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Adenna Encourages Its Clients to Buy Disposable Gloves in Bulk, in Turn Saving Money and the Environment

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Updated 12:00 PM CST, Thu, November 15,2018

Adenna, a manufacturer and distributor of hand protection and healthcare products, has advised all its clients to buy disposable gloves in bulk. The company has published a blog post on its website giving four main advantages of buying disposable gloves in bulk.

Ontario, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2018 -- Adenna claims that buying disposable gloves in bulk will save the customer money. In a recently published blog post, the company advocates buying disposable gloves in bulk to save money, to avoid shortages, for convenience, and to conserve the environment.

Adenna has offered four major benefits of buying disposable gloves in bulk. The glove manufacturer and distributor is encouraging all its customers to buy disposable gloves in bulk. The company recently posted an article in the blog section of its website titled "Advantages of Buying Disposable Gloves in Bulk." According to the article, buying in bulk is not always advantageous. Adenna notes that buying in bulk requires more upfront cash than buying in small quantities. The company also acknowledges the fact that goods bought in bulk requires more storage space and that they can get spoilt in storage. But this does not deter Adenna from advising its customers to buy disposable gloves in bulk. The company argues that since disposable gloves are not perishable, they can be bought in bulk and stored for a long period of time. The main advantage of buying disposable gloves in bulk is that there will be no glove shortages.

According to Adenna, buying disposable gloves in bulk will reduce business expenses. Incidentally, buying in bulk allows the customer to enjoy sales discounts. This means that the customer will pay much less for the same disposable gloves if they are ordered in bulk. Adenna also insists that buying in bulk is convenient. The customer does not have to rush to the store every time there is a risky task that requires the use of disposable gloves. And the last reason why disposable gloves should be bought in bulk is to ensure a cleaner healthier environment. According to Adenna, buying in bulk means less packaging and hence less trash. The company created a series of articles about all aspects of disposable gloves and their uses, starting with

About Adenna
Adenna has been manufacturing and distributing disposable gloves and other hand protection and healthcare products since 1997. The company has an extensive supply network all over the world. Recently Adenna merged with NuTrend Disposables, a manufacturer and supplier of disposable wipers, rags, safety products, and washroom essentials, with a focus on serving the industrial, safety, and contractor supply distribution channels. The new company is still called Adenna and it will now offer disposable and work gloves, wipers, rags, microfiber products, sorbents, air care, toilet seat covers, infection control, personal protective equipment, and personal care items. The company can also be seen at

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