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Updated 12:21 PM CST, Fri, December 13,2019

Princeton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2019 -- For over 115 years, Miele has been a trusted name in outstanding commercial appliances, from sterile lab and dental equipment washers to restaurant and hotel dishwashers and ovens. The company motto, immer besser, or "forever better," sums up the essence of its exceptional German engineering. Miele has consistently improved upon its appliance designs and features and always looks to the future for better processes, materials, and innovations.

Miele's talented technicians and engineers are detail-oriented and committed to creating professional-grade industry appliances. With rigorous testing processes, ambitious research, and an uncompromising drive for excellence, Miele sets itself apart as a dependable and supportive partner for any industrial or commercial enterprise. The company's products are lauded for their versatility and longevity, so their price points are supported by long-life guarantees and reliable repairs, installations, and commissioning services.

In addition to Miele's commitment to high-quality products, the company is also passionate about environmental sustainability. As a result, most of its products are made from recycled or recyclable materials and operate with unflinching efficiency. With low electricity and water consumption, conservative technologies, and an international distribution network dedicated to fewer transportation miles, Miele leads the way with energy and raw materials conservation.

Miele Industries has made significant strides in the development and distribution of industrial and commercial appliances and accessories, including Miele lab dishwashers, as well as top-notch customer service throughout the world. Visit to learn more about Miele's extensive lines of products, affordable installation processes, and sustainable practices and materials.

About Miele Corporation USA
Miele Corporation USA is a multinational professional systems solution provider based in Germany. The company specializes in the manufacturing and worldwide distribution of commercial products for various industries, including healthcare, dental, education, emergency services, hotels and restaurants, and scientific research. Miele is a detail-oriented corporation with an eye for efficiency and sustainability and a belief in the principle of Immer Besser, meaning "forever better." Every product is designed for years of exceptional work - guaranteed.

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