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General Partition Company Explains What Sets Corrugated Box Partitions Apart from Other Interior Box Packaging

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Updated 9:53 AM CST, Wed, December 04,2019

Bristol, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2019 -- Business owners understand that interior box packaging is one of the biggest contributing factors to the safe shipment of their goods. To help businesses make the right choice in packaging materials, General Partition Company would like to offer an overview of what makes corrugated box partitions one of the best options for commercial transportation.

Corrugated box partitions are favored in a wide variety of industries for their durability and maximum product protection. The architecture of this divider is what sets it apart from other interior box packaging. Corrugated box partitions are composed of several layers of resilient materials, unlike other partitions that possess only one substantial layer. Each corrugated layer is made up of a flat outer surface called a linerboard, and a fluted interior called the medium. There are many different configurations of corrugated partitions, but they can be customized even further to meet the precise needs of each business.

General Partition Company offers many additional features to its top-tier corrugated partitions. Interested parties can choose from a variety of flutes (the degree of thickness to which the medium is crinkled) to suit their shipping needs. Larger flutes are advised for heavy products that require more cushioning and protection, while smaller flutes work well for more delicate items. For easy packaging and handling, General Partition Company can alter the partitions with directional notches and corner cuts.

General Partition Company engineers can design one-of-a-kind partitions to fit goods and products with unusual shapes. Special partitions made from high-quality materials will provide ultimate protection during shipping and handling. To find out more about the unique features of corrugated, polycoated chipboard, and SBS partitions, visit

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General Partition Company, Inc. is a Bucks County, Pennsylvania-based organization providing durable and versatile box partitions for a wide variety of implementations. They manufacture partitions comprised of chipboard, corrugated cardboard and Solid Bleach Sulfite (SBS).

General Partition Company, Inc. also has services to assist businesses plan and engineer intelligent shipping solutions using their box partitions. Their delivery services have a reputation for being fast and reliable. They also accommodate special orders like unique labeling. Reach General Partition Company, Inc. by phone nationwide at 888-501-4685.

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