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5 Factors to Consider when Designing FDA Seals for Food Contact

LogoWhen considering seal design for FDA seals specifically for food contact, there are 5 factors that must be considered:

LGI Transport, LLC Announces Shipping and Storage Containers Are for Sale This Winter Season

LGI Transport, LLC announces shipping and storage containers are for sale this winter season. Shipping and storage containers have gained a lot of popularity over the years. Many people use them when a situation calls for extra space. They are also useful for long-term storage situations. Don't get left out in the cold when it comes to choosing a shipping and storage container supplier. Call LGI Transport, LLC and place an order for exactly what's needed.

Stahmanns Pecans Provides Tip Sheet on Best Practices for Storing Pecans

LogoEvery so often, customers want to know how to store pecans when buying pecans in bulk. Stahmanns Pecans processes and sells its brand of wholesale pecans for both commercial and industrial markets. The health benefit of pecans comes from a good source of protein, manganese, and unsaturated fats. However, these high levels of oil in pecans make these nuts prone to rancidity and spoilage, especially if they are not stored properly.

E Instruments Announces F5000 Meets and Exceeds Accuracy Requirements of BAR-97 and OIML R 99

LogoE Instruments is pleased to announce that their F5000 Vehicle Exhaust Analyzer meets and exceeds the accuracy requirements of BAR-97 as well as OIML R 99. Since 2001, the company has designed, manufactured, and marketed an exceptional line of combustion gas analyzers and many other innovative products. Geared towards the industrial applications, HVAC, as well as power, process, commercial, and food industries, their instruments ensure a quality and accuracy that can't be beat.

TopTech TMT Offers the Best TMT Bar Price in West Bengal and Agartala

A robust foundation is the key to a long-lasting construction. And, TopTech offers superior quality TMT bars at the best prices in West Bengal and Agartala. The company offers the best quality and perseverance at the best rates in the market. TMT bars are the construction materials that provide support and strength to the foundation of any structure. And, in this section TopTech has made a considerable name. TopTech offers the most superior quality TMT bars, constructed using the latest manufacturing process, at the most reasonable prices.

Streamline Productivity in 2018 with McElroy Parts

LogoMove away from paper and streamline fusion job site data with the Datalogger® 6. The Android-powered tablet is a rugged tool capable of capturing essential data including parameters such as heat soak times, fusion pressure, cool time, and more. Operators will be able to see in real-time the integrity of each and every fusion joint.

Champion Oils Now Available at Heavy Equipment Loaders & Parts, Inc

LogoA family owned used equipment business for over 40 years started by Dennis M. Miller in 1972. As Miller Equipment Sales and later to Heavy Equipment Loaders & Parts, Inc.; Dennis turned the business over to his two sons, Eric and Alan in 2005. Since 2005, the brothers expanded the company to its current 12-acre facility in Lebanon, PA offering used equipment sales, parts, service, heavy hauling and containerizing.

Power Temp Systems Under New Management

Logo2017 has been an evolutionary year for Power Temp Systems. Over the past 12 months, they have evaluated their entire business and rebuilt it from the ground up with a renewed focus on customer service.

E Instruments Announces AQ VOC Can Now Measure Total Volatile Organic Compounds in Multiple Units and Configurations

LogoPrivately held since 2001, E Instruments has been led by experts and enthusiasts who specialize in the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of premier industrial applications. With a mission to market the most innovative and versatile instrumentation tools, the air quality monitoring and emissions professionals work closely with HVAC, institutional, commercial, and industrial fields. Now exporting their products and services to over 65 other countries, the team at E Instruments is pleased to announce the AQ VOC is now capable of measuring the volatility of organic compounds in multiple units and configurations.

Eastern Pools Expands Its Catalog with a Huge Selection of Trusted Brands from Leading Industry Manufacturers

Eastern Pools, a pool firm operating out of West Norton, Ohio has published a comprehensive catalog on its website featuring an array of its in-house brands and a variety of pool & spa products from top manufacturers and suppliers.

A Successful Story of Leading Carriage Company Ramco Trailer - Since 1962

Ramco Trailers is an industry leader that has been recognized as one of the Melbourne fastest-growing businesses this year.

Suburban Marble & Granite Encourages Customers to Experience Marble Differently in Their Indoor Showroom

Suburban Marble & Granite, the largest premier natural stone fabricator in Bucks County, PA, and surrounding areas, invites customers to visit their indoor showroom. For 25 years, the family and veteran-owned company has been importing, supplying, and installing first-choice granite, marble, and quartz countertops across the Northeast.

Wickwire Warehouse Inc. Announces Stainless Steel Wire Is Available This Winter Season

Wickwire Warehouse Inc. announces stainless steel wire is available this winter season. Stainless steel provides many practical uses to both ornamental and commercial users. It has a high resistance to both corrosion and fire, making it a versatile material. Stainless steel wire can also be used in a number of applications that call for a durable component. Ultimately, when only the best stainless steel wire, bale wire, or black steel strapping is required, count on Wickwire Warehouse Inc. for their great products, excellent customer service, and fast turnaround times.

UMEX Moving & Storage Booking New Customers Interested in Long Distance Moving Services in New Jersey

UMEX Moving & Storage is booking new customers interested in long distance moving services in New Jersey. Long distance moving is often a complicated process. However, it doesn't necessarily have to be overwhelming. With the right guidance and planning, making a long distance move can actually be exciting. Stress-free long distance moving can be handled with ease when it's completed by the dedicated movers at UMEX Moving & Storage.

ISO Certified China Injection Mold Maker Announce Brand-New Manufacturing Solution

LogoWith great expertise and specialization, KLARM announces plastic mold making service for different customers, engaged in producing quality injection molds for a variety of products. As a ISO 9001-2015 certified company, KLARM has an experienced and resourceful product development and engineering team that is capable of developing precise molds to meet exact manufacturing requirement.

Cubby Central Now Shipping Australia Wide

Kid's cubby house manufacturer, Cubby Central is now expanding their networks. This holiday season, they are planning to start shipping throughout the nation, to boost up their sales.

Advanced Warehouse Solutions Is the Ultimate Authority on Cost-Saving Storage

For 15 years, they have freed warehouse space for more profitable use. When there's a place for everything, everything in its place, reduce workplace injuries. Advanced Warehouse Solutions racking systems reveal square-footage thought long gone! Shows Customer Appreciation with Free Shipping for Orders over $99 Within the United States shows customer appreciation by shipping all orders over $99 for free. This offer is only valid for deliveries within the United States — excluding Hawaii, Alaska, US territories and principalities, and all foreign countries. Customers with $99+ packages requiring the use of a freight carrier will have to pay the freight charges themselves.

Colborne Pie Production Machine Acquired by Wohl Associates for Resale

Wohl Associates, a New York-based provider of used processing and packaging equipment, has recently acquired a Colborne automatic turnover pie machine that is available for resale to food production facility operators. This is a Colborne Model 113510 (T-28000) and it is rated for a production capacity of 12,000 products/hour.

Fiber-Glass Reinforced Plastic Tanks for Storing Corrosive Chemical Fluids

Jieming International Trading Company is pleased to present their range of FRP Tanks in Dubai for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The tanks are built with high quality and high performance resin with fiber glass winding outside. They are fully rustproof and resistant to corrosion. They promise high durability and strength. Being light in weight, these tanks are easy to transport and install as well.

Hydrogen Water Generator That Produces Hydrogen Rich Water

Guangzhou Olans Water Treatment Equipments Co., Ltd., a Guanghzhou based company that specializes in manufacturing water treatment equipment, is pleased to offer their Hydrogen Water Generator. These generators are available in the form of machines, portable bottles and dispensers. It is a fact that one has to consume clean drinking water that is free of viruses, bacteria and other pollutants. But it is also a fact that hydrogenated water offers far more health benefits than one can imagine.

Easy to Carry Portable Hydrogen Water Bottles

OLANSI, a Guanghzhou based company that specializes in manufacturing water treatment equipment, is pleased to offer the Hydrogen Water Bottle. This water bottle can be carried on the go anywhere and offers hydrogenated water anytime. There are hydrogen water makers in form of machines, pitchers, purifiers and many others.

Cleaner, Safer Drinking Water, Anywhere

LogoThe Sawyer line of innovative water filtration systems grows today with the launch of the Sawyer Select™ Filters and Purifiers.  The new line combines Sawyer's signature 0.1 micron absolute Hollow Fiber Membrane filter with a proprietary Foam membrane developed in partnership with the company Foamulations™ to remove virtually all contaminants found in wilderness water.

Integrity Supply Inc. Offers Kimberly-Clark Supplies to Improve Use and Compliance Comfortably & Reliably

LogoIntegrity Supply Inc, one of the most renowned suppliers of painting, construction, and safety related equipment, offers an exclusive range Kimberly-Clark Corporation products at the most competitive prices. Ranging from Kleenguard to Jackson Safety brand products, the variety of Kimberly-Clark painting and construction items that professionals can purchase from them includes Jackson Safety* 37 Hatshield, Jackson Safety* WH20 400 Series Fiber Shell Welding Helmets, Jackson Safety* WH60 Nexgen* Digital Auto-Darkening Filter, and Kimberly-Clark* Purple Nitrile* Exam Gloves, to name a few. All of these disposable apparel, gloves, eye and face masks, head and hearing protection, and welding products are highly comfortable and reliable, which in turn, improves usage and compliance.

Wohl Associates Now Selling Pre-Owned Food Processing Basket Centrifuge

Wohl Associates, a used equipment supplier based out of Bohemia, NY, has acquired one centrifuge basket that can be used for food processing. The basket is made by Bock and it is a Model FP305.