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AGILENOBEL Offers CoxOut Used in Removal of Carbon Dioxide from Gaseous Streams

LogoA renowned name in the chemical industry, AGILENOBEL offers CoxOut that used in the removal of carbon dioxide and acidic contaminants from gaseous streams. Versatile and cost-effective, CoxOut is well-known for its high effectiveness and high affinity for carbon dioxide. The substance is an active form of a mixture of calcium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide without potassium hydroxide, making it highly secure and non-poisonous. Due to its high porosity and pH, the substance has developed a high adsorption capacity for carbon dioxide.

Homeowners in Need of Driveway Paving Can Turn to Stanley Paving

LogoEvery year, thousands of residents require driveway replacements or repairs across the U.S. As one of the leading providers of driveway paving in Southampton and surrounding areas, Stanley Paving has built a solid reputation with four generations of Philly homeowners. For over 60 years, their skilled driveway technicians have made driveways safer and more appealing for homes and businesses across the region.

Why an aquaBRIGHT Installation Is Better Than a Masonry Finish

LogoWhen pools need finishing, homeowners have an important decision to make: masonry or a plastic-based finish? Masonry has several disadvantages compared to plastic-based finishes, especially when that plastic-based finish is an aquaBRIGHT™ pool finish.

Vancouver Box Wholesaler Shares Why Recycling Pizza Boxes Isn't Always a Good Idea

LogoRecycling has become a catchword for responsible consumers and businesses all over the world. As a manufacturer of wholesale boxes in Vancouver, the team at Racer Boxes is all about recycling. One of the biggest benefits of using wholesale cardboard boxes is that it makes it easier to operate a modern and environmentally sound business. However, in the case of the ubiquitous pizza box, recycling can actually cause more harm than good.

Fusion Solutions for Compact Spaces

LogoWhen the work environment necessitates a compact solution to perform pipe fusion, the McElroy DynaMc® 28 Fusion Machine and the McElroy Spider™ 125 Fusion Machine are here to save the day.

ChemCeed to Host Booth at STLE Annual Meeting 2019

LogoChemCeed LLC, a worldwide chemical distribution company, will be exhibiting at the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN on May 19th-23rd. The five-day event will feature over 500 technical presentations, application-based case studies, best practice reports, discussion panels and a trade show. The meeting will be held at the Omni Nashville Hotel on Sunday, May 19th, at 8:00 AM to Thursday, May 23rd at 5:00 PM. ChemCeed will be at booth #212 at the Exhibition.

Grant Marketing Expands to the West Coast

LogoGrant Marketing is excited to announce that they now have a presence on the West Coast of the United States. Senior Brand Strategist at Grant Marketing, Adele Pollis, is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and is actively helping the agency expand their business into the region. Adele has extensive B2B marketing, communications, and branding experience. She leads Grant Marketing's brand development service, helping clients define their corporate brand while creating compelling messaging that engages and inspires their customers. Grant Marketing looks forward to helping local California B2B companies—as well as other regional manufacturing entities— optimize their brand strategy and inbound marketing to increase traffic, convert leads, and accelerate growth.

YMC Columns and Stationary Phases for Bioseparation

YMC's BIOSEPARATION brochure covers the entire YMC product line for biomolecule separations. The 24-page brochure presents information about columns, phases, hardware systems, and other items of interest in biomolecule research and purification. Products for laboratory scale and production scale are included.

YMC Whitepaper Discusses Hybrid-Based Silica Supports for HPLC

YMC recently collaborated with C&E News in the publication of a whitepaper detailing the rise of hybrid-silica stationary phases in the pharmaceutical marketplace. The whitepaper is available for free download.

Work Smarter with the Polygon

LogoAmong the many McElroy powered machines sold through the McElroy Parts website, the Polygon provides incredible versatility.

Alliance Scale Becomes Regional Service Center for Ohaus

LogoMassachusetts-Based Scale Service and Repair Company Begins Partnership with Weighing Industry Global Leader

General Partition Company, Inc. Provides Chipboard, Corrugated, and SBS Partitions to Help Their Customers During Shipping

Every year, thousands of businesses ship delicate items across towns, countries, and continents. General Partition Company, Inc. provides several types of interior box packaging that is designed to protect such items as they travel to a new destination. Nobody wants the stress and worry of potential breakages when shipping goods long or short distance. This is costly and can also damage a business's reputation if they continue to deliver substandard products.

Jewelultra Ltd Offers Carbon Class Premium Car Care Products Delivering Best Protection to Car's Paintwork and Upholstery

LogoJewelultra Ltd, an undisputed manufacturer and distributor of specialised automotive chemicals, offers an extensive range of Carbon Class Premium Car Care products that is guaranteed to protect car paintwork and upholstery from UV sunlight, acid rain, atmospheric pollution, bird droppings, and more. Available in a variety of specifications, these products improve the natural gloss and depth of paintwork, making cars sparkle with a crystal clear and glossy shine. To top it all, the Carbon Class Premium Car Care range can also provide long-lasting protection to paintwork and upholstery in the harshest climatic conditions.

Euro Petroleum Consultants Offers Training Courses on Strategic and Technical Issues

LogoAn independent specialist consultancy provider, Euro Petroleum Consultants offers training courses on strategic and technical issues in the oil, gas and petrochemicals industry. The training courses help their clients get the most out of their investment by providing trainees with knowledge that improves their productivity and efficiency in the workplace and petrochemical industry as a whole. Euro Petroleum Consultants' team has in-depth knowledge of the industry, paired with extensive technical and commercial experience, which allows them to provide comprehensive training courses.

Superior Tool Service (STS) Adds PCD Tooling to Its Lineup of Custom Tool Services

LogoSuperior Tool Service (STS), manufacturer and supplier of precision cutting tools, has added PCD tooling to its lineup of services. This addition gives industries and machine shops both local and worldwide a way to maximize tool life and reduce production costs.

Durapak Supplies Offers Bubble Mailers, Automatic Sealers, and Box Pillows

LogoDurapak Supplies is a world-class company that's redefining the packaging and shipping industry through their range of high-quality products designed to meet a variety of needs. Based in California, the company's product portfolio includes shrink packaging, ribbon & gift packaging, bags, shipping supplies, boxes & cases, janitorial & safety and cable tie & twist tie among others. Through their online platform, they've been able to offer these items in a fast, reliable and affordable manner. All their products are in line with the industry's requirements, and one can be sure to get what they're looking for when they shop from the company.

Pallet Wrappers Now Stocking Semi-Automatic BEX 200 Pallet Wrapper

Pallet Wrappers is a leading supplier of pallet wrapping machinery in the UK, renowned for constantly ensuring that they are offering the most carried range of high quality machinery! This is why it did not come as a surprise to many of their customers when they introduced the world-renowned Semi-Automatic BEX 200 Pallet Wrapper.

Billoomi Fashion: The Answer to Clothing Manufacturing Requirements for Overseas Brands

LogoBilloomi Fashion is one of the most coveted names when it comes to custom clothing manufacturing for overseas brands. Since its inception in 2005, the fashion house has come a long way, such that today it boasts of being associated as manufacturing partner with some of the biggest international clothing labels in the world of fashion.

New Offers Now at the Hosemaster

The Hosemaster is the UK's leading supplier of hose, coupling and workshop suppliers, offering there world-leading hoses and products not only from their retail store but also online, making them a suitable supplier for absolutely everyone in the UK. The company do not only ensure that they are offering the greatest collection of high quality products at all times, but also ensure that they are offering them at the most competitive prices, making it their priority to introduce special offers as regularly as possible.

Sontex – Offering the Greatest Shrink Wrap Advice and Guidance

Sontex is one the UK's favourite suppliers of shrink wrap machinery and shrink wrap films of the highest quality, renowned not only for their great commitment to constantly offer the greatest collection of packaging machinery and products at all times, but also for the leading advice and guidance that they offer to their customers at all times.

MAM Safety in Manufacturing Excellence Awards 2019

LogoMissouri Association of Manufacturers announces the winners of the 2019 Safety in Manufacturing Excellence Award winners.

Robot Component Is Providing Earthmover Spare Parts and Hydraulic Rock Breakers

LogoRobot Component has committed itself to redefine standards when it comes to JCB aftermarket parts which have been their line of specialization since 1985. Over the years, the manufacturer has remained steadfast to the continuous strive to develop quality spare parts that will give all their clients maximum value for money. Consequently, the commitment to stringent quality procedures has seen Robot Component grow to become a major global exporter of JCB spare parts.

Mid-America Safety, Health & Environmental Conference to Be Held May 1-2

LogoThe Missouri Association of Manufacturers (MAM) announced today, their Mid-America Safety, Health and Environmental Conference & Expo (MASHE) will take place on May 1-2 at the Ozark Empire Fair Grounds E-Plex in Springfield, Missouri. Deadline to register to attend will be April 30 at 5:00 pm. Registrations will be available for purchase on the day of via card ONLY.

Get Precision CNC Machining and Rapid Mold Services with HLH Prototypes

LogoHLH Prototypes is a premier China Injection mold manufacturer with a state of the art injection press that ensures production runs are maintained to top quality industrial standards. The company was founded in 2008 by one Mr. Vader Yu the current CEO, James Murphy, and Jason Ke, primarily to help people make parts and production. HLH Prototypes provides unmatched prototyping service with the utilization of several techniques and machines such as; CNC Machining or millings, 3D printing, vacuum casting, sheet metal, Metal, Plastic Injection Molding Services.

Great Offers on Cam and Groove Couplings at the Hosemaster Now

The Hosemaster, one of the UK's favourite online suppliers of hose, couplings and workshop suppliers, are renowned for the great offers that they continuously provide their customer with, most recently introducing a number of threat offers on cam and groove couplings.