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AGILENOBEL Offers a Wide Range of Oxygen Absorption Bags to Maintain Optimum Quality of Packaged Food Products

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Updated 12:05 PM CST, Wed, January 02,2019

Huntersville, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2019 -- A recognized firm managing supply chains for diversified industries, AGILENOBEL offers a wide range of oxygen absorption bags to ensure optimum quality of packaged products is maintained. Cost-effective and versatile, these oxygen absorption bags are an ideal solution for efficiently removing oxygen inside any packaged product, without any hassle. The company offers its oxygen absorption bags in numerous sizes and weights including 100 cc, 200 cc, 300 cc, 500 cm, 800 cc and many more. The bags are perfect for use in a variety of packaged food products including Coffee and tea, Candy, Nuts and dried fruits, Organic Foods, Cold and smoked meat, Medicines, Cereals, Snacks and various others.

AGILENOBEL is a renowned name in the chemical industry for providing top-notch quality industrial chemicals at the most competitive prices. The organization's unrivalled commitment to quality has amassed them a massive customer base not only in India but across the globe. In addition to oxygen absorption bags, the company also provides Industrial Chemicals, Construction Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Food Additives, Oleo Chemicals, Fuel Additives for Upstream / Downstream Operations and more.

Talking about the oxygen absorption bags, one of the representatives from the company stated, "Oxygen absorption bags protect your products inside the bag by absorbing oxygen, so as not to affect product quality. Oxygen absorption bags are non-toxic and safe to use, harmless if they are rubbed with food. Oxygen is the cause of bacterial growth and mold. Anyone looking to get any of our products can contact us and our team will help you."

AGILENOBEL is a Globally Networked conglomerate managing supply chains for diversified industries across the world. They work in the areas of diverse chemicals, machineries and performance packaging materials. With offices and manufacturing facilities in Delhi, Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, South Africa and USA, the company manufactures a wide range of industrial inputs and manage global marketing for some of the giant manufacturing companies who collaborate with us to provide best quality products at the most economical prices. AGILENOBEL carries an experience of more than 15 years in managing supply chains for various customers across the globe.

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