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Hlh Prototypes Provides Customised Molding and Prototyping Solutions

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Updated 9:00 PM CDT, Tue, June 04,2019

Shajing, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2019 -- HLH Prototypes began its operationsin 2009 with a mission to become the leading provider of engineered parts for companies andindustries all over the world. The company makes things for people and commits to achievingthe clients' engineered works in the fastest most accurate and most inexpensive way possible. HLH Prototypes plans to relocate to a new 15000sqm facility not far from itscurrent location in Shenzhen, China, right next to Hong Kong.HLH Prototypes provides a range of services including rapid CNC machining,rapid prototypes, 3D printing, rapid injection molding, cast urethane molding, and rapid sheetmetal work.

"HLH Prototypes offers CNC rapid injection molding solutions that give fast,high-quality parts from various equipment. Depending on any project requirements, HLHPrototypes builds molds from either aluminum or steel. The company utilizes mold bases and various tool designs to come up with quality parts; thusconsuming less time and fewer resources. HLH Prototypesoffers flexible, tailored solutions to realize real injection molded parts,"said Jack Cheng, the Tooling and Injection Molding Manager.

Vacuum casting or cast urethanes is an excellent solution used to produce quality parts without the cost or lead time required for production tooling. HLH Prototypes offers cast urethane molding in China.HLH Prototypes has a massive range of materials available for the client's projects depending on their demands. Cast urethane utilizes low volume prototypes to come up with volume production of rubber parts, market testing, and rapid iterations.HLH Prototypes offers a chance for prospective clients to download the company's freerapid prototyping design guide and also sign up for newsletters to get informed on all the services that HLH Prototypes offers.

"HLH Prototypes delivers high-precision and high-quality parts for its clients. The company offers quality engineering services thus coming up with quality prototyped products. The companyutilizes 3D printing since it is fast and accurate in drawing parts. The company strives to come up with strong parts and also deliver excellent surface finishes as well as complex geometry to meet the specific requirements of the client," said Nissan He, the Sales Manager.

The reputation and customer base of HLH Prototypes has expanded without boundsand so has its range of services. HLH Prototypes is the best machine shop in China . The company offers a wide range of prototyping and molding solutions tailored to meet the client's expectations. HLH Prototype presents high-level technology in rapid prototyping and molding production; these services include CNC milling, sheet metal and rapid tooling, vacuum casting (cast urethanes), 3D printing(SLA and SLS), and injection molding and a range of finishing techniques.

About HLH Prototypes
HLH Prototypes is among the best prototyping companies in China. The company seeks to venture into a diverse collection of industries such as medical, communications, automotive and aerospace industries among many others.HLH Prototypes implements many strategic and technical plans used in rapid prototyping to provide CNC machining services, die casting and export tooling among other specialized services.

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