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Maine Dye & Textiles Seeks Investors to Expand Business

LogoIn an era when many textiles are manufactured overseas, more Americans are seeking out American-made textiles in order to support local businesses. Many are also concerned with global climate change, choosing local manufacturers to reduce the impact on the environment of transporting goods.

Miami Mold Specialist Pre-Launches Advanced Coil and Evaporator Cleaning Solutions for HVAC Systems

LogoOne of South Florida's premier indoor environmental service providers, Miami Mold Specialist, has recently developed a new ground breaking product that is set to disrupt the way HVAC and refrigeration maintenance industries conduct business.

2018 Made in Missouri Leadership Awards Recipients

LogoThe Missouri Association of Manufacturers (#MAM) congratulates the Missouri manufacturers and individuals named to receive the 2018 Made in Missouri Leadership Awards. The awardees represent outstanding contributions and accomplishments in shaping the future of global manufacturing here in Missouri.

Panel Built Delivers Luxury 3800 Sq. Ft. Modular Building to Jet Hangar

Panel Built, Inc. delivers a 3,800 Sq Ft. luxury, modular building to a jet hangar nestled in the heart of North Carolina. Located at Burlington Regional Airport, the building was a part of the vision from Andy Albright, President, and CEO of National Agents Alliance. Albright needed a place that would showcase the strength of the Alliance brand, while also providing a practical function.

Get Vacuum Casting, Plastic and CNC Machining Services at HLH Prototypes

LogoHLH Prototypes is a dynamic company that provides prototyping and contract manufacturing services to clients in Shenzhen, China. HLH Prototypes specializes in product development, prototyping, and rapid manufacturing. The company manufactures high-end products for commercial and industrial use at budget-friendly rates. They have engineering experts who work tirelessly using cutting-edge infrastructure and equipment to produce high-quality products. HLH Prototypes carries out specializes out injection molding, rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and vacuum casting. They are soon relocating to their new and improved 15,000sqm facility not far from their current existing location.

Benefits of Machinery Equipment Rentals

LogoMachinery equipment by industry leading names such as McElroy is pricey, which means they represent a sizeable capital cost. If the machine is sold, it is possible the machine may depreciate in value over time, meaning a smaller return on investment. With renting, the costs of purchasing can be applied to other project areas.

Welcome to OBALS Hong Kong Lighting Fair Booth 1D-A31

LogoThe leading lighting manufacturer, OBALS will attend the HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) from 27-30th, Oct. On the occasion of exhibition period, OBALS will display high quality LED downlights, track lights, and high bay lights, etc.

Get Jewelry Displays and Organza Bags Online from American Retail Supply

LogoAmerican Retail Supply is one of the leading online distributors of packaging and shipping products for small and large retailers based in the US. For many years, the company has been offering quality packaging and display products for all retailers through their secure online shop. The company avails a wide variety of jewelry displays, gift wraps, and apparel products.

Get Bubble Mailers and Pillow Boxes in Bulk at Durapak Supplies

LogoDurapak Supplies is a top-rated supplier of packaging and shipping material in California. Based in Los Angeles, Durapak Supplies manufactures and supplies a wide range of shipping and packaging products for industrial, commercial and household use. They specialize in containers, sealers, and equipment, films, janitorial equipment, bags, shrink wraps, to mention a few. The company has a warehouse full of products for supply to both local and international clients. Durapak Supplies has for more than eighteen years provided superior quality products and services from their online store. The company strives to enhance brand adherence through custom printing products upon request.

Sgt. Scrap Makes Recycling Metal Simple

Busy Philadelphians don't always have time to sort, weigh, and plan their metal recycling. Luckily, the team at Sgt. Scrap is committed to helping improve the condition of the environment and limit contributions to the world's landfills by offering extended hours and services to help repurpose old scrap metal. Sgt. Scrap offers business owners and contractors a simple and cost-effective way to clear out their spaces, help the environment, and to make money in the process.

MAM Is Hosting a St. Louis Manufacturers Career Fair

LogoIn celebration of National Manufacturing Day, the Missouri Association of Manufacturers (MAM) is hosting the 2nd Annual Manufacturers Career Fair in St. Louis, MO. Manufacturers in Missouri are invited to promote and showcase their companies to potential employees and other manufacturing professionals in attendance. Students and Job Seekers are welcome to attend for Free.

Agile Nobel Offers Extensive Range of Packaging Solutions for Industries

LogoA recognized firm managing supply chains for diversified industries, Agile Nobel offers an extensive range of packaging solutions for use in different industries. The solutions they offer ensure that the packaged products remain dry and damage free during the transit. Some of the packaging solutions they offer includes Silica Gel, Clay, Molecular Sieves, etc. Their solutions also include humidity indicators which help in checking humidity levels inside any packaged product and are available in 2 grades, Cobalt and Cobalt Free. Oxygen absorbers and indicators are also offered to maintain low oxygen level and check oxygen levels respectively. Oxygen absorbers maintain oxygen level below 0.01% which ensures quality and shelf life of the products.

Bee Chems Offers Activated Alumina for a Wide Range of Industrial Applications

A leading supplier of industrial chemicals, Bee Chems offers activated alumina, versatile Aluminum Oxide based adsorbent, for a wide range of applications in various industries across the globe. The chemical is manufactured using the latest technologies and maintains high level of quality. It has high adsorption capacity and crushing strength which helps to remove vapors efficiently. It is also used in removing of HF, BF3 from alkylation feed stock; removal of fluoride from water and oil vapor mist from compressed air; drying of organic liquids, all inorganic gases and various liquids such as Benzene, Carbon, Tetrachloride, Chlorobenzene; etc. The chemical solution is available in various packaging solutions including 170 kg. MS Drums and 800 kg. Jumbo Bags.

Yortay Ushers in the Food Industry, a New Application of Its Pearl Pigment Powder

LogoYortay, a Guangzhou-based leading pearl pigment powder supplier is to announce its entrance into the food industry. Following successful cosmetic products, we spare no effort to explore a new application of pearl pigment powder. Through long-term and accurate research, we, ultimately, become the first company who adds color and flavor to daily food just second to Merck company.

Mindex: Offering the Greatest Portable Particle Size Analyser

Mindex, leading marketers of laboratory instruments and equipment, are always looking for new products to market and are in turn now offer the world's most leading portable particle size analyser.

Posh Concept Integrates Eco-Friendly and Modern Design Concepts Into Newly Released Products, Transparent Series

LogoLeading mannequin manufacturer Posh Concept has recently launched a new eco-friendly mannequin series, transparent series. They provide the preeminent transparent mannequin, which is not only considered the environmental conservation and durability but also emphasizes on the modern visual effects, including full body form, half body form, head form, torso form, etc.

UMEX Moving & Storage Is Now Booking Moving Appointments for Homeowners Moving This Fall

UMEX Moving & Storage, the number one residential moving company serving Hudson County, NJ, is now booking appointments for homeowners looking to move this fall season. Moving during the fall season has many advantages which also makes this time of the year very busy for the professional movers at the company. UMEX company suggests booking an appointment now, as availability slowly starts to diminish towards the end of the summer.

Business Owners Can Get Organized This Fall with the Help of General Partition Company, Inc

Summer is quickly coming to an end, and business owners will soon be looking to tackle tasks on their fall to-do list. Whether it's shipping items or simply getting more organized, many tasks can be on any business owner's list of projects for this fall. Those who are just looking to keep their business organized can do so with the help from General Partition Company, Inc. Their chipboard dividers and chipboard layer pads can help make storage, organization, and shipping less of a headache.

Sontex: Selling Used Packaging Machinery as Well as New

Sontex, a leading UK based supplier of shrink-wrap machinery and all things related, are leader within the shrink-wrapping supply industry, not only for their great attention to sell the most fabulous range of new shrink wrap machines but also thanks to their commitment to offer as many used shrink wrap machines as possible.

Insite Portable Accommodation: Possibly the Most Advantageous Modular Building Supplier

Insite Portable Accommodation is an incredibly popular portable and modular building supplier that has been providing their clients with the most perfect and suitable modular buildings for many years. The company have many regular clients and get new clients each day; however are still looking to assist an even greater number of people, recently revealing on their blog what they consider the three main benefits of choosing Insite Portable Accommodation when looking to buy modular buildings of any variety.

YMC America, Inc. to Provide Exhibits at CASSS and NJCG Symposiums This September

In September 2018, representatives of YMC America, Inc. will be exhibiting at the California Separation Science Society's (CASSS) 15th Symposium on the Practical Applications of Mass Spectrometry in the Biotechnology Industry (Mass Spec 2018) as well as North Jersey Chromatography Group's (NJCG) Annual Symposium: The Modernization of Chromatography. In addition to attending the annual NJCG symposium, YMC America is also sponsoring the event. Each of these conventions caters to the utility of YMC America's products and functions as an ideal location for the exhibition of their products and services.

YMC Co., Ltd. to Obtain Supply Partner, LEWA-Nikkiso America, Inc. in Q4 2018

YMC Co., Ltd., the parent company of YMC America, Inc., entered a formal agreement to acquire LEWA-Nikkiso America, Inc (LNA). The acquisition integrates the complementary functionality of both companies. YMC Co., Ltd. is a global provider of liquid chromatography products and services, while LEWA-Nikkiso America is a provider of advanced production scale chromatography systems for the bioprocessing and pharmaceutical industries.

Celina Tent, Inc. Acquires St. Marys, Ohio Assembly Space to Support Production

LogoLarge scale production is a major focus of Celina Tent, Inc., including the ability to take on high volume orders and meet contract obligations in a timely manner. Shelter manufacturing requires significant production square footage, both to accommodate the machinery and production associates to produce the items and for extra staging and storage areas for the product once it's been finished before it's been inspected and packaged. To facilitate this amount of manufacturing, Celina Tent, Inc. has acquired new production space in St. Marys, Ohio.

Porta-King Modular Offices Give Employers a Cost-Effective Space Solution

LogoPorta-King, a manufacturer of modular building systems, offers cost-effective solutions for warehouses, factories, or government facilities that require enclosed offices close to operations. Beneficial to workflow and productivity, these modular offices can be customized for size, security, noise reduction, and temperature control. Porta-King custom-designs these durable structures to each facility's specifications and installs them with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations. Features such as sound transmission class (STC) ratings and dB reduction are offered, ensuring that employees are protected from loud machinery. Modular rooms can be equipped with security features to limit access or visibility or installed with full HVAC units to keep employees comfortable. Plus, because materials are reusable, offices can be redesigned to meet changing site needs – and Porta-King redesigns them for free.

Celina Based Business to Join St. Marys Square Business Complex

LogoCelina Tent, Inc. is growing its operations to St. Marys, Ohio. The new expansion of production space will create jobs as additional employees are required for assembling the product lines that will be moved into the space. The newly occupied space is located in the building that was previously Kmart along US-33 in St. Marys, Ohio. "We are very excited about this new expansion," said Celina Tent, Inc. Vice President, Janice Grieshop. "Opening a work space in St. Marys will let us hire from a wider locality, spreading the availability of jobs further than we could before with just our main plant in Celina, Ohio."