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Smart LED Bulkhead Lights Emerge to Be a Top Pick

LED bulkhead lights have a very specific and an important purpose and that is to guide people through signs and directions. These lights are displayed in most public places, offices, buildings, places of interest etc., wherever there is heavy inflow and outflow of traffic. Considering how functional these lights are, it is important for organizations to invest in a name that is an expert in this regard.

Emergency Light with 360 Degree Articulation Catches Widespread Attention

An emergency light is a product whose value is not assessed until the situation arises and when it does, one realizes how important it is to have the right light in place. hopes to give users a light to get through any sort of emergency with ease and convenience focusing on safety rather than on factors that cause its breach.

Australian SAA Approved Mountable LED Emergency Exit Board Proves Its Mettle

LED exit boards serve an important function in places that are usually crowded or frequented by individuals whose safety features on the top of the list for any commercial establishment. Investing in a high quality LED emergency exit board is where this pursuit begins.

Fourstar Connections Hires Tom Barczak as VP of Operations

LogoFourstar Connections, Inc., a solutions-based contract manufacturing company for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other manufacturing companies, appoints Tom Barczak to its management team as Vice President (VP) of Operations. Barczak will provide operational oversight and direction to projects, practices, and processes throughout the supply chain. He will also implement and drive manufacturing standards, goals, and metrics throughout the cross-functional teams, and ensure quality, safety, and efficiency of all finished products in compliance with all applicable specifications. Barczak brings over 30 years of experience in the electro-mechanical manufacturing field, with a passion for optimizing personnel efficiencies, manufacturing techniques, and supplier relationships.

Great Plains Industries Keeps Kicking Up Dirt in the Motocross World

LogoGreat Plains Industries, Inc. (GPI) is excited to announce that Colt Nichols, and Kyle Peters, riders for the racing team, are showing great success in the 250SX East Region.

TCCI Manufacturing Compressors Tested in Research and Development Lab

T/CCI provides the industry with the latest in innovative compressor designs, testing, manufacturing, and quality assurance. The state-of-the-art R&D lab and engineering test facility allows for advanced technology solutions to be fully tested. T/CCI's multi-million dollar R & D lab and engineering test facility offer advanced product design and validation capability. Test equipment include a calorimeter with 10 performance test points, five Ransco climatic chambers, eight modern durability stands, thermal shock, noise, dust, and liquid slugging equipment.

PDP Solutions Leads Manufacturing Executives How to Win the Trust of Employees

Employees work harder when they know the boss is trustworthy. PDP Solutions' president, Louise Dickmeyer discussed how manufacturing executives can gain the trust of the employees in the company blog.

Pcdata Helps Vitamin Retailer Expand with Pick-to-Light Operation

LogoMaterial Handling & Logistics magazine reported that Europe's largest retailer of vitamins and herbal food supplements once again chose Pcdata, to modernize and expand their Pick-to-light order handling system at their main UK Burton on Trent distribution center. Nature's Bounty NBTY is a global supplier of nutritional supplements with 650 Holland & Barrett shops in the UK and over 100 De Tuinen stores in the Netherlands. Distribution Director, Mark Kendrick reflected on the excellent service experience they had enjoyed with Pcdata over the years since their first system was installed at the turn of the century. He referred to the NBTY mission statement "highest quality products on time, first time, every time."

LEM Products Inc. Celebrates Growth by Beginning 2015 with a Kaizen Event

LogoMajor Supply Chains and Corporations across the USA and around the globe continue to discover the value of conducting business with LEM Products Inc.; spurring unprecedented growth for the company. To celebrate the growth of both their company and their clients, the leader in manufacturing quality control labels has begun 2015 with a Kaizen Event.

Greenco Announces 45 Years in Business

LogoGreenco/Duramaster an industry leader in pneumatic air cylinders and linear actuators celebrate their 45th anniversary this year. The company offers a wide variety of cylinder designs for many different industrial applications. The family owned business believes in American manufacturing. Their 25,000 square-foot Tampa facility houses 5 businesses and all manufacturing operations. Greenco manufacturing operations have proudly remained on US soil since the company's inception.

Tri-Motion Industries Announces NEW SM Single Mount Pro-Air Balancing Hoist

LogoThe NEW SM Single Mount Pro-Air Balancing Hoist (U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending) from Tri-Motion Industries provides yet another mounting option in the already diverse collection of Bal-Trol® Air Balancers. This addition to the Bal-Trol® line-up allows for a single mounting point and consumes much less overhead space while retaining the compact footprint of the current Pro-Air Series.

Ultriva Concurs That Supply Chain Visibility Becomes Ultimate Kaizen Event

LogoForecast Errors, a weekly e-newsletter sponsored by Ultriva shared Mark Rosenthal's article published in Quality Digest about how kaizen differs from a kaizen event. The article concluded that the ultimate kaizen event is supply chain visibility. With these data, forecast errors can be avoided remarked Narayan Laksham, founder of Ultriva.

PDP Solutions President Discusses How Manufacturing Leaders Waste Time Due to Poor Communication

President of PDP Solutions, Louise Dickmeyer was recently interviewed by Todd Schnick of IntrepidNOW regarding manufacturing leadership communication. The interview series is called, "Effective Communication in the Workplace." The fourth part of a six part series stresses how time is a valuable asset that can be increased with effective communication.

Pcdata USA Reports Filling Customer Orders Faster with Lean Continuous Improvement Model

LogoPicking Perfection newsletter reported that, the recent issue of, Curt Schmidgall, Winegard Value Stream Manager, shared the lean continuous manufacturing model has surged in popularity over the last 20 years because of its ability to eliminate waste of all kinds: excess inventory, over-transportation, and unnecessary movement and motion. However, the most significant results from implementing this model come not from discrete changes to certain products or processes, but from incorporating the entire company into the lean continuous model journey. In traditionally structured companies, the engineering, manufacturing, and sales departments work in their own silos, in different groups and often in different buildings. As a result, these departments communicate little with each other, and each group makes the decisions that support their own self-interest.

Express Water, Best RO System Manufacturers, Now Offering RO System Products at the Most Effective Prices

Maintaining their top position as one of the leading RO System Manufacturers & Suppliers, Express Water is now offering a range of RO system products at the most effective prices. The wide range of products that they are offering include Sediment filter, Sediment 1 Micron and much more. Being a reputed RO system Suppliers, the range of products that they provide are utilized for getting filtered water, which is safe and healthier for an individual's health. The company supplies RO System products that give optimum health benefits to its users.

TCCI Solution Eliminates Thermal Migration in Desert Climates

Thermal Migration is a condition by which refrigerant moves statically throughout a refrigeration system due to changes in the climatic conditions. The nature of the refrigerant is such that it will always flow to the coldest area and since conditions are static and the refrigerant has density then gravity has a minor influence. In most instances some or all of the following conditions must be met to create this undesirable condition:

Industry-Based Certifications Work when Manufacturing CEOs Communicate with Plant Floor Workers

PDP Solutions supports various certification programs, yet recognizes that workers much return from these program and be supported with encouraging communication on the part of the C-level executives.

Record Attendance at ProMat 2015 Made Pcdata USA Number 1 Pick to Light Solution

LogoPcdata USA had more booth traffic than ever before at ProMat 2015, making the company the number one Pick-to-light solution in the entire material handling sector. Attendance was in record numbers at McCormick Place South.

New Self-Stabilizing Truck by Magline at BevOps Fleet Summit in Two Weeks

LogoMagline, Inc., manufacturers of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions, will provide demos of the new Self-Stabilizing hand truck at the BevOps/Fleet Summit 2015 from April 21-24, 2015. The show will be at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

Matt Farris Hytrol Director Business Development Praises Minnesota Integration Partner Skarnes

Matt Farris, Hytrol's Director of Business Development, commented, "Skarnes has been a Hytrol Integrator for over 50 years. We have worked hand-in-hand with them for many years and have developed a true partnership that has paid dividends to our end-users. They have a well trained staff that can provide problem solving solutions to their customers while providing a personalized service level. We are proud to be associated with them and look forward to many more successful years together."

Food Safety Modernization Act Putting Pressure on Food and Beverage Distribution Operations

Elliot Maras noted in Food Logistics that the regulatory requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), requires food transporters gather more information with greater frequency. This week in System Integration News, the feature article profiled how food distribution facilities must have written plans to manage possible food safety issues. Facilities will soon be required to implement a written preventive control plan, provide for the monitoring of the performance of those controls, and specify the corrective actions the facility will take when necessary.

Craters & Freighters Phoenix Crates and Ships John Campbell Greenway Bronze to His Final Resting Place

LogoCraters & Freighters Phoenix was selected to complete the final leg of a two-year project of replacing the bronze sculpture of John Campbell Greenway with that of the late Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater at Statuary Hall in Washington, DC.

With New Investments, White Mountain Process Bolsters Poly Mixing Vessel Capabilities

White Mountain Process, one of the world's top designers and producers of mixers, blenders, and agitators, announced an expansion of the company's industry-leading range of poly mixing tank options. Lighter, more affordable, and often easier to work with than stainless steel alternatives, mixing tanks made of HDPE, polypropylene, and other high-quality plastics are increasingly popular with the company's customers. Committed to remaining at the forefront of the industry, White Mountain Process has made a number of investments that will allow it to be even more responsive and accommodating when it comes to producing custom-specified poly mixing tank systems.

SPS Spindle Parts and Service, LLC Forms Partnership with Capellini Electrospindles S.r.l.

SPS Spindle Parts and Service, LLC (SPS) is an organization providing precision repairs for a wide variety of spindles and all of the mechanisms within and around them. This includes machine spindles, tool spindles, manufacturing spindles, milling machine spindles, spindle gearbox repair and much more. In order to better serve their clientele nationwide, SPS Spindle is forging a partnership with Italian spindle manufacturing and service experts, Capellini Electrospindles S.r.l.

Total Scaffolding Supplies Now Offers Scaffolding Tube at Competitive Prices

Maintaining their name as one of the prominent suppliers of scaffolding supplies in the UK, Total Scaffolding Supplies Hire & Sales is now offering its clients with scaffolding tube at competitive prices. Customers are provided with the best services, be it commercial project or small domestic project to suit their specific needs. The company stockpiles a wide array of scaffolding products that are of best quality and are as per the all the relevant British or European Standards. Customers are provided with extremely durable scaffold products that include scaffold tube, scaffolding ties, scaffolding tower hire, and much more.