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Rock Salt USA Liquid De-Icer Increases Performance

LogoRock Salt USA provides an effective tool for melting ice as temperatures lunge to severe lows across much of the country.

PennFab Is Pleased to Announce Their New Address

PennFab, a veteran-owned manufacturer and fabricator, announces that they have recently moved to 20 Steel Road South in Morrisville, PA.

Croxsons Offers Food Glass Jars and Bottles in Various Color Choices and a Multitude of Design Options

LogoOne of the most renowned packaging solutions providers in the UK, Croxsons offers the largest selection of bottles and jars for food and beverage products. All of their food glass jars and bottles are suitable for packaging a variety of food items including spices and dairy products. These food glass jars and bottles are a perfect combination of craftsmanship and design. Manufactured with the quality sustainable raw materials, these food glass jars and bottles are highly appreciated in the market for attractive design, safe usage and perfect finish. Those looking to purchase top-notch food glass jars and bottles can send their enquiry by completing a simple contact form present on their official website,

CGIS Surges Forward with DSS Valves

LogoToday marks the start of the relationship between Vancouver based industrial valve distribution company CGIS and valve manufacturer, DSS Valves.  Based out of Niles, Michigan, DSS Valves manufactures premium quality Severe Service Knife Gate Valves (SSKGVs), specifically designed for severe service applications. A recognized leader in the world of Severe Service Valves (SSVs), CGIS is now the sole distributor for this product line throughout Canada, Australia and at specific international hydrometallurgy locations.

Baltimore Innovations Offers TransformaGel for Refilling of Desiccant Breathers on Electricity Substations

Baltimore Innovations offers TransformaGel for refilling of desiccant breathers on electricity substations. TransformaGel is a unique silica gel, which changes colour as it becomes saturated, thus indicating when it needs to be replaced. Because of its beaded structure, the gel is quite cost-effective and is less dusting compared to granular indicating silica gels. It is also less likely to pack down and cause back-pressure problems in air-flow pipework. Apart from being used in electricity substations, it has also found its use in replacement of gels in tank vent dryers, dehumidification of many compressed-air and pneumatically driven systems, to protect them from corrosion. TransformaGel is available as a loose-fill gel, supplied in a rigid 25Kg Drum with a re-sealable lid.

MXI Environmental Services Awarded Town of Riverhead NY Household Hazardous Waste Contract for 2018

LogoThe New Year started off on a good note for MXI Environmental Services, a national Hazardous Waste Management Firm based out of Abingdon, VA. On January 2nd MXI was notified that the company was awarded the bid for Removal of Household Hazardous Waste for the Town of Riverhead NY. This was the first Household Hazardous Waste (typically referred to as "HHW") contract awarded to the company this year.

Decorative Residential Mailboxes Available with Free Shipping

LogoBetter Box Mailboxes is an innovative company that offers decorative residential mailboxes through their website. They are located in Simpsonville, South Carolina, so people that like to support American enterprises will certainly feel comfortable working with them. They chose the name of the company because they genuinely do make superior residential mailboxes that are built to withstand the test of time.

LEM Products, Inc. Provides Versatile and Durable Polycarbonate Signs

LogoLEM Products, Inc., global provider of stock and custom identification products, offers reflective polycarbonate signs useful for a wide variety of applications. Their products, typically used by the utilities industry, often address the common need for businesses of all types to identify hazards, warn of them, and communicate the measures needed to avoid injury. The safety signs and labels they produce have established them as a leader in the safety signage industry.

LEM Products, Inc. Offers High-Quality Fleet Graphics That Meet DOT Requirements

LogoFor years, companies have used vehicle graphics to effectively spread brand awareness and advertise to new audiences. However, for every company, those graphics must meet certain requirements set by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to remain street legal. Sometimes, meeting these regulations while continuing to maintain and promote brand identity proves to be a difficult task.

LEM Products, Inc. Provides Safety Signs and Labels to Foster Safe Construction Sites

LogoThe safety of workers performing their jobs on a construction site is of utmost importance, and it is the main reason for the creation of countless rules and regulations that protect workers. LEM Products, Inc., a global provider of customizable and stock industrial identification products, helps foster safe construction sites with their safety signs and labels.

Sherwood Steel Encourages Customers to Utilize Their Pick-Up Services

Sherwood Steel, a company dedicated to providing custom galvanized sheets and coils, is encouraging customers to take advantage of quick, on-location pick-ups.

Bee Chems Offers Gas Absorbents – Coxout for Effective Removal of Acidic Gases

A renowned supplier of industrial chemicals, Bee Chems offers gas absorbents – Coxout possessing high affinity and sufficient porosity, which helps individuals effectively remove acidic gases like CO2, SO2, etc. from process plants and municipal areas, without hassles. This gas absorbent from Bee Chems is also used for removal of CO2 gas from anesthesia breathing circuits, in miner's mask and in diving apparatus. Their packing for industrial purposes is done in 170 kg steel drums and jumbo bags. For consumers, they are available in a variety of packaging options such as 1.5-2.0 kg packets, 4.5-5 kg jars, and 16-17 kg Kegs.

Thackray Crane Rental, Inc. Proud to Support the Kicks4Chris Foundation

LogoThackray Crane Rental, Inc., family owned and operated since 1947, is proudly supporting and promoting the cause of the Kicks4Chris Foundation. Since the company was established, Thackray Crane Rental, Inc. has been a vocal proponent of community outreach and a passionate philanthropist. A leading crane rental service near New Jersey, the company invests its resources wherever it can in the effort to aid local communities and give back. In their collaboration with Kicks4Chris, those at Thackray Crane Rental, Inc. join to fight against sarcomas and cancers by funding research into the medical field of immunotherapy.

Excellent Design and Reliable Products from Leading Water Park Equipment Manufacturer

Water Parks and Theme Parks have not only become excellent recreational hotspots but also brilliant business ventures. These water parks also have an ability to improve the tourism activities in a particular place. So, for those who are looking at investing in a water park and are looking for the right kind of company to partner with, this is the right place to be. Haisan Amusement Technology is one such company that not only offers high quality water park equipment.

General Partition Company, Inc. Is Seeking New Customers Interested in Top Quality Chipboard Partitions

Corrugated partitions are designed to separate individual items within one packaging system. They are designed in several shapes and sizes to accommodate a wide range of customer needs. General Partition Company, Inc. is taking new clients interested in top quality corrugated partitions. They provide high-quality packaging materials for a variety of residential and commercial customers in the area, including chipboard partitions and corrugated partitions. This year, organizations and individuals are encouraged to choose General Partition Company, Inc. for whatever packing and shipping needs are required.

Hydraulic Breaker Services, LLC Announces the Availability of Used Hydraulic Breakers

LogoBuying a hydraulic breaker can be a costly endeavor. Thankfully, there are places that customers can buy used hydraulic breakers from without spending a fortune. Hydraulic Breaker Services, LLC announces the availability of used hydraulic breakers. Purchasing a rebuilt hydraulic breaker is a cost-effective way to get the equipment that is needed. At Hydraulic Breaker Services, LLC, customers can save both time and money by trusting in the quality hydraulic breakers that are in stock. Each hydraulic breaker sold by Hydraulic Breaker Services, LLC is ready to be used as soon as it's out the door.

4WD Super Centre's Portable Gazebos Are Becoming a Necessity This Summer

Portable gazebos have become quite a popular demand nowadays. With a multitude of public events and gatherings happening all throughout the year, portable gazebos successfully manage to provide a plethora of advantages that make them a relevant choice for many people.

Get Affordable Kitchen Cabinets Online at Best Online Cabinets

LogoHeadquartered in San Gabriel, California, Best Online Cabinets is an enterprise that majors in the design, manufacture, and distribution of premium kitchen cabinets. Their kitchen cabinets are beautiful, exceptional, modern ready-to-assemble cabinets that provide functionality. Best Online Cabinets offers these RTA cabinets in different colors, styles, designs, patterns, and price ranges. Their ready-to-assemble cabinets are simple and easy to assemble, and they all are available with clear stage by stage directives, to guide buyers, so there's no necessity of hiring skilled installation services.

Get Shrink Film and PVC Box at Durapak Supplies

LogoDurapak Supplies is an enterprise offering packaging and shipping products either for household or industrial use. Some of these products include containers, plastic bags and paper bags, custom poly bags, cable ties and twist ties, sealer and equipment, organza fabric bags, gloves to mention a few. Durapak sells all their products are sold online, and they ship them to clients straight from their warehouse in California within 24 hours. Since the company has set high industry standards and had years in the industry clients are guaranteed top-notch services and excellent products at the best prices.

GAR Labs Offers Low-Cost Private Label Cosmetic Hair and Skin Care Manufacturing

Leading hair and skin care manufacturer, GAR Labs is proud to announce that it will be offering 5000 to 5 million pieces of custom private label cosmetic hair care and skin care at an amazingly low price. GAR labs team of highly skilled scientists specializes in developing and researching the most innovative hair and skin care solutions for different brands. From sexy, high-end brand name anti-aging creams to inexpensive, quality natural body lotions sold in local health food store. GAR Labs serves all private label needs.

An Easy, No Tool Necessary Way to Patch Drywall Holes

LogoDrywall holes are a common problem in households across the globe. Any number of things can cause such holes, but until now, most repair options have required multiple tools and materials. Even the best DIYer may be hesitant to tackle this home maintenance repair. With the need for screws, patches and miscellaneous items, these repairs are time consuming and messy.

Make a Statement of Pride with Military Mailboxes

LogoBetter Box Mailboxes is a company that offers military mailboxes for some very heartfelt reasons. Men and women that serve in our armed forces make incredible sacrifices. It is not easy to leave home as a young person to go through the rigors of boot camp. There is intensive training after that, and of course, deployments can take people in uniform to some very dangerous places.

Smart Glass Window Solutions for Industrial, Commercial and Residential Use

EB GLASS is a platform for interior design material especially electric glass shade.

Types of Forging for API Wellhead Component Manufacturing – Tip Sheet

LogoForging methods are an important consideration when making any wellhead or pressure vessel component. Here are five common forging methods for API wellhead component manufacturing:

Aluminum Extrusion Design Considerations – Tip Sheet

LogoDesign considerations are a critical component for some of the most common thermal management solutions, such as using aluminum extrusion for the design. Here are four crucial design considerations when using aluminum extrusion for projects.