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Shanghai Metal Corporation Offers High Quality Welded Pipe & ERW Pipe for Oil Pipeline

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Updated 7:30 PM CST, Mon, March 05,2018

Shanghai Metal Corporation has focused on fabricating and distributing a comprehensive range of products and components used in the metal products, machinery, medical, mechanical products, electrical, construction, and container industries since 1980.

Shanghai, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/05/2018 -- There is no denying the assertion that the world would come to a complete standstill without industries and this generalization underscores the indispensability of the different industrial segments of an economy. Just imagine a world without trains, buses, cars, airplanes, ships, oil and natural gas extracting and refining plants, medical supplies, and electricity-that would be akin to existing in the Middle Ages. Industries engaged in manufacturing metallic, mechanical, electrical, medical, construction, and machinery products, tools, components, and equipment contribute hugely towards human beings living comfortably and enjoying a high quality of life. Shanghai Metal Corporation is a prime manufacturing corporation in China that produces equipment and components which are indispensable for the aforementioned industries, for instance ERW pipe for oil pipeline.

Shanghai Metal Corporation, right from the day it was incorporated has strived relentlessly to manufacture premium quality of products for the abovementioned industries. The product line of this manufacturing firm currently includes aluminum, special alloy, stainless steel, copper, and metallic coated products, bending, processing, forming, and cutting machines, steel grating, steel rack, storage rack, steel bridge, scaffolding system, mooring equipment, marine equipment, and offshore containers. SMC also specializes in the fabrication of medical supplies like feeding, nursing, injecting, and airway products, electrical cables, automation systems, power distribution products, solar power systems, electric protection systems, transformers, and production lines. The ERW pipe for oil pipeline is one specific product in which SMC has garnered extensive manufacturing experience.

The welded pipe for oil pipeline or electrical resistance welded pipeline to be precise is forged by pulling a steel ribbon via a sequence of rollers that leads to the formation of a tube which is thereafter fused with electrical charge. Sizes for which maximum orders of ERW steel pipes are received vary from 23/8 inches OD to 24 inch OD with the lengths ranging from 10 feet to more than 100 feet. The finishing of the surface can be plain and bare or given a coating as per the specifications outlined by the customers. Orders for such type of pipes are accepted in prime, secondary, used and surplus or additional grades. Shanghai Metal Corporation can also manufacture welded HFI steel pipes if the customers have a specific need for the same.

The ERW steel pipe is an improvement and huge upgrade over the seamless steel pipe. The electrical resistance welded pipe comes with an inbuilt thicker wall which increases the durability of the product, eventually enabling the customer to save money on expensive upgrades. This kind of steel pipe finds sweeping applications in engineering, scaffolding, and fencing to name a few. The best quality of materials are used for producing these pipelines as well as state of the art quality control techniques like ultrasonic detection and hydro testing are taken advantage of to ensure that the finished product is impeccable.

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