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LEM Products, Inc. Highlights Their Green Initiatives

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Updated 10:24 AM CDT, Wed, June 13,2018

Montgomeryville, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/13/2018 -- LEM Products, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of safety signs and labels, prioritizes environmental consciousness when creating their products and completing everyday tasks. Their products are designed primarily for industrial sites, which require safety labels of the highest quality.

Environmental consciousness goes into each step of the creation process at LEM Products, Inc. They utilize a silkscreen reclamation process, wastewater filtration unit, air filtration, and specific trash collection procedure — which signifies that not only do sound practices go into creating labels, but they also go into everyday operations at the facility.

When a product is created, manufacturers treat silk mesh screens with a light-sensitive emulsion to capture the imagery that will be printed. Then, the team uses state-of-the-art machinery to wash out ink out of the screens.

Chemicals and water are used in the machine. The chemicals are continuously recirculated in the machine until there isn't any left for use. The gray-colored water that is left at the end of the cleaning process is then treated in a wastewater filtration unit.

The screen printing process can give off hazardous fumes. To keep the air in the facility clean, LEM Products, Inc. uses an air filtration process to capture the fumes and release clean air. After all of this is complete, a sustainable waste company picks up all waste and properly disposes of it.

The team at LEM Products, Inc. understands that to promote an environmentally conscious lifestyle and workplace, they need to adopt these practices themselves. In each facet of their company, they keep the environment in mind.

From screen printing to disposal, LEM Products, Inc. ensures that their workers, customers, and the environment are always safe and protected. To learn more about the safety hazard sign creation process and the company's green initiatives, visit or call 833-536-8247.

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