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ChemCeed to Attend the AFPM International Petrochemical Conference in San Antonio, Texas

LogoChemCeed, a worldwide chemical distribution company, will be attending the AFPM International Petrochemical Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

JRE Sets the Pace in the Hose Manufacturing Industry

LogoJRE Private Limited is a leading company in manufacturing of flexible hose assemblies and fittings. The manufacturing division produces rubber, composite, PTFE a stainless steel hoses for different industries. The company commenced its operations as a manufacturer of low-pressure hoses. It has since then diversified its operational scope to include being a technology service provider to various companies in the world. The company currently offers a wide range of hose suitable for different industries.

HLH Prototypes Stands out in 3D Printing Prototyping

LogoHLH Prototypes is a renowned company in China. Its competence is in CNC Machining, 3D Printing and Rapid Injection Molding services. The company stands out from the rest in the industry due to its efficiency in offering its services to its clients. Its clients' pool is made up of over 3000 companies in over 50 countries in the world.

HLH Prototype Sets Up the Pace for the Other Companies

LogoHLH Prototype is a renowned company in China. The company prides itself in having a well-structured modern technology system. Their competence is in making Rapid Prototypes and Rapid production parts. The company serves a number of industries including automotive industry, medicine, communication, Robotics &Automation, aerospace as well as product development. The company also prides itself in offering exemplary services in CNC Machinign, 3D Printing as well as in Rapid injection Molding.

Bee Chems Offers Investment Casting Slurry Systems to Enhance Efficiency of Any Investment Casting Foundry

One of the most reputed supplier of industrial chemicals, Bee Chems offers investment casting slurry systems for smoothly carrying out modern casting processes, providing high throughput, efficiency and returns for any investment casting foundry. Manufactured with high grade materials, the systems include Colloidal Silica based binders to make investment casting slurries, Graded silica/alumina refractory for prime and back up coats and stucco and Modified anti-foam and wetting agents.

AgileNobel Offers a Variety of Humidity Indicator Cards Helping Customers Monitor Humidity Levels

LogoA recognized firm managing supply chains for diversified industries across the world, AgileNobel offers a variety of humidity indicator cards that help customers monitor humidity levels in cargo. The humidity indicator cards are a perfect solution for efficiently and effectively detecting the humidity levels inside any packaged product, without any hassle. Cost effective and versatile, the company offers its humidity indicator card in numerous packaging options, making it affordable for all.

AGILENOBEL Offers a Wide Range of Construction Chemicals for Varied Construction Applications

LogoA recognized firm managing supply chains for diversified industries, AGILENOBEL offers a wide range of construction chemicals used in varied construction and renovation applications. The company provides the chemicals from some of the world's major producers who are known for their quality and reliability. Versatile and cost-effective, the chemicals they offer are known for high effectiveness.

Keep Fusion Data Organized with the DataLogger

LogoThe DataLogger is built on the widely used Android operating system by Google to track the fusion process and the parameters involved, including heat soak times and heating pressure. The rugged design means the tablet can withstand bumps and bruises and still operate efficiently. Furthermore, the IP67 rating means it can still operate even if it gets wet. The pair of cameras take high quality pictures of joints, the barcode scanner eases pipe fitting data entry, and a wireless sync feature makes it simple to share fusion joint records wirelessly.

Dewetron Exhibiting at Apex Turbine User Conference in Nashville

Dewetron, the manufacturer of precision test and measurement systems, is announcing that they will be exhibiting at the upcoming Apex Turbine User Conference in Nashville at the end of February. The company will be demonstrating all-in-one data acquisition products, including the strain gauge signal conditioning amplifier with embedded A-D conversion and introducing the high speed PXI Express Bus, portable measuring systems, precision power analyzer and more. Technical product specifications will be available along with information on options that will be introduced in 2019.

American Durafilm Unveils New Professional-Grade Slitting Machine

LogoLeading Solutions Provider of High-Performance Films, Coatings, and Tubing Expands Production Capabilities

Scully to Attend 2019 WPMA Expo in Las Vegas

LogoOverfill Protection and Ground Verification Technology Manufacturer, Scully Signal Company, Exhibits at Annual Expo

New Brochure Describes YMC-Triart Bio C4 HPLC Column for Biomolecule Separations

In a new 2 page flyer, YMC America describes its reversed phase stationary phase for analyzing intact monoclonal antibodies (mAb), proteins, and oligonucleotides. Reversed phase separation can be a useful alternative to SEC or IEX.

YMC America Analytical HPLC Applications for Cannabinoids

As laws regarding the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana (Cannabis sativa) change rapidly, the need to analyze various cannabinoids produced by the plant has grown exponentially.

Kemper Exhibiting at Aggregates Academy & Expo

Kemper Equipment, a local and global leader in design, manufacturing, and supply of material handling solutions, is excited to announce that the company will be exhibiting at the 2019 AGG1 Aggregates Academy & Expo at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana, from February 12-14. Kemper is also supporting the event as a sponsor of the Rock & Road Reception, which is planned for Wednesday, February 13th from 4-5PM on the exhibit show floor.

Jewelultra Ltd Offers a Variety of Diamondbrite Products Approved by Leading Motor Manufacturers and Dealers

LogoJewelultra Ltd, a global supplier of automotive, marine, leisure, motorcycle, aviation and valeting chemicals, offers a wide range of Diamondbrite products that are used and approved by leading motor manufacturers and dealers. All of their Diamondbrite products are processed at their UK manufacturing facility, made from refined rock oils that are formulated into a 2-stage process to create a tough durable glaze. The Diamondbrite creates a hard and high gloss protective skin that protect cars paintwork from road salts, traffic film, acid rain, tree sap, insect fluid and other atmospheric pollutants. Diamondbrite products come with a guarantee which gives cover against colour fading, as well as from damage caused by bird droppings if washed off within 7 days.

Antron Engineering & Machine Enhances Comprehensive Safety Program

Antron Engineering and Machine has announced the enhancement of its ongoing safety efforts with the implementation of a system-wide employee safety committee.

Croxsons Offers the Largest Selection of Glass Bottles in a Variety of Styles and Capacities

LogoCroxsons, a leading glass packaging firm, offers a wide selection of glass bottles to international food and beverage brands. All of their glass bottles are appreciated for their superior attributes of sterility, reusability, chemical stability, durability, non-permeability and malleability. The glass bottles that they offer are manufactured with the utmost care and attention to detail using the highest quality raw materials. All of their glass bottles help clients to gain more customers and boost their sales.

Euro Petroleum Consultants Offers Unique Training Courses on Various Topics for Oil, Gas and Other Industries

LogoAn independent specialist consultancy and events organisation, Euro Petroleum Consultants offers unique training courses on various topics across the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors. Their training courses help clients achieve their business goals without any complexities. Provided as both public multi-client and in house, their training courses are focused on providing a greater understanding of strategic and technical issues in the oil, gas and petrochemicals industry.

Cannabis Scale & Calibration Kit

LogoA new legal-for-trade scale that is highly accurate and a calibration kit to help keep it that way to meet strict regulatory requirements are being introduced to the cannabis industry by Alliance Scale, Inc. of Canton, MA.

Businesses Can Increase Shipping and Logistics with Help from General Partition Company, Inc.

With each start of the new year, businesses across all industries are given a chance to lower costs and increase profit margins. Businesses interested in improving their shipping and logistics can turn to General Partition Company, Inc. As the top choice for chipboard layer pads, businesses of all sizes have turned to the team at General Partition Company, Inc. Offers a Massive Collection of Glass Bottles with Great Aesthetic Appeal

LogoA glass packaging specialist, offers a massive collection of glass bottles with great aesthetic appeal. Available in various colours, sizes, designs, and patterns, the bottles cater to the varying needs of the customers. They have gained recognition for providing jars that are manufactured using premium quality materials and latest technologies.

Shralpin Launches ABEC 7 Skateboard Bearings

Shralpin proudly announced the debut launch of their skateboard bearings this past week. Their Abec 7 bearings are packed with features that ensure speed, strength, and durability, making them the ideal choice for avid skateboarders.

Local Manufacturer Receives Momentum Award

LogoMissouri Association of Manufacturers honors local company, and announces Manufacturing Matters Panelists for MAM’s Gearing Up Conference & 2019 Annual Meeting

Superior Tool Service (STS) Supports KU School of Engineering's Jayhawk Motors Program with Tools to Build Two Formula Style Racecars

LogoThe Two Racecars, Which Visited the STS Plant on Jan. 4, Will Compete in the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)’s Annual Collegiate Design Series (CDS)

GuidoMaggi, the Premiere Source of Handmade Elevator Shoes, Celebrates 100 Years of Fine Footwear

LogoRepresenting a mix of comfort, elegance, and a discreet increase in height for the wearer, GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes is today celebrating one hundred years of fine, handmade footwear which has no equal in the World. GuidoMaggi is an established Italian luxury shoe brand that offers a qualitatively superior product, made to measure with fine leathers, handmade with traditional techniques, and enhanced with its 'invisible internal benefit' – height increasing technology.