnet Producer Jin Tong Joined CWIEME Berlin 2019

LogoThe leading Chinese magnet manufacturer, Jin Tong Magnetic Material Technology Co., Ltd (hereafter Jin Tong), attended the CWIEME Berlin 2019 this year. This exhibition was held from May 21st 2019 to May 23rd 2019, and it has been the most significant channel for high-end products and solution in the motors, transformers and generators industries over the years.

Pallet Wrapper – Helping Companies Choose the Most Suitable Pallet Wrappers

Pallet Wrapper (Palletwrapper) is a pallet wrapping machinery and equipment supplier with a difference, not only constantly ensuring that they are offering the most extensive and high quality collection of pallet wrappers and shrink wrapping equipment at all times, but also employing a great team of people with high levels of pallet wrapping knowledge who are able to advise and guide customers into making the most suitable and beneficial pallet wrapping machine buying decisions.

Sontex – Premium Skin Packaging Machines

Sontex, a UK renowned shrink wrap machinery supplier, are also known for their premium range of skin packaging machines, which is now one of the most popular collections of skin packers on the market!

Euro Petroleum Consultants Offers Consulting Services to Various Industries in the UK

LogoAn independent specialist consultancy and events organiser, Euro Petroleum Consultants offer consulting services to various industries in the UK including oil, gas and petrochemical. To ensure highest level of professionalism and excellence in their services, they act as Client Project Engineers (CPE), and assist clients throughout all the key stages of project analysis and implementation. The company has provided consultancy services to various companies including UOP, Axens, IFP, CB&I Lummus, Akzo Nobel, Technip, Shaw and many more. They help clients maintain the project within budget, on target and up to the required standard.

Jre Private Ltd Offering Quality Backed and Competitively Priced Oil Hoses and Todo Couplings

LogoJRE PRIVATE LIMITED has a dominating presence in its niche market segment. The founder of JR Group of Companies, including J. Rosales Pvt. Ltd & Royal India Corporation, late J.M. Mehta, established the company in the year 1981. Mr. Mehta formed this enterprise with the aim to make it a leading manufacturer of flexible hose assemblies and cater to every industry that requires flexible connections. Thanks to its professionalism, skill sets, dedication, expertise and attitude to achieve nothing but 100% customer satisfaction, the company has delivered flawless and high-quality products since its inception.

Durapak Supplies Is Offering Commercial Packing Materials

LogoFounded in the year 2000, Durapak Supplies is a worldwide supplier of specialized packaging and shipping material. It operates online from their headquarters in California, offering retailers with effective product choices at significant savings. The online marketplace allows for expedited and economical deliveries through leading carriers and trucking companies. As a cost-cutting measure, it is open to combining shipping, freight shipment, and free deliveries in 20 miles' radius range from its warehouse in South El Monte, California. However, free deliveries are applicable on orders worth $800 or above, while a flat $30.00 is charged for order volume less than $800.00.

AgileNobel Offers Humidity Indicators for Monitoring and Controlling Humidity Within Sealed Products

LogoAgileNobel, a name synonymous with excellence, provides humidity indicators that allows businesses to monitor and control humidity within their packaged products. Small paper cards, humidity indicators are offered by the company in cobalt and cobalt free grade. Available in 50/100 cards per TIN pack and custom-made packing, these humidity indicator cards are ideal for electronic goods, electrical equipment and products, diagnostic equipment and kits, medicines and pharma products, and many other applications.

Summer Sports Leagues Find Awards Fit For a Champion at Spike's Trophies

LogoEvery year, as the school year winds down and the weather heats up, the boys and girls of summer take to fields, courts and courses across the country for new recreational and competitive athletic adventures. Winning isn't everything, but it's quite a thrill to take home some shiny hardware at the end of the season - especially when that hardware comes from Spike's Trophies, the supreme authority on sports trophies in New Jersey and throughout the Northeast region.

ecoFINISH® Providing High-Performance Pool Finishes This Summer

LogoDevoted to offering high-end services and products, ecoFINISH® wins rave reviews from customers for its pool renovations and resurfacing. Being low-maintenance and highly durable, ecoFINISH®'s level of renovations outstrips the competition — resisting cracks, chips, and peeling. Paired with the company's patient and courteous customer service, their swimming pool solutions can be catered to any swimming pool owner and any project scale. As manufacturers and installers, ecoFINISH® and its specialists provides the broadest variety of high-performance pool coating solutions, whether it's residential or commercial pool resurfacing.

Diversified Rack and Shelving Offers Drive-in and Drive-Through Pallet Racking Systems

In 2016, there were 915,000 people employed in the warehouse and storage industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The team at Diversified Rack and Shelving creates exceptional solutions to help any of these workers who face storage challenges. The company supplies drive-through and drive-in pallet racking systems throughout New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

Bee Chems Offers Desiccants for Moisture Protection in Varying Humidity Operation Requirements

A renowned supplier of industrial chemicals, Bee Chems offers desiccants that are suitable for moisture protection in different process conditions in a wide range of industries. The company manufactures its desiccants using the highest grade chemical compounds in a controlled environment. The properties and quality of their desiccants make them highly suitable for varying humidity operation requirements. The extremely durable, moisture absorbing packets, the desiccants are available in a wide variety of packaging options.

AGILENOBEL Offers CoxOut Used in Removal of Carbon Dioxide from Gaseous Streams

LogoA renowned name in the chemical industry, AGILENOBEL offers CoxOut that used in the removal of carbon dioxide and acidic contaminants from gaseous streams. Versatile and cost-effective, CoxOut is well-known for its high effectiveness and high affinity for carbon dioxide. The substance is an active form of a mixture of calcium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide without potassium hydroxide, making it highly secure and non-poisonous. Due to its high porosity and pH, the substance has developed a high adsorption capacity for carbon dioxide.