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YMC America, Inc. Introduces the New BioPro HIC BF Column

YMC America, Inc. is announcing the release of their new hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC) column: YMC BioPro HIC BF. Customers can learn more about this new HIC column and YMC's other high-performance liquid chromatography products by contacting YMC America, Inc. directly or visiting their website at

Tungsten Carbide Unveils New Consolidated Website

LogoTungsten Carbide, a China-based leading developer of carbide and cemented carbide products, focused on innovation and development products that cater to a global market base. To further reinforce their status as the leaders of their industry, TC recently unveiled a new consolidated website that showcases the complete range of the company's products and their potential to fulfill custom demands.

PennFab, Inc. Fabricates Netting Poles for Golf Course Contractors

Family-owned and operated since 1983, PennFab is among the top steel fabrication companies in the Philadelphia area. The company has provided essential fabricated materials for some of the most notable projects throughout the region and continues to do so with the addition of netting pole fabrication for contracting clients. PennFab provides contractors with professionally-fabricated netting poles that can be customized to fulfill the specifications of numerous job sizes.

UMEX Moving & Storage Offers Affordable Moving Services in and Around New York City

UMEX Moving & Storage out of Clifton, NJ, offers fully-insured and affordable packing, storage, and moving services to those making a move to New York City. Although moving can be a complicated and stressful process for anyone, moving to New York City can be a nightmare to coordinate between the limited parking and multiple flights of stairs many New Yorkers face. By using a professional moving company like UMEX Moving & Storage, residents heading to The Empire City can relieve some of the stress of moving.

MultiVision Digital a Top Video Production Company in New York

LogoNew York City corporate video production company MultiVision Digital is proud to announce that they have been recognized a #3 on the list of Top Video Production Companies in New York, as researched by Clutch, an online B2B market research platform that provides ratings and reviews based upon client feedback. This is the second year in a row that MultiVision Digital, that also does video production in NJ and Philadelphia, has been recognized on Clutch's annual list.

Bee Chems Offers Lino for a Wide Range of Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Applications

India's leading industrial chemical manufacturer, Bee Chems offers Lino® that is widely used for expanding the service life of concrete by improving its durability. This lithium solution is available with them in a variety of packaging options, including 60 Kg Carboys, 250 Kg Barrels, 1000Lts. Tote Tanks, Bulk Flexi Tanks and ISO Tankers. Processed under the guidance of skilled professionals, Lino® is utilized for a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential applications, ranging from warehouses and ports to airport tarmac and driveways. This lithium solution ensures deeper and stronger bonding with both fresh and old concrete, while improving their resistance and strength.

Maximize Productivity with McElroy Training

LogoMcElroy Parts not only has an extensive selection of tools, it also takes great pride in its team of knowledgeable professionals eager to train employees/workers on McElroy equipment and safe operating procedures. These individuals have extensive pipelining job site experience and they bring their real-world knowledge and expertise as opposed to merely explaining the machine's production manual. Trainees can look forward to hands-on experience and they will be expected to prove the knowledge they have gained in how to correctly and safely operate the robust McElroy machines.

Those Seeking Interior Box Packaging Can Turn to General Partition Company, Inc

Business owners who are finding themselves continuously dealing with their valuable products arriving to customers and clients broken are encouraged to contact General Partition Company, Inc. to learn about improved packing supplies and techniques that will help save money in the new year. The General Partition Company, Inc. offers a wide variety of interior box packaging supplies that help to keep items separated, safe, and secure during movement.

Sherwood Steel Now Is Now Accepting Credit Cards via Square

For over 20 years, Sherwood Steel has been proudly providing the Greater Philadelphia area with high-quality and dependable products like galvanized, stainless, and aluminum sheet metal. They also feature expert and professional services, such as leveling, shearing, and bending in their Bensalem, PA facility, all to assist their customers to finish their building projects safely and reliably.

WESS Offers an Extensive Range of Second Hand Equipment and Machines Throughout South Australia

WESS, a leading online store for top quality welding equipment, offers an extensive range of exceptional second-hand equipment and machines throughout South Australia at the most competitive prices. A few second-hand welding equipment and machines that professionals can purchase from them, includes Lorch S3 mobile SpeedPulse XT, Submerged Arc Laser Guide, ESAB REBEL EMP 215ic-Esab, and Shindaiwa DG1000MII-ANZ Diesel Generator.

MOFLON Offers Wind Turbine Slip Rings and Rotating Electrical Connectors

LogoMOFLON is making a statement in the slip ring industry through their exceptional range of high-quality slip rings. Designed to meet the different needs of varying applications, the company's slip rings have been known to display high-performance and durability in the applications they've been used. Their product line comprises of capsule slip rings, separated slip rings, pancake (flat) slip rings, fiber optic slip rings, and wind turbine slip rings among others. Staying true to their core principles of quality, high ethical standards, trustworthiness and reliability, they've been able to serve thousands of customers over the years from many industries rendering them a favorite among many. They never disappoint, and they can always be relied upon to deliver.

Croxsons Offers a Wide Selection of Perfectly Designed Beer Bottles Using 3D Modelling

LogoA popular glass bottle, glass jar, and closure solutions supplier in the UK, Croxsons offers a wide collection of artistically designed beer bottles to effectively meet the varying requirements of beer producers. These beer bottles are designed using 3D modelling and are available in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. The different beer bottles they provide include the 275ml Curvy, 330ml LW Vichy, 330ml Ringwood, 500ml Traditional, 750ml Belgian Combi Finish, 1L Siphon, and many others.

China Based Wholesale PCB Manufacturer

Printed circuit boards are used across industries to enable effective signal handling and also keep it to low audio distortion. Customization of these pcb prototypes is possible only by the experts making it viable for the customer with a well defined approach to PCB manufacturing.

Moduline Cabinets Makes It Easy to Get Started with Organization

LogoModuline Cabinets makes it easy to get started with garage, shop, and mobile organization. Whether needing to organize tools, parts, or other items, Moduline Cabinets announced a new web page designed to get started.

Fresh-R-Pax Absorbents from Baltimore Innovations Are Designed to Extend the Shelf-Life of Fresh-Cut Fruits

Baltimore Innovations, leading innovating packaging specialists in the UK, offer Fresh-R-Pax® absorbents which are designed to extend the shelf life of fresh-cut fruits. The Fresh-R-Pax absorbents do this by absorbing the excess fluid released by the fruits after processing. Hence, these absorbents are highly useful for developing packaging products to store fruits and vegetables which have high water-content such as tomatoes, pineapples, and melons. Besides maintaining the freshness of fruits, the Fresh-R-Pax absorbents are also useful for prolonged visual appeal of the product as they reduce discoloration. Furthermore, they also protect the produce from harmful external agents such as bacteria and fungus, which helps in maintaining the quality of the taste and texture of the products.

Celebrate Baseball Season with Spike's Trophies

LogoWith spring in full bloom, baseball season is finally back. While the MLB players are back out on the diamond, so are youth and high school leagues all across America. Since every league needs a winner, every winner needs a trophy. Because of this, Spike's Trophies, a top trophy supplier in PA, is the place to go for anyone looking to shop for championship trophies in time for the end of baseball season. Offers Premium Homebrew Bottles Perfect for Home Brewed Beer and Cider

LogoA leading supplier of glass bottles and jars for the food and beverage industries in the United Kingdom, offers a wide selection of homebrew bottles in a variety of colours, sizes, styles, and finishes. The classy design of their homebrew glass bottles will truly stand out on any shelf, enabling brewers to showcase their homebrew creations. All their homebrew bottles are chemically inert and preserve and maintain the taste of homebrews by preventing their exposure to the outside environment.

A Decorative Aluminum Mailbox Can Make a World of Difference

LogoIt is said that there is no second chance to make a first impression, and this is certainly true when it comes to the curb appeal of a home. A decorative aluminum mailbox can make a very significant impact on this level if the ideal product is utilized. There is a company that is located in Simpsonville, South Carolina that sets the standard for decorative aluminum mailbox manufacturing, and they sell their products online.

E Instruments Offering E8500 Plus for Cement Applications & Lime Applications

LogoE Instruments, one of the industry's leading manufacturers of industrial gas analyzers, is offering the most advanced and powerful portable emissions analyzer on the market which can be used for a wide range of applications—including cement and lime. The Bluetooth-integrated portable emissions analyzer, the E8500 Plus, senses up to nine distinct gasses and comes with an enhanced internal memory and extended battery life, along with other key features that set this emissions analyzer above the rest.

LGI Transport, LLC Sells Affordable, Multi-Use Used Shipping Containers

LGI Transport, LLC sells a variety of affordable used shipping containers that can be used for a number of purposes from storage to recreation and even housing. The company specializes in selling shipping and storage containers to both businesses and individuals, and services customers nationwide. Used shipping containers are a hot commodity for their robust and durable structure and variety of uses. From ultra-modern housing to traditional storage capabilities, used shipping containers for sale at LGI Transport, LLC have a wide-range of potential applications.

E Instruments Announces Portable Air Quality Monitors for Vehicle Operator Safety and Warehouses

LogoE Instruments, an industry leader in air quality monitoring equipment, is announcing its high-quality indoor air quality monitors for warehouses, vehicle operators, and more for those in need of trusted indoor gas safety monitoring devices. With a selection of customizable and easy-to-use indoor air monitors, E Instruments helps customers keep their buildings safe with accurate air quality testing.

Wuhan Enviro Solutions Equipment Co. Unveils New Website

LogoWuhan Enviro Solutions Technology Co., Ltd., a leading developer of gas analyzer and gas analysis systems. Wuhan Enviro Solutions is the leader in the innovation and development of cost-effective intellectual monitoring instrumentation and analysis equipment, analysis module/component; CEMS program sets, complete set of gas quality analysis program and other similar products. The company recently unveiled their corporate website that has been designed with the help of professional web developers to highlight the many strengths and offerings of the company to a global customer base. The complete range of products have been developed for applications ranging from process gases and environmental emissions monitoring been created to cater to the needs of contemporary gas analyzer and gas analysis system needs.

Silberline Certified by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council

LogoSilberline, a business specializing in special effect and performance pigments, is proud to announce national certification as a Women's Business Enterprise by the Women's Business Enterprise Council – PA, DE, sNJ, a regional certifying partner of the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

RocheHandle Announces Successful Participation in the 123rd Canton Fair Furniture Hardware Exhibition April 15th to 19th

Insiders agree when it comes to manufacturing a durable and attractive piece of furniture a great deal of thought of who to use for its furniture handle or handles is a clear priority. If ignored, and a poor choice made, it is likely to be the first part of the furniture to break from use. Fortunately, Guangdong, China-based RocheHandle are experts at meeting this need of manufacturing premium quality furniture handles, in a huge number of styles (and also custom created to order), at very affordable prices, shipped globally. Recently, the company announced they appeared at the industry-leading 123rd Canton Fair Furniture Hardware Exhibition from April 15th to April 19th, where they made many new contacts with global clients placing orders of all sizes. The excitement surrounding their presence at the fair was extremely high.

ChemCeed to Host 5th Annual Relay for Life Golf Outing

LogoIn order, to raise cancer awareness and support the American Cancer Society, ChemCeed has been participating in Relay for Life for the last 6 years. Five years ago, we held our first golf outing to help fundraise for our team. Due to the success of the event it has now become an annual event that continues to grow. With the help of our amazing sponsors and wonderful community participants we have raised over $10,000. ChemCeed is looking forward to another successful event on June 1st 2018!