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Better Box Mailboxes Offers 2 Inch Brass Mailbox Numbers

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Updated 8:00 AM CST, Thu, January 11,2018

Simpsonville, SC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/11/2018 -- Better Box Mailboxes is an innovative company that offers numerous products and accessories, including 2-inch brass mailbox numbers. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses that sell products for homeowners cut corners. They partner with manufacturers that provide them with cheap, low-quality merchandise on the wholesale level. The retail price is ratcheted up considerably, and at the end of the day, consumers pay much more than they should for inferior goods.

Things are entirely different for people that purchase mailboxes, 2-inch brass mailbox numbers, and other mailbox accessories from Better Box Mailboxes. This company sets the standard for quality because of the way that they go about things. First of all, they do not obtain their products from a third-party. They manufacture their mailboxes in their own facility, so they have total control.

They hire highly qualified, skilled artisans that use time-tested techniques to produce stunning, eye-catching cast aluminum curbside mailboxes, wall-mounted mailboxes, and brick mailbox doors. Aluminum is a nonferrous metal, so it is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. As a result, the mailboxes are durable and long-lasting, but they are lightweight and easy to ship and install.

The same level of care is put into the hardware and the 2-inch brass mailbox numbers. Brass is also a nonferrous metal, so it will maintain its integrity for years. These numbers are extremely easy to install. Though they are solid brass, they are affixed to the mailbox number plate through the utilization of 3M automotive trim sticky tape adhesion. There is a clear coat that provides a lasting luster, and they can be easily replaced if the mailboxes are moved to a different address.

Even though the quality is impeccable, they offer them at unbelievably low prices. The same thing applies to the mailboxes that the company produces. Since they ship everything from their own production facility, there is no "middleman" in the loop, and this helps them keep their prices at a minimum.

Plus, this company stands behind their products with a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. When you combine all of the factors, it is clear that Better Box Mailboxes is the right choice for anyone that needs 2-inch brass mailbox numbers.

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