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General Partition Company, Inc. Offering Box Dividers and Partitions for Safe Shipping This Holiday Season

General Partition Company, Inc. is offering box dividers and partitions to those in need of safe shipping this holiday season. Since 1965, this company has provided quality chipboard, layer pads, SBS partitions, and corrugated partitions on time and at affordable prices.

Diversified Rack Recommends Warehouse Owners Utilize Used Pallet Racks in Their Facilities to Optimize Storage

Diversified Rack, the leading provider of industrial shelving in PA, recommends warehouse and distribution center owners take advantage of the benefits of using used Pallet racks. Pallet racks are industrial shelving units that provide maximum efficiency due to their quality, design, and durability. By using used Pallet racks, inventory and storage are managed, increasing overall productivity.

NMEA Publishes Updated Version of NMEA 0183 for New Global Satellite Systems

LogoNational Marine Electronics Association

Randex Ltd. Offers Pick to Light Picking Systems for Various Industries Across the UK

LogoRandex Ltd is a leading commercial storage solutions provider, that offers Pick to Light Picking Systems for various industries across the UK. The systems use light indicator modules mounted to shelving, flow rack, work benches pallet rack or other storage locations. The picking systems are used across various industries including Retail, Direct Marketing, High Tech Electronics, Health and Beauty, Music/Publishing and many more. Using indicators, the system notifies the operators regarding where the action is required. Easy to configure, the systems add performance and efficiency to various order picking systems and methodologies, including Order, Wave, Zone and Batch.

Croxsons Offers Glass Jars in a Wide Variety of Options to Customers in the Food Industry

LogoCroxsons is a globally recognised glass packaging company, offers the largest selection of glass jars for food industry. All of their food glass jars can be used to pack a range of food products including jelly, jams, pickles, mayonnaise, and other edible items. Subtle combination of innovative design and quality, their food glass jars are designed with the top class materials incorporating innovative manufacturing technology. The whole range of food glass jars that Croxsons offers is attractively designed, safe to use, perfectly finished and is 100% recyclable, which can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity. Croxsons provides customisation on the food glass jar range to meet the specific need of their clients.

YMC America, Inc. Sells Extensive Chiral Product Line for Analytical and Preparative Chromatography

At YMC America, Inc., customers can buy Chiral columns for a wide range of analytical and prep applications. YMC America, Inc.'s chiral product line includes coated phases, immobilized phases, and cyclodextrin phases.

YMC America, Inc. Offering YMC-Triart Columns at Discounted Prices

YMC America, Inc. is a leading provider of liquid chromatography products, as well as services related to the analysis and purification of biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical compounds. They sell a range of different products and aim to provide high-level customer service for sales, product support, and applications assistance. Customers can use YMC America, Inc.'s website to buy products like UHPLC columns and guards. For a limited time, YMC America, Inc. is offering a 20 percent off sale for analytical columns from all of their YMC-Triart phases, including all UHPLC columns.

Euro Petroleum Consultants Offers Consulting Services Providing Invaluable Expertise and Advice to Customers

LogoEuro Petroleum Consultants is an independent specialist consultancy and events organisation, that offers Consulting Services providing invaluable expertise, advice and support to customers in oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Euro Petroleum Consultants acts as a Client Project Engineer (CPE) and assist their customers throughout all the stages of project analysis and implementation, to ensure highest level of professionalism and excellence in their services. Euro Petroleum Consultants has provided consultancy services to various companies including UOP, Axens, IFP, CB&I Lummus, Akzo Nobel, Technip, Shaw and many more. Their services help customers in improving project strategy, identifying market opportunities, respecting environmental regulations and optimising unit performance.

Wickwire Warehouse Inc. Offering Single Loop Baling Wire Throughout the 2018 Fall and Winter Seasons

From recyclers and packagers to retailers and municipalities across Pennsylvania, everyone can get their hands on single loop baling wire offered by Parade Strapping & Baling—a division under Wickwire Warehouse Inc. The company provides a full range of steel and alloy wire products that meet the needs of those in Pennsylvania and across the United States. In fact, those in need of single loop baling wire suppliers in PA, NJ, OH, and various other states across the U.S. should turn to Wickwire Warehouse Inc. as the company offers one of the largest selections of wire products.

Baltimore Innovations Offer SuperDryPak Silica Gel Bags Used to Absorb Moisture and Keep Things Dry

One of Europe's leading suppliers of low-cost humidity and moisture control solutions, Baltimore Innovations offer SuperDryPak™ silica gel bags that absorb moisture and keep products dry. The sachets have a US-FDA Type III Drug Master file, contain British Standard (BS: 7554) beaded silica gel, and are wrapped in pharmaceutical grade Tyvek®. Customers can ourchae the silica gel bags in various sizes ranging from 0.25g to 500g. These are available as individual sachets, or as continuous-strip sachets on a reel. Customers can also choose to get colour changing bags instead of non-indicating bags depending on their requirements. The bags are used across medical lines and can suit any type of dispensers used in the industry.

Solar Energy Prices Continue to Plummet

LogoThere has never been a better time than the present to go solar. The cost of solar power has plummeted over the past four decades, with the greatest cost reductions occurring in just the last few years. Offers an Extensive Collection of Jars to Protect Inside Content from Contamination is one of the top suppliers of glass packaging solutions that offers an extensive collection of Jars to help individuals protect their product from contamination. The jars are available in an array of sizes ranging from 1 oz. to 1.5 Litres. The variety of jars offered includes 1oz Mini Jam Jar with Caps, 55ml Hex Jar with Caps, 282ml Round Dip Jar with Caps, 300ml Panel Jar with Caps and many others. Customers can also avail sample products before ordering large quantities of the jars.

Bubirdstraws Has Passed ISO 9000 Quality Management Standard

LogoBubird Straw Co., Ltd has proudly released its new silicone straw for kids that ensure the security, advocating its enterprise philosophy of eco-friendliness. The products have already been certificated by EU LFGB, FDA, BPA free test. Moreover, they are specially designed for kids and toddlers on account of their no teeth chipping silicone construction. According to the surveys, Americans throw away 35 billion plastic water bottles every year and roughly 500 million plastic straws are used every day. People have been looking for alternatives to single-use plastic straws not only because of their environmental concern, but also because the health issue caused by plastic straws. Based on the severe environmental challenge and the needs for health care, Bubird has attached great importance to environmental protection and strived to offer a great solution for the straw users. Undertaking this social responsibility, Bubird has offered sustainable straws customized service to the clients, which is beneficial both for people and the environment.

Durapak Supplies Offers Packaging Supplies in Los Angeles

LogoFounded in 2000, Durapak Supplies is a specialized packaging and shipping material supplier serving the world from warehouses in Los Angeles and California. Several differences separate the company from other providers. The company sets a higher standard to meet conflicting goals; to achieve higher quality and service at a lower cost. Durapak Supplies provides a mass discount to customers who purchase over $200.00 or $300.00 worth of products at a time.

Blockchain Technology Revolutionizing Food Safety

Daxima- a leading software development firm in the San Francisco Bay Area is creating a blockchain system for a US based cattle ranching conglomerate based out of Atlanta Georgia. The application of blockchain technology is poised to revolutionize food safety with transparency and accountability and bring new visibility to the expression 'farm to table.'

UK Based Specialist Packaging Machine Systems Manufacturer Cpacks LTD Best Practice Printed in the Distinguished Parliamentary Review

Premium packaging systems manufacturer Cpack Ltd was featured in the prestigious Parliamentary Review, where their best practices were highlighted as an example for other companies in the same industry. The UK based company has been serving the needs of a global market from their premises in Burnley, Lancashire for over three decades and has a long-standing reputation of trust and quality.

Jre Pvt Ltd Offers Flexible Hoses and Ptfe Teflon Hoses

LogoJRE Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of flexible connections in India. The company also produces other products such as cryogenic hoses, breakaway couplings, PVC hoses, rubber, and metal bellows, and much more. With over thirty-five years of experience, JRE Pvt. Ltd has been offering high-grade products to their vast clientele. They utilize state-of-the-art facilities and innovation as well as quality management systems in their operations. The company supplies its products to various industrial sectors including refineries, food, and paint, bunking, rail and truck wagon and more. All their products comply with the ISO 8001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ATEX standards.

Green Solar Technologies Partners with Mission Solar to Support American Manufacturing

LogoGreen Solar Technologies, a leading U.S. installer of residential and commercial solar energy systems has recently entered a partnership with Mission Solar, a San Antonio, Texas-based solar panel manufacturing company whose products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States.

HLH Prototypes Is Providing SLS 3D Printing Services and Rapid Injection Molding

LogoHLH Prototypes has strategically positioned itself as a trusted partner for individuals and companies that are after project actualization solutions. The manufacturing company has their focus on prototyping, prototooling, and production which they extend to a global range of clients. A distinctive feature that has seen HLH Prototypes rise to success has been their consistency in delivering on all project demands with unrivaled speed while maintaining world-class quality of their output.

HLH Prototypes Is Offering Cast Urethane Molding and Vacuum Casting Services

LogoHLH Prototypes is a renowned contract manufacturing and prototyping service provider located in Shenzhen, China. The company provides bespoke product development, prototyping, and rapid manufacturing solutions. They focus on delivering impressive composite, metal, and plastic rapid parts for various commercial and industrial applications. HLH Prototypes has been offering a wide selection of prototyping and bespoke low volume manufacturing solutions through vacuum casting, CNC milling, sheet metal, 3D printing, rapid tooling, injection molding as well as other finishing techniques. The company engineers use state of the art infrastructure and equipment to produce top-of-the-line products at budget-friendly rates. HLH Prototypes is relocating to their new improved facility that is 15,000sqm from their present location.

Ferguson Moving in Vancouver Loves Business by Referral

LogoAs Vancouver's longest running moving company, Ferguson Moving & Storage has a reputation for lifting customers' expectations. Their success is based on a simple overarching business strategy—giving every client the red-carpet treatment and delivering exceptional customer service every step of the way. With this unique approach, it's no surprise that almost 70% of their business is made up of referrals from happy customers. For more, go to:

Those Seeking Interior Box Packaging Can Turn to General Partition Company, Inc.

General Partition Company, Inc., located in Croydon, PA, offers various types of interior box packaging for those who need to ships products and items. For the past 50 years, this company has met their customers' needs, whether the client was looking for chipboard, SBS partitions, corrugated partitions, layer pads, or another type of box partition.

Pallet Wrappers Reveal the Benefits of Vacuum Packaging for Food Products

Pallet Wrappers, a leading supplier of shrink-wrapping machines, are well known throughout the packaging industry not only for constantly offering the most superior machinery solutions at the most competitive prices but also for the amazing information and advice that their share – Recently explaining why vacuum packaging is so advantageous for food products.

AgileNobel Offers a Wide Range of Industrial Chemicals – Produced by World's Top Manufacturers

LogoA recognized firm managing supply chains across the world, AgileNobel offers a variety of industrial chemicals that have been sourced from the world's top chemical producers. By collaborating with the producers, the company ensures that the chemicals they provide are of the highest quality. The company has built a strong partnership with manufacturers who are known for their reliability and quality. These producers have been certified by a variety of national and international standards. Some of the chemicals, the company offers include Lithium, fumed silica, low carbon Ferro chrome, high carbon Ferro chrome, Ferro molybdenum, manganese flakes, lumps, Ferro tungsten, Ferro alloys and rare earth along with other chemical compound(s) such as oxides, pent-oxides, dioxides, and trioxides.

Bee Chems Offers Carbex to Remove Acidic Gases from Process Plants and Municipal Areas

A renowned supplier of industrial chemicals, Bee Chems offers Carbex, a gas absorbent to remove acidic gases like carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide etc. from process plants and municipal areas. The substance has one of the highest porosity of the available absorbents in the world that is used in removal of CO2 gas from anesthesia, breathing circuits, in miner's mask and in diving apparatus. The substance is available in the form of 2-5 mm pallets and indicating and non-indicating type grades. For industrial use, the substance is offered in 170 kg. Steel drums; jumbo bags packing. For consumer use, the company offers the substance in a variety of packing option, such as 1.5-2.0 kg. Packets / 4.5-5 kg. Jars/ 16-17 kg. Kegs.