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JRE Private Limited Offering the Best Chemical and Cryogenic Hoses and Rubber Bellows

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Updated 11:15 PM CDT, Mon, August 05,2019

JRE Private Limited is manufacturing and supplying a wide range of hoses for handling different types of chemicals and solutions, as well as premium-quality rubber bellows from Ditec.

Mumbai, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2019 -- JRE Private Limited operates two business verticals, one being a manufacturer of flexible hose assemblies and fittings, while the other being a representative of specialized equipment. The business' manufacturing division makes the rubber, composite, PTFE and stainless-steel hoses for various industries. The manufacturing unit of JRE is ISO, CE, and ATEX certified. The manufacturer commenced its operations with low-pressure rubber hoses, followed by specialized hoses suitable for the downstream, midstream, upstream, chemical, steel, defense, food and pharmaceutical industries respectively.

At the latest press event, the spokesperson of JRE Private Limited informed, "Over the years, we have diversified as a technology service provider of various companies from around the world. Some of our renowned partners include Aeroquip, CPV, TS Fasteners, Subitec, Wiese, The Hosebun, CavMac, Matec Group, and Fitto Fittings. With years of experience today, we not only manufacture rubber hoses but also corrugated SS flexible hoses, PTFE (smooth) and (convoluted) bore flexible hoses and thermoplastic composite hoses."

JRE Private Limited offers dry-break couplings, break-away couplings, PVC hoses, ducting, marine loading arms, and quick release hose connections to meet any application where flexible connections are required. The manufacturer also supplies Ditec rubber expansion joints that are genuinely multi-talented in terms of temperature, pressure and pumped fluid resistance when it comes to their material design and type of movement. These require both universal and specialist knowhow and constitute the largest share of Ditec production.

The spokesperson further revealed, "The rubber expansion joints we provide compensate for the axial, lateral and angular movements resulting from the thermal changes in pipeline length. They prevent the transmission of mechanical vibrations from machines, apparatus or pumps to the connected pipeline. They compensate for tension and imprecision in assembly, as well as withstand, depending on the application requirement, the pressure of up to 40 bar. In the Ditec production process, they produce single pieces and series with a diameter of up to 5 meters, individually designed and dimensioned based on the Pressure Equipment Directives."

Depending on the movement and installation position between the sliding and fixed bearings of a pipeline, JRE delivers the rubber expansion joints with and without axial tie rods, manufactured to fit precisely. Apart from Ditec bellows, the chemical hose manufacturer offers hoses designed to handle varying types of acids, mineral acids, alkalis and an aqueous solution of inorganic minerals during production and transferring operations. Created with meticulous precision, these chemical hoses are weather resistant and have a long lifespan.

About JRE Private Limited
JRE Private Limited, established in the year 1981, is a leading manufacturer and assembler of flexible hoses and couplings. The manufacturer also supplies a variety of specialized equipment for the petrochemical and power industries. The chemical and cryogenic hose manufacturer has a wide range of hoses and hose fittings, from 5 mm to 400 mm in diameter. These hoses have a pressure range up to 20,000 psi working pressure. JRE's chemical hoses are available in various sizes and styles, and these are ideal for use in the transfer of chemicals, alcohol, petroleum, fertilizers, and paint inside industrial plants.

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