Latest News for Professional Woodworking Tools

Crafting is a favorite hobby for many people especially who specialize in one particular craft. The skill requires tools to support the exquisite designs allowing the person to work through the raw form and transform it into a beauty. The tools for such crafts are generally located in one specific corner of the city where traditional tools are available basis the availability. This need has now been addressed with the online store,

Robot Components Offering the Best Quality Aftermarket JCB Spare Parts

LogoRobot Components is an earthmover aftermarket parts manufacturer with excellence as the defining trait. The Faridabad-based operation continues to deliver near-zero defect, OEM quality spare and replacement parts in India and 30 countries around the world since 1985. The spare parts meet the quality standards and specifications of the original earthmover manufacturers, such as JCB, Tata, Hitachi, Caterpillar and L&T, are warranted for performance, and available at a fraction of prices. Thus, the client can keep up with their contractual deadlines and enhance the service life of their machinery while ensuring great savings.

Fiber Optic Sensor Manufacturer Micronor Inc. Obtains ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Led by Micronor's Operations Manager, Daniel Montes, this certification further assures Micronor's customers of the company's ongoing commitment to quality and reliability under the global quality standard. It is a major milestone for Micronor that will further enhance its traction in the global marketplace.

Durapak Supplies Is Providing Specialized Shrink Packaging Materials

LogoEstablished in 2000, Durapak Supplies specializes in the wholesale supply of packaging and shipping material at the lowest possible prices. Any industrial packaging supplies can be found at their warehouse in Los Angeles, California. From all types of shrink wraps, polyolefin or PVC, PVC AND PET boxes to cable ties and janitorial and safety supplies, sealer, and equipment to organza fabric bags all under one roof and shipped all over the world.

Sherwood Steel Offers Galvanized Steel to the Philadelphia Area

Sherwood Steel features galvanized sheet metal and coils for sale in their Philadelphia-area warehouse. They purchase substantial quantities of the material, and can shear, level, and bend it to custom-fit any job or uses. Regardless of the size or amount needed, they have the qualifications and means to fill any order, no matter how specific.

Gateway Cleaning Equipment Is the Trusted & Authorized Dealer of Landa Karcher Power Washers in Wall New Jersey

LogoThe cleaning devices offered by Gateway Cleaning Equipment are not restricted to industrial cleaning only. The residents of Wall, New Jersey, have found both the sales as well as the services provided by this company exemplary in many ways.

Gateway Cleaning Equipment Offers Power Packed Landa Karcher Pressure Washers in Wall New Jersey

LogoWhether it is one's home that needs vigorous cleaning or a commercial establishment one does not need to look further than Gateway Cleaning Equipment now. It is not a simple retail store that sells the equipment either. In fact, every customer here is overjoyed to find the entire range of products along with the prestigious Landa Karcher pressure washers in Wall New Jersey plus its accessories under the same roof.

E Instruments Announces Hand-Held VOC Plus Emissions Analyzer Is Available for Purchase

LogoE Instruments is pleased to announce that their hand-held VOC Plus Emissions Analyzer is available for purchase. For more than a decade, the industrial, HVAC, commercial, and institutional markets have trusted E Instruments to offer the most portable and innovative emissions monitoring equipment around the globe. Always designing products and technical solutions for their customers, the experts at E Instruments work alongside in-house manufacturers, technicians, and other specialists. When their emissions analyzers enter the market, they closely heed the feedback of their customers, as they meet the needs of the industry.

E Instruments Announces BTU 700 and BTU 1500 HVAC Combustion Analyzers Are Available

LogoE Instruments proudly leads in innovation in its industry, employing some of the best designers, manufacturers, technicians, and analysts in combustion analysis and emissions monitoring and equipment technologies. Recognized both nationally and internationally, the company provides a full range of services to specialists in the HVAC, power, process, industrial, institutional, and IAQ markets. At their facility in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, the company's professionals design, manufacturer and calibrate the latest and most accurate air quality and combustion analyzers available today. Among their latest and most accurate offerings are the BTU 700 and BTU 1500.

HLH Prototypes Provides CNC Machining, 3D Printing, and Injection Molding Services

LogoHLH Prototypes is a western managed firm situated in Shenzhen next to Hong Kong that majors in offering rapid prototyping, rapid production, and rapid tooling solutions, which are backed by their CNC machining, 3D printing, vacuum casting, sheet metal work, and injection molding services. The company has invested heavily in the latest equipment and infrastructure to ensure that they have the range and volume needed to handle numerous jobs simultaneously. They also have experienced, and dedicated expert personnel and engineers who take their work seriously and they guarantee excellent job quality on each project they do for their clients.

Get Prototyping, Precision CNC Machining and Vacuum Casting Services from HLH Prototypes

LogoHLH Prototypes is a leading contract manufacturing and prototype company in China. Established in 2001, the company offers rapid manufacturing, prototyping and product development services at budget-friendly rates. The company has professional engineers and modern equipment and infrastructure to provide quality products and services to their clients.

VA Crane Rental Company Equipment Repairs Services

VA crane rental company of Virginia offers affordable and fast response equipment repair services along with crane rentals near me. This service has been a featured option for local construction companies which cannot afford long delays from equipment failure. Because the techs at VACR are constantly repairing and maintaining their own machinery, they have a working knowledge for machinery made by different manufacturers.

iEnterprises Wins 2018 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Service or Solution Built and Delivered on the IBM Cloud

iEnterprises is pleased to announce that we've earned a 2018 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Service or Solution Built and Delivered on the IBM Cloud. Revealed at the IBM PartnerWorld at Think conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 20, 2018, we were selected by a panel of expert judges consisting of IBM executives, industry analysts and members of the press. The award recognizes iEnterprises' exceptional work in driving business value by delivering world-class solutions through our iEnterprise CRM (iCRM) solution.

Scully Announces the Addition of an International Manager for Scully Systems NV and Scully UK

LogoHendrik Cosemans has recently joined Scully Signal Company as Director of International Sales and Service for the European and UK operations, based in Mechelen, Belgium. He will be working closely with Scully customers and representatives throughout Europe and the UK to support Scully's extensive line of safety products for the transport and storage of hazardous liquids. Scully welcomes this addition to its management team and looks forward to the results this will generate.

Titanium Multi-Tool Tweezers from TT PockeTTools Are the Last Tweezers You'll Ever Own

LogoThe Titanium Multi-Tool Tweezers from TT PockeTTools, the world's best everyday carry tweezers, are live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

TPM and Nine Dot Connects Announce Partnership to Bring SOLIDWORKS PCB Solutions to Manufacturing Organizations in the Southeast

TPM, Inc. and Nine Dot Connects announced today a partnership to bring the SOLIDWORKS PCB software and training solutions to manufacturing and engineering organizations across the Southeast.

Hydraulic Breaker Services, LLC Announces a Variety of Allied Hydraulic Hammers Are Available

LogoHydraulic Breaker Services, LLC is pleased to announce that a variety of Allied Hydraulic hammers are available. Hydraulic Breaker Services, LLC is a leader in the hydraulic hammer industry and provides a variety of certified, rebuilt breakers. Hydraulic Breaker Services, LLC is a lead provider of hydraulic hammers, hydraulic hammer parts, demolition tools, and more.

LEM Products, Inc. Offers Customized Water Utility Safety Identification Products

LogoLEM Products, Inc., a provider of custom vinyl safety labels for a variety of industrial applications, offers a wide range of identification products that promote safety in workplaces all over the world. Their extensive customization options help many companies and agencies with specialized needs, like those that provide water utilities, to meet safety and compliance standards and safeguard the health of their employees.

LEM Products, Inc. Creates Reflective Binder Sheets

LogoLEM Products, Inc., a nationwide distributor of industrial safety tags and labels, is now offering 3-ring binder sheets of high-intensity reflective letters and numbers. This new format allows industrial companies to easily store and access their reflective products for future use. Invites Testimonials from Customers on Its Webpage has enhanced its customer engagement efforts by adding a new "Testimonials" webpage on its online platform. The company wants all its clients to share their experiences on its website in a bid to lure new customers.

WESS Offers the Largest Fleet of Welding Equipment for Hire in South Australia

WESS, one of the leading suppliers of welding equipment, offers a full range of welding equipment for hire at extremely low rental rates. The company has a vast hire fleet, containing welding Arc Metal Sprayer / Transfer, Arc Welders, Automation tools, Bevellers, Heating, Mig Welding Tractors, Mig Welders, Mig Wire Feeders, Pipe Rollers, Fume Extractors and more. All their welding equipment and supplies are available for 1 day to 10 years hiring periods.

Insite Portable Accommodation Looking to Buy Portable and Modular Buildings of All Varieties

Insite Portable Accommodation are leading suppliers of portable and modular buildings, known throughout the industry for the fabulous ranges. What many people fail to realise though, is that they are buyers of portable and modular buildings too!

Portable Intelligent Transport Leader Gecey Presents Products at Notable Exhibitions and Trade Shows

LogoGlobal led lighting and TV technology manufacturing leader Gecey has been hard at work during the last 5 years to establish a prominent global customer base that expands to every corner of the world and with this aim, Gecey has been participating in various notable international exhibition, expos and trade fairs. By becoming a part of such events, Gecey is able to provide the attendees a chance to experience their innovative, technologically advanced line of products including LED televisions, cheap monitors and plexiglass sheet technology.

Gecey Celebrates 5 Years of Success

LogoGecey, one of the fastest growing and leading developers of led panels, panel lights and led lights been exporting high quality and affordable led tube, led panel light, backlight, light box to customers all over the world. Since its inception, over 5 years ago, Gecey has continued to focus on the innovation and advancement of led panels, panel lights and led lights manufacturing, which has allowed the company to become earn its place among the leaders in their respective industry. The company recently celebrated 5 years of success.

Discover the Latest Tools at the McElroy Parts by MIMECO Website

LogoMcElroy has redefined the pipe and socket fusing process for polypropylene piping systems with the debut of the SmartFab 125. With its portable design, the machine positions easily on just about any flat surface, virtually guaranteeing prefabrication precision while also creating greater versatility no matter if it's being utilized on the field or in the shop. Adjustable individual clamping jaws and a pivoting heater are a few of the many SmartFab 125 features.