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RV Battery and Propane Tank Thefts Stopped Cold by Battery Shackle

LogoSeeking to help RV owners keep their recreational vehicles safe, Battery Shackle has created their line of protective lock down devices for RV batteries and propane tanks. Their locks take 30 seconds to install, about the same amount of time it takes a thief to grab and run away with an RV battery or propane tank. Theft of RV parts and accessories are on the rise. With Battery Shackle, RV batteries and propane tanks cannot be removed without heavy duty cutting tools and lots of time and noise. The company makes and sells a Battery Shackle for single batteries, dual batteries and propane tanks.

Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC Announces Concrete Inspection Services Available

LogoContractors and builders that need a high-quality subsurface imaging company to inspect concrete can rely on Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC. The company specializes in state-of-the-art ground penetrating radar services that locate objects before construction is initiated. The company offers concrete inspections for contractors in the Tri-state area and provides free quotes. Construction and engineering projects that need to perform core drilling and saw cutting can hire the experts of Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC to have the concrete at the work site inspected fast and efficiently.

Users Can Now Conveniently Buy High Quality Bearings Online

Good news for those who need bearings of various types. The news is that ipbearing Store is offering various types of bearings that are needed by users for different purposes.

Mustafa Güngör Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Introduce Blango, the Ultimate Wearable Blanket

LogoMustafa Güngör has created an ultra-soft blanket that allows users to use their hands while walking around wearing it. The background of this project relates to one of Mustafa's friends that wanted a wearable blanket that is both warm and mobile. Unfortunately, there were no such products available in the market. This is the time when Mustafa Güngör decided to come up with his creation, the Blango wearable blanket.

Igus Launches New Magnetic Adapter That Keeps E-Chains on Track

LogoThe new "magsnap" magnetic adapter for e-chains is an example of exactly that. The small magnetic adapters, can easily be clipped on the crossbars of energy chains allowing new possibilities for hanging or circular applications.

Igus Launches Sliding and Rolling Hybrid Linear Bearings in New Sizes

Logoigus, The Cologne-based specialist for lubricant-free bearing technology; has expanded its range of double roller hybrid bearings with two new sizes. The range of hybrid bearings will now be completed with sizes of 10 and 16 millimetres. Lighter and quieter linear running on two rollers -- also for applications with reduced installation space.

Anuj Kapuria Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz CEO Meeting with Dealers and Distributors at ProMat Next Week

Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz is currently looking for US dealers and distributors for the Indian-based automated guided vehicles (AGV) company. Anuj Kapuria CEO of Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz will be meeting with distributors during ProMat 2015 in Chicago next week. Bringing low-cost AGV robotic solutions to e-commerce and omni-channel retailing operations is a huge growth opportunity for the company based in India. Many journalists have already compared this robotic solution to Kiva used by Amazon.

GuangZhou Hydraulic Provides Efficient Fluid Coupling Products

Fluid coupling is widely used to transmit the rotating mechanical power. It has several applications in marine and industrial machine drives wherever controlled start up and variable speed operation without shock loading power transmission system is necessary. GuangZhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Co. Ltd manufactures and supplies YOX series of constant filling fluid couplings, variable speed couplings, and similar range of products.

Dierxun Announces High Power & High Pressure Centrifugal Fans & Blowers to Save Energy Costs of Industries

Dierxun Fan Equipment Company has launched compact-design and high pressure fans and blowers that have important applications in oil, metallurgy and chemical industries. The high power fire fan can be installed in waste gas power plants, new energy power and thermal power plants and which can significantly reduce the energy consumption.

Supply Chain Visibility Saves Manufacturers Money via Real-Time Data

LogoAccording to Narayan Laksham the closest any manufacturer can get to a magic bullet is supply chain visibility. Supply chain visibility is needed to achieve manufacturers' goal of saving money quickly and inexpensively. All partners get access to data in real-time; visibility to all orders allows suppliers to proactively respond to abnormal fluctuations in demand. Poor visibility often results in parts shortages. Frustrated manufacturers report having no idea they were down to the last box of parts. The result is expensive, using faster shipping methods to get the part back on the shop floor. A real-time view of parts on hand allows a supply chain manager to take action before there is a stock out, eliminating expedited fees.

Heavy Duty Air Compressors Offer Better Defense Against Moisture Avoiding Rust

Moisture can damage and cause rust. T/CCI provides the industry with the latest in innovative compressors. The heavy duty air compressors offer a better defense against moisture and better lubrication for years. T/CCI manufactures built to last quality, dependable, and environmentally safe compressors for a wide range of vehicle applications. Widely respected, ISO-certified T/CCI is a global leader with over 50 years' experience manufacturing heavy duty compressors and clutches for the mobile air-conditioning and refrigeration industries, including for a wide range of vehicles from construction and military to heavy-duty trucking and bus transit. This wide range of OEM heavy duty compressors supplies companies such as Caterpillar, CNH, Navistar, ThermoKing, and Carrier. Global customers recognize value of a well-respected HVAC supplier with advanced technologies including the custom LabView based acquisition system designed to protect the quality and accuracy of data.

Canadian Based Norpak Handling Provides Excellent Support to Toronto Area for Hytrol Conveyor Customers

Local support allows manufacturing and distribution customers in Toronto, Canada to feel more confident in the conveyor system purchased. Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., manufacturer of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions attributes the integration partner network critical to the company's success. Hytrol's unique relationship with integration partners allows the company to provide a great advantage to the customer.

Manufacturing Leaders Poor Communication Survey Profiled in Bloomberg Businessweek

Recently a new survey revealed that manufacturing leaders have little hesitation about hiring consultants to come and provide kaizen events to create lean manufacturing, best-practice process improvements. Manufacturing CEOs often outsource safety compliance to third party organizations, such as US Compliance Corp. (with more than 1000 firms using this service in lieu of hiring full-time employees to ensure OSHAand EPA regulatory elements are met to avoid fines).

Bastian Solutions Goods-to-Robot System Profiled in Robotics Tomorrow

Bastian Solutions was featured in the recent issue of Robotics Tomorrow. Greg Martin, Bastian Solutions' Field Applications Engineer, discussed Improvements in order fulfillment automation. Packaging and distribution technology has quickly evolved to assist efforts to minimize the time between order and delivery. Martin, explained, "Bastian Robotics has taken the next step into order fulfillment automation by designing systems that integrate with the back end of an AS/RS to fulfill à la carte orders and consolidate the items for shipment. These goods-to-robot, bin picking solutions can help reduce labor costs while simultaneously improving the speed and flexibility of custom order fulfillment."

SHS Products Ltd Launches Extended Services in Light of Surging Renovation Trends

Reports from the construction industry reveal exterior renovations have experienced a 37 percent uptick over the past 10 years in the United Kingdom, leaving contractors struggling to keep up with the increased workload. Modernized decking ranks among the most highly sought after undertakings in this sector. As the UK's foremost design and manufacture specialists in this field, SHS Products Ltd has been tracking this trend as it progresses.

Indian AGV Company Focusing on Automating E-Commerce Fulfillment Centers Makes ProMat Debut

Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz was recently featured in Robotics Tomorrow magazine. Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz is making its North American debut at ProMat 2015 (booth #5521) in Chicago, IL, with a focus on automating e-commerce fulfillment centers. According to Anuj Kapuria, Director & CEO, representing the company at the huge material handling robotics event, "Order picking AGVs (automated guided vehicles) or robots are used to move ordered products to trailer-loading area for distribution.

Klarm Produces Super Big CNC Machined Parts Up to 2 Meter

LogoKlarm Machining Limited introduces its new capability of machining super large CNC machined parts with size up to 2000x1300x700 mm (79x51x28 inches). Customers will benefit competitive prices from their high-speed brand-new huge CNC milling centers from now on.

Gold Coast Printing and Design Company City Print Design Moves to New Domain

The operators of City Print Design, one of the Gold Coast's leading printing services, announced that the company's website has been transferred to an Australian domain at Visitors to the rebranded site can expect the same great service and unbeatable prices that have made City Print Design a favorite throughout the Gold Coast region. City Print Design offers quick, 1-5 business-day turnaround for print jobs, with free delivery to all Gold Coast addresses making the company's low prices even more attractive.

Prototype Casting, Now Offers Laser Metal Sintering with the Usage of in-House Tooling Department

LogoIntending to help people meet their project deadlines, eliminate any kind of flaw in design and manufacture various parts, Prototype Casting now offers laser metal sintering with the usage of in-house tooling department. The company provides seven processes for constructing various parts. They have the ability to choose the right process based on the requirement of the design. This furthers assists them in tailoring the items and presenting them to customers. A lost wax process is used for making parts of small quantities to die casting, rubber plaster mold, permanent mold, precision sand casting and direct metal laser sintering which helps in making production quantities.

Ultriva Shares Strategic Insights Regarding the Demand-Driven Manufacturing Featuring Research from Gartner

LogoUltriva, Inc., who has the largest installed base of electronic Kanban systems in the world, announced that their industry brief titled, "Shift to a Demand-Driven Manufacturing Model" is now available for download from their website. This industry brief contains exclusive research content from Gartner "Key Benefits That Form the Business Case for Pull Replenishment in Consumer Products", authored by Gartner Analyst Jan Kohler, published October 24, 2014.

TCCI Achieved Red Dot Corporation Supplier Excellence Award

T/CCI Manufacturing was recognized with Red Dot Corporation's Supplier Excellence Award. Suppliers are nominated for Supplier Excellence based on achieving 100% performance score each year. Awards recognize suppliers in quality, delivery, cost, and ancillary administrative requirements. T/CCI Manufacturing and their Que Compressor product line are global leaders in the design, production, and distribution of heavy duty air-conditioning compressors. The company has worked with Red Dot Corporation for more than 20 years on OE and Aftermarket air conditioning programs including the Oshkosh M-ATV military vehicle. T/CCI values the relationship with Red Dot and appreciates the recognition. Carey Suto, Director Global Supply Chain extended congratulations on achieving Red Dot Corporation's highest supplier recognition award.

Safety Compliance and Employee Communications Effectively Outsourced by Manufacturing Leaders

Manufacturing CEOs often outsource safety compliance to third party organizations, such as US Compliance (with more than 1000 firms using this service in lieu of hiring full-time employees to ensure OSHA, FDA, and EPA regulatory elements are met to avoid fines).

3PLs Learn from Pcdata USA at ProMat 2015 Next Week

LogoPcdata USA, presenting at ProMat 2015 next week, recently reported that leaders of 3PL (third-party logistics) companies must use best-practice training when it comes to supplier communication. Without these vital communication policies and practices picking errors lead to upset customers. Poor customer service for 3PLs can lead to an increase follow-up deliveries, lead times, and wrong orders. Training with a focus on customer service leads to better overall quality performance and better company consistency and reputation. These findings were recently reported in Picking Perfection newsletter, sponsored by Pcdata USA.

Minnesota Based Skarnes Provides Superior Local Support for Hytrol Conveyor Customers

Local support allows manufacturing and distribution customers in Minnesota to feel more confident in the conveyor system purchased. Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., manufacturer of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions attributes the integration partner network critical to the company's success. Hytrol's unique relationship with integration partners allows the company to provide a great advantage to the customer.

Wearable Technology in the Warehouse Seen Next Week at ProMat 2015 Booth 3953

The most promising wearable technology, smart glasses, will be demonstrated next week at ProMat 2015, booth 3953. Smart glasses offer rich features such as mobile, hands-free picking in addition to a potentially low cost of ownership–benefits that warehouse managers covet. Bastian Solutions will demonstrate Vuzix smart glasses at ProMat 2015 booth (#3953) in Chicago at McCormack Place South from March 23-26.