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AgileNobel Offers Oxygen Absorbers Used to Maintain Oxygen Levels Inside Any Packaged Product

LogoA recognized firm managing supply chains for diversified industries, AgileNobel offers oxygen absorbers that helps you to maintain oxygen levels inside any packaged product. By removing oxygen from packaged products, the absorbers hinder the growth of bacteria and mold, hence enhancing the shelf life of those products. The company provides oxygen absorbers in a various sachet sizes, depending volume of oxygen removal required and clients' needs. The absorbers ensure that the optimum quality of packaged products is maintained. Cost effective and versatile, the absorbers are an ideal solution for efficiently removing oxygen inside any packaged product, without any hassle.

JRE Pvt. Ltd Offering High-Performance Oil Suction & Discharge Hoses at Competitive Prices

LogoJRE Pvt. Ltd has retained the leadership position in the Indian flexible hose assembly market since the year 1981. JRE is comprised of two business vectors – one is dedicated to the production and the other provides technology-based services. The first vector manufactures marine loading arms, roof drain hoses and systems, API couplers, metallic bellows, rubber bellows, PUHB saddles, hose movers, hose rack, folding cages, and stairs respectively. The products are ATEX, CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 compliant, and fit application needs in sectors like LPG, Hydrocarbons, Offshore, Chemicals, Cryogenics, Cement, Utility, Paint, Food, Potable Water, and Hydraulics.

Bee Chems Offers the Highest Effective Precipitated Silica in a Variety of Packaging Options

A renowned supplier of industrial chemicals, Bee Chems offers Precipitated Silica for use in a plethora of applications. The substance is a silica (SiO2) that is produced by precipitation from a solution containing silicate salts. Cost-effective and versatile, the substance are perfect for use in various industries and are known for their effectiveness. The company manufactures the substance using commercial grade and quality approved materials to maintain the highest level of quality standards.

Trade21 Offering Quality Backed Microcentrifuge Tubes Online

LogoTrade21 is one of Singapore's most reliable e-commerce stores when it comes to medical and laboratory supplies. With operations that span across major Asian cities, the company is now looking forward to expanding its influence beyond Asia. Their business approach solely focuses on customer satisfaction and this has seen it grow from just a small Singapore based startup to one of Asia's most respected e-commerce companies. It gets better with the fact that health practitioners recommend the company for hospital and lab equipment such as disposable gloves and laboratory glassware. It does not end there as Trade21 also sells microscope and imaging accessories.

CDF Corporation to Attend the Northeast Dairy Convention

LogoCDF Corporation, a global company that specializes in the manufacturing of intermediate bulk container liners (IBC), bag-in-box, and flexible packaging solutions will be attending the Northeast Dairy Convention. Organized by the Northeast Dairy Suppliers Association, the show features diary executives, managers, industry vendors, and suppliers from throughout the Northeast who will gather to learn about industry trends and information through guest speakers, panel discussions, and networking events. The event will be held from September 11 through 13 at the Otesaga Resort Hotel in Cooperstown, New York.

M2M Technologies, LLC Announces Release of Asset Tracking Product Options

LogoM2M Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce the release of three asset tracking product options under the Asset Tracking by Shield brand. These products build upon the features of M2M Technologies' well-established Shield Stolen Vehicle Recovery device by providing different reporting profiles and granting user access within the asset tracking platform.

Versatile Fusion with the DynaMc Line

LogoMiami, FL – 08/28/2019 – The DynaMc® line of fusion machines available via the McElroy Parts website provide performance on par with other McElroy tools like the Pitbull and TracStar fusion machines. These tools are aimed at specific needs and maintain broad use.

Bee Chems Offers Molcat Molecular Sieves Suitable for Gasphase and Liquidphase Applications

One of India's leading industrial chemical manufacturers, Bee Chems offers Molcat® molecular sieves which are suitable for gasphase and liquidphase applications. Having a three-dimensional interconnecting network of silica and alumina tetrahedral, molecular sieves have very uniform cavities which selectively adsorb molecules of a specific size. Available in various sizes, the sieves are used for commercial dehydration of unsaturated hydrocarbon streams, including cracked gas, propylene, butadiene, acetylene. The company provides the substance in various packing options including 150-160 kg. drums, and jumbo bags.

CDF Corporation to Showcase Meta® Pail with Smart Pail Inside at IBIE 2019

LogoPlymouth, MA – August 23, 2019 – CDF Corporation, a leading packaging expert in bag-in-box flexible solutions, as well as liners for pails, drums, and intermediate bulk containers—will be exhibiting at the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE). The tradeshow will be held September 8 – 11, 2019 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Happening every three years, the Baking Expo? is the biggest, most comprehensive event in the U.S. for the grain-based food industry. It brings together more than 20,000 baking professionals from 100 different countries and every segment of the business. This unique event provides an unparalleled chance to discover the most innovative solutions for each individual segment and establish valuable industry partnerships.

Plastrac Advises on the Importance of Color Consistency in the Plastics Industry

As a top-rated provider of material blenders and loading systems for the plastics industry, Plastrac understands that attention to detail is what draws consumers to specific brands and products. Now, the organization is advising on the importance of color consistency, and why it's an essential component of a high-quality and reliable plastics product.

The Best Acetylacetone Manufacturer: Wei Rong Pharmaceutical and Chemical Corporation

Wei Rong, a pharmaceutical and chemical company, has participated in CPhI & P-MEC China at Shanghai New International Expo Centre on June 18, 2019. The exhibition aims to introduce companies like Wei Rong to foreign agencies, which has attracted a lot of attention from global pharmaceutical industry professionals.

Pallet Wrappers: A Company Catering for All Pallet Wrapping Needs

With pallet wrapping now incredibly important across a range of industries, one pallet wrapper supplier, Pallet Wrappers, has stepped-up their game, now ensuring that they are catering for absolutely all pallet wrapping needs and demands. The company have extended their collections, and made their team available for customers to contact should they require any kind of support or guidance.

CDF to Attend the Petroleum Packaging Council's 2019 Fall Meeting

LogoCDF Corporation, a global company that specializes in the manufacturing of intermediate bulk container liners (IBC), bag-in-box, and flexible packaging solutions will be attending the Petroleum Packaging Council's (PPC) 2019 fall meeting. The Petroleum Packaging Council is an association providing technical leadership and education to the petroleum packaging and blending industry. The fall show includes guest speakers, technical sessions, and networking opportunities—designed to provide foresight, trend awareness, technological expertise, and new connections for both vendors and visitors. The PPC's 2019 fall meeting will be held August 25 - 27 at the Hilton Salt Lake City Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Rotary Products Offers Top Quality Dock Bumpers at Affordable Prices

LogoInstalling a dock bumper can help prevent damage to vehicles as well as buildings when stores are being loaded and unloaded. A dock bumper can be designed to suit just about any building layout or construction, and they can be designed to fit any special specifications one may have.

Get Stainless Steel Tubes and Nickel Alloys from Arch City Steel and Alloy, Inc

LogoArch City Steel & Alloy, Inc was established as a distributor of carbon, stainless steel, alloys and nickel alloys respectively. The firm has a team that specializes in different sizes that help to complete tough jobs. Their products include carbon, nickel, stainless steel pipes, bars, tubes, sheets, plates, fittings, bars, and flanges. Arch City Steel & Alloy stocks both standard catalog and customized products. The company's sales staff is well trained and experienced to handle steel products. Its customers and suppliers trust the company. They can deliver hard to find and complex products according to the customer's budget and requirements.

Wickwire Warehouse Inc. Offers Quality Stainless Steel Wire Mesh and Other Products

Wickwire Warehouse Inc. is offering quality stainless steel wire mesh and other products to clients throughout the rest of the 2019 summer season. Wickwire Warehouse Inc. has been providing commercial stainless steel wire mesh to businesses across the USA for the past several decades. The company's world-class quality, dedication to the wire supply industry, and technical expertise have made it a premium choice for hundreds of companies requiring durable and affordable metal products for commercial usage.

HLH Prototypes Offers Sheet Metal Prototype in China

LogoHLH Prototypes is a leading prototypes company in China. The company is well known for their reliability in providing cost friendly yet efficient injection molding and prototyping services. The company has with time gotten to be well known as the consistent, fast and the finest quality giving company in prototyping and all other services it offers. The company serves a wide range of companies including the communication, product development, automotive, robotics and automation, consumer products as well as aerospace &UAV.

Dymatboard to Showcase Acid-Free Mat Board at the CAFEXPO 2019

LogoDymatboard is glad to announce that it will take part in the China Art and Frame Expo (CAFEXPO?2019 on 18th to 20th September in Yiwu International Exhibition Center, China (Booth No. C12–1). With over 20 years of experience, Dymatboard is adept at the research and development of acid-free mat board with professional and exquisite technique.

Companies Can Show Appreciation for Employees with Engraved Items from Spike's Trophies

LogoEvery month, countless businesses across the United States recognize the accomplishments of one employee who, over the last month, went above and beyond what was required for the benefit of the company. This Employee of the Month is recognized and typically rewarded in some fashion for his or her hard work, dedication, and innovation.

Creative Covers Inc Introduces Waterproof Garden Furniture Covers for Maximum Protection

Creative Covers Inc, a leading manufacturer and designer of waterproof furniture covers, is based out of Chicago Land area, Illinois. With an extensive range of protective covers for furniture, equipment and utility carts, there is something exclusive in store for every customer.

SmartOrg Releases Enhanced Web-Based Platform for Innovation Portfolio Management

SmartOrg®, Inc. (, announces the version 8.0 release of its Portfolio Navigator® web-based portfolio evaluation platform. Portfolio Navigator gives companies the capability to evaluate, compare and prioritize innovation and new product development projects to create value and drive growth.

HLH Prototypes Is Providing High-Quality 3D Prototyping and Rapid Prototyping Solutions

LogoFounded with the objective of making a difference in the project realization of their clients, HLH Prototypes has evolved to achieve this goal in various ways through their careful selection of high-quality services. Setting base in China, the company boasts of its global client-base whom they serve with diligence in all their dealings. Through their exceptional range of services (vacuum casting, CNC milling, 3D printing, rapid tooling & injection molding), the bureau has been able to meet the varying demands of their clientele across various industries. They present themselves as a suitable option for clients looking for cost-effective and reliable services for their projects regardless of the size and complexity.

Fusion Machine Maintenance Can Save Thousands

LogoFocusing on cleanliness is an effective yet oft-forgotten way to keep machines running smoothly for years to come. Pipe fusion machines are commonly used in settings where the chances of grime and dirt accumulation are high. This may lead to corrosion, which only serves to reinforce that cleanliness is indeed key. Heaters and facers may all fall victim to dirt and moisture, so routine maintenance is always a plus.

Larson Tool Collaborates with Precision Metalforming Association to Provide Training Resources for the Metalforming Industry

LogoLarson Tool Implements New Online Metalforming Program to Help Educate Employees

Linortek Welcomes Graybar as a Reseller for IoT Controllers

LogoLinor Technology, Inc. (Linortek), a research and development company that designs and builds controllers for the Internet of Things (IoT), announces its products are now available through Graybar, a Fortune 500 company and leading wholesale distributor of high-quality products and services that support new construction, infrastructure updates, building renovation, facility maintenance, repair and operations, and original equipment manufacturing.