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Integrity Supply Inc. Offers Graco Products for Efficiently Performing Fluid Handling & Painting Jobs

LogoOne of the leading suppliers of painting, construction, and safety related equipment, Integrity Supply Inc. offers a comprehensive range of Graco products for fluid handling and painting related jobs. Since 1926, Graco Inc. has been one of the leading names in the construction and maintenance industry, due to the high quality products they offer. Graco works closely with its clients to offer groundbreaking products for multiple purposes such as fluid handling, spray finishing, paint circulation and contractor power equipment at the most competitive prices. Integrity Supply Inc. has partnered with Graco to offer some of their famous products, such as 4 ft. x 3/16 in. Whip Hose, 40-mesh InstaClean Pump Filter, 400 Series Repair Kit, 45 Degree Swivel, 480z Pro Cup, 60 Mesh Tip Filter, 480z Round Cup, and 50-mesh Gun Filter, to name a few.

Pre-Owned Comminuting/Pulverizing Mill Now Available from Wohl Associates

Wohl Associates, a NY-based supplier of used processing and packaging machinery, has recently acquired a Fitzpatrick comminuting and pulverizing mill that is now available for resale. This mill is a model DAS06 Comminutor and it is pan fed. The pan feed is powered by a 3hp motor that is rated to be explosion proof.

Diversified Rack & Shelving, Inc. Provides Comprehensive Storage Solutions and Installation Services

Warehouse managers who are looking for a simple way to increase their capacity without expanding to a new location are encouraged to contact Diversified Rack & Shelving, Inc. to learn about the benefits of their shelving and rack installation in NJ.

Agilent Microplates Exhibiting at SLAS2018

LogoAgilent Technologies will be exhibiting in booth 1305 at SLAS2018 in San Diego, CA, February 3-7, 2018. This flagship event brings together life science research and development professionals from across the globe to chart the future of laboratory automated technologies and processes. Click here to read more about the event.

Safe and Healthy Drinking Water from Hydrogen Water Maker

OLANSI, a Guanghzhou based company that specializes in manufacturing water treatment equipment, is pleased to offer the Hydrogen Water Maker or a water generator that runs on a patented technology. The technology uses the process of electrolyzation wherein the water is purified through electrolysis thereby generating huge amounts of hydrogen. Hydrogen is believed to have multiple health benefits.

Import and Export of Steel to Have Multiplier Effects on India's Economy

LogoIndia is considered to be one of the pioneers in steel manufacturing. The growth in this sector is majorly driven by the fact that the raw materials are made available domestically. The steel sector is believed to be a major contributor of the overall manufacturing output. The industry is on par with that of the developed nations and is proud of the fact that all the manufacturing happens in state-of-the art and ultra-modern steel mills. With continuous modernization and systematic upgradation of older steel plants, the industry has witnessed high levels of energy efficiency.

Johnny Bugs, Inc. Is Assisting Seasonal SnowBirds with Professional Pest Control

As they migrate per annual tradition, snowbirds across the United States are calling Johnny Bugs, Inc. to empty their winter homes of pests, insects, and rodents. The exterminators in the Sarasota County area bring a professional service to their customers—having served as a leader in their industry for years. Local families have depended on the flexibility and the versatility of Johnny Bugs, Inc., as they've tailored their services to fit the needs of all of their customers. Protecting homes and pets with equal measure, they consolidate the tools and the resources at their disposal, delivering total satisfaction and solutions to the community.

ecoFINISH Continuing to Help Pool Owners Prepare for the Winter Season

LogoAs a pool owner, it's important to follow the proper maintenance steps when it comes to closing a pool for the winter. By taking the correct steps to close a pool for the season, pool owners decrease the risk of any problems arising when spring rolls back around. ecoFINISH® is continuing to help pool owners prepare for the winter season. With the assistance of the ecoFINISH® team, pool owners can rest assure that their swimming pool will survive the cold, harsh winter.

YMC America, Inc. Unveils New Chiral ART Cellulose-SJ

YMC America, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of its new Chiral ART Cellulose-SJ. This immobilized chiral selector contains unique selectivity which complements the multitude of other YMC chiral selectors, giving chromatographers yet another unique tool to help solve challenging chiral separations.

YMC America, Inc. Provides a Multitude of Preparative Chromatography Tools

YMC America, Inc., a premier name when it comes to the production and sale of high-quality liquid chromatography products (HPLC) and other separation solutions, also provides separation products and services for purification of pharmaceutical compounds and other drug products.

Sontex: Showing People How Their Shrink Wrap Machinery Works on Their YouTube Channel

With more and more companies throughout the UK and across the world choosing to utilise shrink wrapping on a daily basis, one leading shrink wrap machinery supplier in the UK, Sontex, has made it their mission to ensure that all know how to work shrink wrap machines of a wide variety in order to get the most out of them.

Boxes2Move Urge All to Be Extra Cautious when Moving This Winter

Boxes2Move, the UK's leading supplier of boxes for moving house, are renowned throughout the industry not only for supplying the highest quality moving boxes at the most competitive prices, but also for always going the extra mile, providing advice and guidance for all to take advantage of long after they have bought their superior boxes from the company.

Bee Chems Offers Special Investment Casting Slurry Systems for Seamless Modern Casting Processes

Bee Chems, one of the most reputed supplier of industrial chemicals, offers best quality special investment casting slurry systems for seamlessly carrying out modern casting processes, giving the best throughput, efficiency and return for any investment casting foundry. Manufactured with high-grade materials, the investment casting slurry systems include colloidal silica based binders to make investment casting slurries, graded silica/alumina refractory for prime and back up coats and stucco, and modified anti-foam and wetting agents. Industries looking for one-of-a-kind investment casting slurry systems can get in touch with this renowned chemical manufacturer by completing a simple questionnaire present on their official website,

Bondi Removals Offers Packing and Moving Boxes Services to Domestic and Corporate Clients Across Sydney

An unrivalled furniture removalist in Sydney, Bondi Removals provides packing and moving boxes services to domestic and corporate clients throughout Sydney. The services are rendered by an outstanding team of experienced and responsible professionals who strive hard to take care of client's comprehensive needs, in terms of quality, security, and time-bound delivery. Their experts have years of experience working in this industry, and over the time they have successfully delivered thousands of household removals as well as business removal projects with excellence and dedication. Those looking for a reliable provider of packing and moving boxes services in Sydney can request them a quote by completing a simple questionnaire present on their official website,

Growing Demand for Multi-Wing's PMAX3 Narrow-Depth Axial Fan Is Being Met with Increased Production

LogoDemand for PMAX3™ narrow-depth axial fans has grown rapidly for a wide range of applications with restricted space, including mobile power generators and off-highway equipment. The greater array of PMAX3's modular configurations allows Multi-Wing to quickly increase production. PMAX3 fans deliver higher static pressure with reduced operating noise. With its advanced blade root design and minimal axial deflection, PMAX3 has the strongest profile of the company's fans.

The Hosemaster: Leading Hose Distributors on eBay

The Hosemaster, leading online suppliers of hose, coupling and workshop supplies are renowned for selling the highest quality hoses and related products at the most competitively prices on their website, but what many people fail to realise, is that they also have an eBay store where there are also many great deals available for all to take advantage of.

Sherwood Steel Announces Move to Bensalem

Sherwood Steel, a provider of galvanized sheet metal and coils, is excited to announce their move to a new facility located in Bensalem, PA.

Narayani Group to Focus on Setting New Benchmarks with Innovative Products and Excellent Customer Service

Narayani Group is pleased to share that they now have over 2000 valued customers from different segments. The company has expanded to a diverse product range to meet the demands of various market sectors which include construction, automotive, infrastructure, mining, recycling and many others. Narayani Group of companies accomplishes this with the help of other companies under its name:

Community Involvement Important to ChemCeed

LogoWe at ChemCeed encourage community involvement and charitable giving/work. Not only do we contribute to community organizations such as Chippewa Valley YMCA, L.E. Phillips Work Development Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Club, Chippewa Valley Cultural Association, Alzheimer's Association, Hope Village, Northwestern Wisconsin Junior Achievement and various other community non-profits, we also spend time volunteering for community events. ChemCeed is proud to not only sponsor multiple meals throughout the year at Agnes' Table Chippewa Community Meals program, but staff, family members, and friends join together in serving the meals we sponsor. Members of the ChemCeed staff also stay active in volunteer activities for various educational programs such as Parents for Learning, Boys Scouts, and Junior Achievement. ChemCeed is also proud of our efforts to help fight cancer with our company's Relay for Life team we started 6 years ago. Our company now holds fundraising events for our Relay for Life efforts, like our annual ChemCeed Cup Golf outing, brats stands, and movie opening events. Cancer is an extremely close cause to ChemCeed since every staff member has been affected by cancer directly. It is our commitment to stay involved in community and non-profit organizations. Please contact us if you would like to help support any of our efforts.

Safety Labels from LEM Products, Inc. a Common Sight in Industrial Workplaces

LogoLEM Products, Inc. has made a name for itself as a global supplier of safety identification products for all types of workplaces, including industrial sites. Safety is of the utmost importance at any workplace, and the company's safety signs and labels are relied on by workers around the world to communicate critical warning information in an effort to create a secure work environment.

LEM Products, Inc. Provides Solutions for High Voltage Safety Guidelines

LogoSince 1967, LEM Products, Inc. has grown from a nationwide source for electrical identification products to become a global provider of customizable identification products for all types of applications. The company's number one goal is to provide quality products, with best in class service and support that contribute to the expansion of worker safety and accident reduction in the workplace. Offers an Extensive Range of Glass Jars Made from All-Natural Sustainable Raw Materials, a prominent leader in glass packaging, offers an extensive range of glass jars for the food and beverage industry. All of their glass jars are made from all-natural sustainable raw materials following the defined industry norms. They can design glass bottles and packaging as per their clients' needs. Among the range of glass jars that they offer include 0-200 ml Glass Jars, 2-300 ml Glass Jars, 300+ ml Glass Jars and KilnClip Jars. Their entire collection of glass jars are high in quality and have zero chemical interaction with packed content. These glass jars preserve and maintain the taste of packed products by preventing them from exposure to the outside environment.

Weerg Receives Overwhelming Response from Users of CNC and 3D Printing

Weerg is pleased to announce that the company has received overwhelming response for their CNC and 3D printing services. Weerg takes this opportunity to thank each and every customer who has taken time to post some amazing reviews about the services they have received. The company specializes in making pieces in CNC or 3D printing that start from the client's 3D CAD file. The result of which are, pieces in flawless quality produced simply and quickly with the help of the best technologies in the world.

BlazeMaster Launch CPVC Fire Sprinkler Brand in UK and Europe

LogoWith 30 years of experience in the fire protection industry and a well-established brand in the USA, Lubrizol Corporation has launched their specified non-metallic fire sprinklers for the UK and European markets.

High Quality Plastic Containers, Plastic Closures and Plastic Accessories from China's Leading Plastic Containers Manufacturer

For more than two decades, 3Plastics has been catering to the needs of companies with different plastic needs. From cosmetic companies such as Clinique and Estee Lauder to consumer brands such as Nestle, the company has been manufacturing high quality products based upon their clients' packaging needs. Bottles, jars, boxes, jugs and vials – name it and they can simply design the best container for the product(s).