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ecoFINISH Encourages Pool Owners to Resurface Their Commercial Swimming Pools

LogoCommercial swimming pools see a substantial amount of activity during the hot summer months. Heavy use of the pool equipment causes wear and tear that requires professional solutions to remedy. While swimming pools are not in use, pool owners would do well to consider resurfacing their commercial pools.

JRE Private Limited Offering Specialized Rubber and Steel Hoses

LogoJRE Private Limited is a leading provider of specialized rubber and steel hoses, which are ideal for use in a wide assortment of industries.

Miele Corporation USA Providing Efficient Commercial Dishwashers for Businesses and Industrial Clients Worldwide

LogoMiele Corporation has been an industry leader in manufacturing and distributing hygienic cleaning systems, from lab washers to dental instrument processors, for businesses, medical practices, and laboratories around the globe. The engineers believe ardently in the "forever better" guiding principle at Miele, dedicating their time and work hours to consistently improving upon the designs, functions, and efficiency of their professional appliances, including its commercial freshwater front-loading dishwashers ideal for hotels and restaurants.

Miele Corporation USA Providing Advanced Chamber Lab Washers to Labs & Universities

LogoFor over 115 years, Miele Corporation USA has been manufacturing the best product solutions for businesses and scientific research. The company has developed advanced lab washer equipment for half a century to assist the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, laboratories, and universities. Miele's German engineers are detail-oriented and committed to professional efficiency, their work always led by the company's guiding principle - Immer Besser, or "forever better."

Dekuma's Pipe Extrusion Production Line Won the 2019 Special Fund

LogoRecently, Dekuma's 1200 PE pipe extrusion production line is awarded the Guangdong Province Special Fund for Promoting High-Quality Economic Development In 2019. This top-class production line features well-designed components as usual and deploys advanced technology, immediately attracting thousands of eyeballs.

Metal Embossing Machine Market Pegged to Expand Robustly: Key Manufacturers, Classification, Application, Industry Chain Overview, SWOT Analysis and Competitive Landscape

LogoMetal Embossing Machine Market Research Report 2019: Industry Size, Share, Trends, Growth, Sales, Revenue, Risk and Opportunity Assessment with Regional Analysis and Segmentation By Product Type (Manual Metal Embossing Machine and Automatic Metal Embossing Machine), by End-Use (Low and Medium Volume and High Volume) and by Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Rest of the World) – Forecast till 2025

YMC Provides Glass LC Columns for Pilot and Production Scale Applications

Glass Pilot Columns are designed for use in pilot and production scale applications. YMC offers two types of Glass Pilot Columns: one for use with organic solvents (SR), and the other for use with aqueous buffers (AB). Glass Pilot Columns are suitable for all common methods of chromatography, including (but not limited to) normal phase, reversed-phase, or biochromatography.

General Partition Company Explains What Sets Corrugated Box Partitions Apart from Other Interior Box Packaging

Business owners understand that interior box packaging is one of the biggest contributing factors to the safe shipment of their goods. To help businesses make the right choice in packaging materials, General Partition Company would like to offer an overview of what makes corrugated box partitions one of the best options for commercial transportation.

Customized Industrial Equipment Covers with Insignia and Logos Exclusively Handmade at the Workshop.

There is a huge surge in demand for outdoor equipment covers due to the extensive market for outdoor grills, furniture and island grills in most households today. The need to keep these units protected becomes a dire necessity with the changing weather conditions. Creative Covers Inc. provides customized solutions for every customer in the country.

Durapak Supplies Offering Mesh Grocery Bag, Clear Plastic Boxes Packaging, and Child Resistant Bags in South El Monte

LogoDurapak Supplies was founded in the year 2000, specializing in packing and shipping material. It operates from its warehouse in Los Angeles, California. From the warehouse, the company successfully does shrink packaging, gift packaging, retail packing, and wrapping requirements of households and industries worldwide. It has set a higher standard to meet conflicting goals, that is, to achieve top quality and service at a lower cost. It is an online store accessible to clients 24/7 with an excellent team ready to serve the customers to their satisfaction. 

Wickwire Warehouse Inc. Offering a Wide Variety of Stainless Steel Wire Throughout the 2019 Fall Season

In order to successfully and smoothly service customers, all aspects of a business must be fine-tuned and efficient, including the materials used for goods and services. For the past several decades, Wickwire Warehouse Inc. has been a reliable resource for business owners. With a long history serving Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, if a business owner wants durability, they turn to Wickwire for their source of high-quality steel wire for everything from baling, steel cables, components in medical instruments, and more.

Durapak Supplies Offers PVC Boxes, Custom Poly Bags, and Bulk Bubble Mailers

LogoDurapak Supplies is in the business of providing quality backed solutions for clients looking to achieve successful packaging and shipping activities. The Los Angeles-based company enjoys close to two decades of industry experience, where it has been able to deliver unmatched items for its clientele. Typically, Durapak Supplies stays above the competition by providing an impressive range of items that cover various applications such as shrink packaging, shipping supplies, janitorial & safety, cable tie & twist tie, sealer & equipment, and bags among others. High-performance describes the company's products, with one guaranteed excellent pricing when they shop from the company.

Bee Chems Offers Precipitated Silica for a Variety of Industrial Applications

LogoA renowned name in the chemical industry, Bee Chems Offers precipitated silica that is used in various industrial applications. The chemical is manufactured by the precipitation of an alkaline silicate solution with a mineral acid, generally sodium silicate and sulfuric acid are used. The company manufactures its precipitated silica under the controlled environment to maintain the highest level of quality standards. Cost-effective and versatile, the substance finds uses in range industries and is known for its effectiveness. The chemical is used for a variety of applications including:

AgileNobel Offers Lithium Hydroxide Finds Enhanced Usage in Batteries, Glass & Ceramics and Air-Conditioning Applications

LogoA leading supplier of industrial chemicals, AgileNobel offers lithium hydroxide that is used for a wide range of applications. To meet the varying needs of its customers, the company offers lithium hydroxide in different grades, including industry, battery, grease and high pure grade. The company produces the chemical commercially in anhydrous form as well as the monohydrate (LiOH.H2O), both of which are strong bases. This chemical is available in numerous packaging options such as 25 Kgs. or 20 Kgs. Kraft Paper Bag, 100Kgs Drum and 5 Kgs. PE Bag. The company also offers customized packaging as required. The chemical is highly versatile and has a plethora of applications including:

Everich: A World Champion of "Created in China"

LogoGood manufacturers make products. Great ones create their own products with the kind of impression that stays in customers’ heads and hearts.

Package Surge After Singles' Day: Lock Your Parcel with Neatly Mind

LogoThis year, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba's Singles' Day has raked in $30 billion in sales and nearly 28 billion parcels awaiting in the warehouses to be delivered. These huge numbers show the logistics industry in China has reached an unprecedented height so far. Simultaneously, people might be curious about which container could storage such massive numbers of parcels without chaos. To answer the question, a multifunctional parcel locker is an ideal helper in E-commerce trade, particularly during the busiest period.

Save This Fall Season with Pre-Owned Fusion Machines

LogoMiami, FL – When budget cuts need to be made, pre-owned equipment can save companies thousands of dollars. McElroy Parts has several used machines and tools boasting the respected name and reliability McElroy is known for. These machines pack the power and safety to perform robust fusion operations.

WeTalk Brings Free Two Way Dispatch Communication to All WeGuard® Enterprise Customers

LogoWeGuard® adds WeTalk Messaging, a must have non-intrusive application for Operations (OPS) teams for realtime dispatch communication with the field. Admins and Operations team can now use the same WeGuard® cloud portal, which they use to manage their devices, to communicate with the field in realtime. Messages can be initiated by OPS to all users, group of users or individual user, with priority and alerts which are delivered in real time and tracked in real time on the portal as well. Field users can initiate messages only to OPS. All the communication which happens within your organization, is your data and is available within one single console, this helps in having your history of communications at your fingertips, for audits or references.

KCM Special Steel Wined on Sales of Stainless Steel Pipes in 2019

LogoKcm Special Steel Co.,Ltd is a professional supplier and manufacturer of large, medium and small diameter stainless steel welded and seamless pipes. It has a production area of 22,000 square meters and a solid capital base. It specializes in producing all kinds of stainless steel pipes with complete specifications and quality first. The company has excellent equipment and complete product range.

Corrugated Boxes in Calgary: Finding the Best for Business Shipping

LogoManufacturing processes can impact boxes in different ways, so a reliable manufacturer is required for a truly reliable box

Arch City Steel Leads when It Comes to Stainless Steel Products Supply

LogoFounded in the year 1992, Arch City Steel & Alloy, Inc. is a customer-driven distributor of carbon, stainless, alloys, and nickel alloys. Their inventory is built around their clients' needs. The company team specializes in different sizes, so the client completes even the toughest jobs without a hassle. The company has a precious stockpile of products that range from carbon, nickel to stainless steel pipes, tubes, bars, plates, and sheets. Apart from the standard catalog, they also offer customized goods on request.

Industry Heavyweight Phillipe Depois Joins Baltimore Innovations in Time for Medica 2019

On 18-21 November, Baltimore innovations will be exhibiting in Dusseldorf at Medica 2019: the world’s largest trade fair for the Medical Sector.

Purchase the New Generac 48kW Liquid-Cooled Standby Generator

LogoThe 48kW is a revamp of the liquid-cooled Generac lineup. Generac is among the few U.S. manufacturers designing and building a complete generator comprising the engine, alternator, fuel system, controller and enclosure.

Advance Hydraulics, LLC Partners with BizIQ

Hydraulics company in Houston, TX joins forces with digital marketing agency to reach new customers

Wickwire Warehouse Inc. and Parade Strapping and Baling Offer High-Quality Black Steel Strapping for All Businesses

Wickwire Warehouse Inc. is a leading steel wire supplier in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and many surrounding states. Since the beginning, the company has aimed to provide businesses with premium quality products. Companies that purchase black steel strapping from Parade Strapping and Baling can rest assured they are getting the most durable products at affordable prices.