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New Website Makes Supply Chain Transparency Paramount in Global Rubber Chemicals Market

Today, the Alchemy Rubber Group has a new website supporting rubber chemicals procurement, supply chain transparency, quality and compliance. More information can be found at

MOFLON Offers Progressive Slip Ring Technology Advancements

LogoMOFLON is the leading developer of bespoke machinery when it comes to familiar subjects. The organization has been at the forefront of their sector's technology, as a result of their dedication to their application of advanced progressions, and devoted research work over the years. The organization has promoted the steps involved with customized manufacturing and has related their work to established industries throughout the years. They have ensured that they remain the leading producers of different manufactured goods and services, varying in a variety of solutions that deal with a range of industries in their sector of production.

Porta-King Building Systems Provides Affordable Security & Guard Booths for Any Facility

LogoPorta-King guard booths provide reliable security at an affordable price. Designed to be safe and comfortable for security personnel in any industry, the structures Porta-King manufactures are easy to install with minimal disruption. All guard booths are customizable, with features that include ballistic rated materials, high security locks or access control devices, roll down shutters, and exterior lighting. Porta-King's ballistic rated walls consist of a solid sheet of steel void of seams to eliminate any zones of weakness. To keep staff comfortable, guard booths can be climate controlled or installed with factory plumbed restrooms. Each structure is designed to provide top-level security quickly at a price that keeps businesses within budget.

Wickwire Warehouse Inc. Taking New Customers in Need of Stainless Steel Wire Throughout August 2018

Wickwire Warehouse Inc. is the premier stainless steel wire manufacturer for the Ohio, New Jersey, and New York regions. This August, Wickwire Warehouse is providing fantastic prices on both stainless steel coil wires, as well as orders cut to size. Their lowest price on standard coil items is $250, while it is only $300 for straightened and cut orders.

LEM Products, Inc. Offers Custom-Made OEM Labels

LogoLEM Products, Inc. was founded in 1967 and is a global provider of standardized and customizable labeling products. The mission of LEM Products is to "contribute to the expansion of worker safety, accident reduction, and US competitiveness in the global marketplace." In line with this ideology is one of their most useful products: OEM labels.

Adenna Introduces More Safety Products and Services to Meet Rising Customer Demands

Adenna has expanded its product and service catalog to accommodate rising customer demands. In addition to the disposable gloves that it I known for, the company is now marketing and distributing barrier film, patient bibs/lap cloths, sterilization pouches, face masks, and even glove box holders.

Croxsons Offers Glass Containers to Food and Drink Producers Across the UK and Worldwide

LogoIn the industry since 1872, Croxsons offers a wide range of glass packaging solutions for wine, beer, spirits and food and beverage industries across the UK and worldwide. It is because of their ability to deliver the right packaging for the right product that they have established themselves as an industry leader. To meet the needs of food and drink producers, they offer customised glass containers featuring a variety of designs, including graphics, creative brand names, enticing artwork, QR codes, and more. Before supplying to the customers, every bottle is comprehensively checked for dimensions, colour consistency, and imperfections. The glass containers that they supply are safe to use, perfectly finished, and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity.

Yortay Launches Ultra Fine Gold Pigment SW6383, a New Pearl Pigment of the Next Generation

LogoYortay, a Guangzhou-based leading pearl pigment powder supplier, announced today that it is launching a new pearl pigment of the next generation. With superfine particle size and rich gold luster, Ultra Fine Gold Pigment SW6383 will be the most popular to the fields such as printing inks, injection plastic, coating, cosmetic, leather, painting and so on.

Galuminium Group Unveils a New Aluminium Casement Door with Wind Resistance

LogoGaluminium Group, a leading Chinese company in the aluminum sector, has recently released a new Aluminium Casement Door, aiming to meet the needs of customers living overseas. "A common saying is that 'No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.' The same is true for a company. It should from time to time make an impact when launching new products. So this time we adopt the new technology to improve product's air-tightness and water-tightness and introduce the new Aluminium Casement Door." said Kenny Ye, head of International Marketing Department of Galuminium Group. Indeed, valuing innovation is one of the principles of Galuminium Group. This time Galuminium Group has made some fine-tuning of its production. Then this sort of product has shown up in the market. This aluminium casement door is made of alloy and has been recently released on the market.

All Spotlights on OBALS New Energy-Saving Track Lights

LogoOBALS Lighting has launched its state-of-the-art LED track light magic series that raise the standards in the LED lighting development. They are widely applied to hotels, restaurants, shops, supermarkets, museums, and residential lighting.

LEM Products Combats Water Theft with Hydrant Rings

LogoLEM Products, Inc. offers a variety of different tags, markers, signs, and other identifiers that inform professionals, consumers, or members of the public of a product or structure's function or warns them of potential dangers. Their products range from scaffolding tags to general labels that are essential for a variety of industries.

Sontex Offers Used & Refurbished Packaging Machinery

Many people go to Sontex each day to purchase and hire the latest, modern shrink-wrap machinery, however did you know that the company also offer used and refurbished machinery to their customers at the industry's lowest possible prices.

Metadynea Trading, Controlled by Seyfeddin Roustamov, Entered the Top-100 Largest Chemical Distributors in the World

In 2018, as in the previous year, Metadynea Trading has been ranked by "ICIS top 100 chemical distributors". The company, controlled by Seyfeddin Roustamov, acquired 77th place in the global ranking.

Hands-on Training for Industry-Leading Machinery

LogoToday's leading machines designed by major names like McElroy require a team of workers that know how to use their capabilities and how to emphasize job site safety. To assist companies with obtaining the vital skills and training, McElroy Parts takes exceptional pride in offering training services spearheaded by instructors with the proven experience to handle these machines in the best and safest way. These instructors are made up of people that have spent plenty of time on pipelining jobs and have developed real world hands-on knowledge. They are eager to share this knowledge with trainees, ensuring the best practices and standards are being utilized.

The Hosemaster: Now Selling Hand Tools Too

The Hosemaster it a company that is renowned throughout the UK for offering the greatest quality hoses at the lowest prices – With both individuals and companies choosing to use the company time and time again to fulfil their hose needs.

Open an Account with the Hosemaster and Receive 10% off All Items

The Hosemaster is one of the UK's leading online suppliers of hose, couplings and workshop supplies – Offering one of the vastest collections of products, enabling the majority of people to get their hands on everything that they could possibly need. Because of this people shop at The Hosemaster on a daily basis, with many people finding themselves going back for their products time and time again.

Showsun Lighting Launched the Artistic Hand-Made Glass Blown Chandelier for Subtle Decoration

LogoSHOWSUN LIGHTING was excited to announce the launch of the Artistic Hand-made Glass Blown Chandelier (Model: SSL180627) to market on Monday, July 2nd, 2018. This Artistic Hand-made Glass Blown Chandelier (Model: SSL180627) is composed of the colorful hand-blown glass bubbles suspended by stainless steel wires at varying distances. Each bubble is individual and unique with its smooth surface and plating in a metal mirror-like effect color that makes the design livelier. Unlike any other traditional luxury lighting fixtures that have been seen before, it is brilliant and radiant, completing the whole subtle interior design and making a flamboyant but also cool and classy statement.

Durapak Supplies Is Offering Retail Shipping Supplies and Packaging Products in California

LogoDurapak Supplies is offering quality and affordable retail shipping and packaging products in the US. The company has set up a secure online shop where individuals can shop for products such as janitorial & safety, shipping supplies, sealers, cable ties, twist ties, boxes, cases, shopping bags, film, and shrink products. The local and regional authorities have approved the products and services offered by the company to meet the industrial quality and safety standards. Therefore, one can rely on the quality of their products.

Suburban Marble & Granite Featured in the Latest Edition of Stone Update Magazine

Suburban Marble & Granite has enjoyed an industry-wide reputation as the providers of high-quality quartz countertops in Bucks County for over two and a half decades. Now, the company conveys their expertise and experience in the stone fabrication business through an extensive interview with Stone Update Magazine.

Ravenox Meets American Cordage Institute's Rigorous Standards

LogoRavenox is an all-American rope manufacturing company based in Burlington, North Carolina. The company is one of the very few manufacturers worldwide to be a member of the American Cordage Institute – an international trade association that sets standards for rope manufacturers.

Konijnenburg Wheels Acquires Large Slovenian Wheel Manufacturer and Strengthens Position in European Market

LogoKonijnenburg Wheels has acquired a 50% interest in the Slovenian castor factory LIV Kolesa. The plant, located 45 kilometers east of Triest, is Europe's fifth castor wheel factory.

Niolabs' Autonomous Vineyard to Be Featured at Google Cloud's Next 2018 Conference

LogoNiolabs, a pioneer of distributed computing software to serve the explosive Internet of Things (IoT) market, announced that co-founder and CEO Doug Standley has been invited to present on stage at Google Cloud's Next 2018 conference in San Francisco, CA. The presentation, titled "Finding the ROI in IoT," will explore a methodology to define ROI for IoT opportunities while showcasing a specific example of niolabs' work in precision agriculture.

Trade 21 Pte Ltd Providing the Best-Quality Microscope Accessories Online

LogoTrade 21 is a leading manufacturer and provider of a wide range of laboratory products to the clinical laboratories and scientific research sector in Singapore. The manufacturer has a variety of products on offer, from laboratory glassware and plastic-ware to scientific instruments, equipment and histology-related chemical. Trade 21serves many types of clients that include hospitals, as well as pharmaceutical, petrochemical and biotech companies. The manufacturer also caters to the lab product needs of R&D labs in various industries, medical-research institutions, polytechnics, universities, and government agencies including defence.

Vancouver Box Wholesaler Publishes Tips on Building a Better Delivery Box

LogoAs a Vancouver box wholesaler, Racer Boxes knows that choosing the best box for delivering products can be tricky. However, the trick to picking the perfect box really requires only three considerations—product, delivery, and appearance.

Johnny Bugs, Inc. Offering Fast and Efficient Pest Control Services This Summer Season and Beyond

When it comes to pest control, homeowners should be aware that not just any company will suffice. Johnny Bugs, Inc. has years of experience offering fast and efficient pest control treatment for residents who need to abolish their bug troubles immediately. For those who are sensitive to chemicals, this pest control company is the perfect choice. By providing this type of thoughtful pest control application, Johnny Bugs, Inc. sets themselves apart from the competition.