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Tip Sheet: Key Benefits of ANSI Flanges and How to Select a Manufacturer

LogoIn essence, flanges are metal rings designed to link pipes, valves, pumps and ancillary equipment needed in order to build pipelines. A flange is extremely useful in that it facilitates trouble-free inspections, quick modification and simplified cleaning of the pipes, which comprise pipeline systems.

Tip Sheet: Top Processes in Aluminum Extrusion from Turnkey Manufacturer

LogoGetec is a thermal management solutions company that discusses the top processes to look at when deciding on a turnkey aluminum extrusion manufacturer.

CPG Companies Look to Ultriva for Inventory Velocity

LogoInventory velocity in the CPG (consumer packaged goods) environment is vital. Forecast Errors, a weekly e-newsletter, sponsored by Ultriva, Inc. reported, increasingly CPG companies are quickly optimizing supply chains with demand-driven cloud-based solutions. The article discussed Trading Partner Alliance (TPA), a joint industry affairs/industry relations leadership group that was formed by GMA and FMI in January 2009. The TPA exists to develop a shared retailer-manufacturer agenda on supply chain efficiency issues, the application of information technology, the adoption of environmentally-friendly business practices and other issues. Recently, The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and Food Marketing Institute (FMI) joined together as the Trading Partner Alliance (TPA) and recently hosted their annual Supply Chain Conference.

Transit Busses Globally Require Heavy Duty Air Compressors Reports Leader TCCI

Passenger transportation creates unique challenges for air conditioning systems according to T/CCI which designs systems to address these needs. Passengers demand comfort and a T/CCI compressor is the heart of the system that maintains comfort. Engineers will work with passenger transportation leaders worldwide to design a system built specifically for unique environmental and regional passenger needs.

PDP Helps Manufacturing Leaders Bridge the Communication Generation Gap

PDP Solutions is helping manufacturing leaders bridge an obvious and painful communication generation gap. Manufacturing businesses are challenged with older leaders learning communication technologies of the younger generation. The ever changing world of technology means to communicate. The mean age of a manufacturing CEO in North America is 54. The world of texting was not around when these leaders started their manufacturing enterprise, yet to reach the best candidates of a younger generation to help with communication is not optional. North America's manufacturing sector is on an upward trajectory, but troublesome trends call its continued growth into question. A shortage of young talent, compounded by Baby Boomers' negative perceptions about Millennials, pose threats to the industry's expansion, It will take the concerted effort of every manufacturer to reach across generational lines, and bring in the people who are critical to the industry's continued success.

Magline Self-Stabilizing Hand Truck Highly Rates as Best Ergonomic Delivery Solution

LogoLate last fall, Humantech Ergonomics reviewed the Magline Self-Stabilizing hand truck, which was reviewed by independent Humantech Ergonomics. Senior Consultant and Ergonomics Engineer Michael Hoonhorst, explained the 4 categories of the 4 star review in a Humantech video: impact on ergonomic risk factors, adjustability, innovation, and intuitiveness. Hoonhorst noted, "We review on a four star rating scale. The truck can go up curbs by pivoting the front wheels up the curb and lifting the rear wheels on to the curb which saves a lot of time and effort for the person using the truck." The Self-Stabilizing technology includes Rotacaster wheels. The fixed orientations of the main wheel allows forward and reverse movement without fighting a swivel caster offset, while the peripheral rollers facilitate turning, rotational, lateral, and diagonal movement. When navigating turns this also eliminates all skipping associated with fixed wheels making maneuvering product deliveries more efficient.

Southern California-Based Atlas Equipment Company Provides World-Class Hytrol Conveyors

Jim Mack, President of Atlas Equipment Company, shared, "As a Hytrol Integration Partner, we are included in a select group of businesses that provide world-class conveyors to all facets of industry. Hytrol makes this possible with their complete line of conveyors, knowledgeable application and systems specialists, an electronic order entry system, a state of the art manufacturing facility, and a technology center that tests and designs conveyors. With the full support of Hytrol behind us, we are able to provide our customers the best solutions to their conveyor needs."

Bastian Solutions Greg Conner Selected MHI Outstanding Young Professional

Greg Conner, Bastian Solutions' Regional Director was selected as MHI Outstanding Young Professional. Conner noted, "I'm both humbled and honored to be selected for such a prestigious award by MHI. It's a very exciting time to be in the material handling industry. The work our industry does is extremely important for the betterment of the world we live in. Day in and day out we help our clients more efficiently manufacture and distribute the goods and services necessary for people to lead successful and prosperous lives. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be part of Bastian Solutions, a forward thinking and technologically driven company. It's a joy to work with such a hardworking and talented team!"

High Quality Led Work Light Available at Highly Competitive Prices

That manufactures, develops and offers automotive, construction machinery and forestry LED work light is great news. The company says that they are mainly committed to selling products of the highest quality like LED light bar, Automotive LED lights, LED work lamps, and so on at extremely affordable prices.

Longevity Global Inc. Now Offers Plasma Cutters in Their March Sale

Establishing themselves as the superior provider of welding equipment and accessories, Longevity Global Inc. now presents their customer with a March Sale in which they have displayed their top-notch quality plasma cutters for sale. The wide range of plasma cutters that the company has displayed in their March Sale includes FORCECUT® 40D, FORCECUT® 42i, FORCECUT® 62i, FORCECUT® 80i and much more. All of the products that the company has organized in their sale are perfectly designed and are available at reduced rates that will assist their customers in getting themselves their own plasma cutter.

In Honor of Earth Day Needham Ink Talks About Environmental Safety and Their Drop on Demand Ink Jet Product Line

Needham Ink is a UK-based manufacturer with 50 years of expertise in the research, development, and distribution of industrial inks, fluid, and other marking products. Printer inks have long been called out by environmentalists for their heavy metals, volatile compounds, and use of non-renewable oils. Needham Ink is a part of the Needham Group of companies in the UK with laboratories specializing in all matter of labeling, marking and product identification.

Wolfgang H. Kratz Predicts Strong Growth in Europe for TCCI Leading Heavy Duty Air Compressor Manufacturer

Wolfgang H. Kratz, T/CCI's European Managing Director, anticipates strong growth throughout 2015 for the firm which manufactures built to last quality, dependable, and environmentally safe compressors for a wide range of vehicle applications. Widely respected, ISO-certified T/CCI is a global leader with over 50 years' experience manufacturing heavy duty compressors and clutches for the mobile air-conditioning and refrigeration industries, including for a wide range of vehicles from construction and military to heavy-duty trucking and bus transit. This wide range of OEM heavy duty compressors supplies companies such as Caterpillar, CNH, Navistar, ThermoKing, and Carrier. Global customers recognize value of a well-respected HVAC supplier with advanced technologies including the custom LabView based acquisition system designed to protect the quality and accuracy of data.

Heavy Duty Air Compressor Projects Expanding Throughout Europe Reports TCCI

Significant growth in Europe is predicted by heavy duty air compressor leader T/CCI. Jörg Lehmann, T/CCI's Sales Director for the European market, leads business development of heavy duty commercial vehicle OEM and aftermarket customers, along with providing technical and commercial support and sales coordination of global projects. Lehmann has served T/CCI with previous roles in marketing, sales and service engineering. Lehmann has an Industrial Engineering degree from the Technical University of Berlin.

ProMat 2015 Day 2 Proves Indian AGV Debut of Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz a Player in US Market

Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz debut at ProMat met with thousands of attendees seeking a low-cost AGV solution geared for the omni-channel. The company is the only Indian Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) solution provider exhibiting at ProMat 2015. With more than 100 AGVs installed and commissioned in the last three years for manufacturing applications, the company expanded into warehousing specifically for omni-channel fulfillment using mobile robots.

Australian Crushing and Mining Supplies Now Offers Crushing Equipment in Australia in Markets Best Prices

Retaining its name as one of the leading supplier of crushing equipment, Australian Crushing and Mining Supplies is now offering crushing equipments in Australia at the industry's best prices. With their team of experienced workers, the company aims at providing efficient heavy duty crushing equipment for the mining and quarry industries. Presently the company boasts of a wide range of advanced and superlative quality crushing equipments that can perform efficiently in mining and crushing industries. Rubber mesh, wear plates and castings, conveyor roller, manganese parts, filters and hydraulic parts are just a few products from the reputed house, which are widely utilized for the purpose of crushing and mining.

Global Supply Chain Software Leader Ultriva Receives 2015 Best of Cupertino Award

LogoUltriva, Inc. provider of cloud-based supply chain execution software, has again been selected for the 2015 Best of Cupertino Award in the Computer Software Publishers category by the Cupertino Award Program. Ultriva has been selected seven years in a row for the Best of Cupertino Awards for Computer Software Publishers and now qualifies for the Cupertino Business Hall of Fame.

TCCI Air Compressor Latin American Team Lead by Rick Moore Sees Significant Growth

The Latin American air compressor market is growing at a rapid pace. Rick Moore is the Director of Sales, Latin America, for T/CCI. He oversees all sales activities for the region and manages relationships with new and existing clients. His industry expertise allows him to be a trusted advisor to our customers as he leads development and formulation of both short and long term strategies and budgets. Additionally, Moore's invaluable network of existing relationships globally makes him an asset to overall sales strategy.

Pick-to-Light Leader Pcdata USA Sees Heavy Dealer Interest on Day 2 of ProMat 2015

LogoPcdata USA, a global logistics systems leader for supply chain automation reported that during the second day of ProMat 2015, there was strong interest on the part of dealers, distributors, and integration partners. Pcdata USA is exhibiting at the ProMat Conference at booth #4564 in Chicago, IL through this Thursday, March 26.

Magline Demonstrates New Self Stabilizing Truck at BevOps Fleet Summit Next Month

LogoMagline, Inc., manufacturers of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions, will provide demos of the new Self-Stabilizing hand truck at the BevOps/Fleet Summit 2015 from April 21-24, 2015. The show will be at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

Texas Based Arnold Supply Provides Local Support and Responsiveness for Hytrol Conveyor Customers

Local support allows manufacturing and distribution customers in Texas to feel more confident in the conveyor system purchased. Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., manufacturer of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions attributes the integration partner network critical to the company's success. Hytrol's unique relationship with integration partners allows the company to provide a great advantage to the customer.

PDP Solutions Cost Justification of Manufacturing Leadership Communication Services

Manufacturing CEOs know better than anyone how important it is to have accurate, real-time visibility into the health and status of important company initiatives. Louise Dickmeyer, President of PDP Solutions shared that the CEO is responsible for outlining the strategy of the organization.

Ultriva Reviews Strategies How Lean Six Sigma Reduces Forecast Errors

LogoSponsored by Ultriva, Forecast Errors, a weekly e-newsletter, shares methods, modes, and tools used in a variety of supply chain industries. In a recent issue, Ultriva asserted that any company desiring to save money through increased efficiency can benefit from the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Based in the lean manufacturing principles of eliminating waste and continuous process improvement, Lean Six Sigma is a set of process improvement-focused practices that help companies organize, analyze, and improve their overall business operation. By embracing the cultural methodology, manufacturers are making a total commitment to continuous improvement and product workflow optimization, with the ultimate objective of being a world-class company in every regard. Forecast errors are eliminated by streamlining production and eliminating non-value added processes. This implementation results in increased efficiency, higher quality output, and better customer service.

Sterling Manufacturing Launches Multi-Million Dollar Expansion

Sterling Manufacturing, a world class, vertically integrated injection molding company focused on medical, defense and aerospace industries, is pleased to announce that is has undertaken a multi-million dollar upgrade of its facilities.

Hydrojet, Inc. Announces Dynamic Waterjet Cutting Services Available This Spring

LogoHydrojet, Inc. located in Reading, PA, offers 5 axis water jet cutting services, 3D machining and much more to medical, military or building industries clients. This spring, the company is pleased to announce that they are continuing to take on any new clients that are looking for elite dynamic waterjet cutting services.

PDP Solutions President Louise Dickmeyer Interviewed on Manufacturing Leadership Communication

President of PDP Solutions, Louise Dickmeyer was recently interviewed by Todd Schnick of IntrepidNOW on manufacturing leadership communication. This first part of a six part series, titled, "The power of improved internal communications," explores the importance of effective communication at the workplace.