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SRS-I Has Ergonomic Tables and More for Warehouse Use

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Updated 9:12 AM CDT, Mon, August 27,2018

Commerce Township, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2018 -- SRS-I is proud to announce that it is currently stocking ergonomic tables and more for use in warehouses. As an established, long-standing provider of automated shelving systems and racking solutions for many top players in the warehouse industry, SRS-I understands industry needs and remains at the cutting edge of ergonomic technology that promotes the health and welfare of workers.

SRS-I offers lift tables that promote proper ergonomics within a work environment at an affordable rate. As a veteran company in the industry, SRS-I recognizes the pressures and strains on companies to meet tight deadlines, which is why these ergonomic tables are designed to meet output, while also factoring in the continued good health of their operators.

The tables employ an intelligent scissor design which allows them to be adjusted for different workers and tasks – ideal for a multi-function dynamic workspace. These tables are made bearing in mind the requirements of tasks that involve repetitive bending and lifting. They are tested and produced by experts with real experience in the storage and transport industries to guarantee effective and easy employment in a range of warehouse settings.

While many ergonomic solutions feature a trade-off between the welfare of workers and the productivity of companies, SRS-I offers lift tables that enhance rates of work while improving worker health. SRS-I also understands that healthy workers are happy workers and consideration for ergonomics can improve job satisfaction and indirectly drive productivity higher still.

"Our ergonomic tables are some of the best in the industry. We are proud to provide such high-quality products and continue to help modernize warehouses with forward-thinking attitudes to ergonomics. Thanks to our partners and team for their fantastic work in bringing these ergonomic tables to our catalog. We continue to be one of the top providers of shelving and racking in the industry while offering a range of other warehouse related products and are looking at expanding our selections further to meet even more client needs." - SRS-I

Ergonomic tables can help prevent workplace injury, which has the potential to save employers thousands of dollars by avoiding sick leave or the risk of permanent disability. SRS-I has an excellent record of understanding the needs of warehouse workers and can provide ergonomic table solutions that meet the needs of any storage environment.

SRS-I offers scissor lift style tables which are customizable depending on the exact needs of each workplace. Ball transfer tops, conveyors, and tilters are all available auxiliary pieces that can be included to facilitate the ease of removing transported objects from the surface of the table. The tables themselves have a wide range of height options that can be controlled using an easy-to-operate hydraulic lift system which removes the strain and burden of lifting.

Any managers or warehouse owners looking for ergonomic solutions to their table needs or to buy automated shelving systems online should call SRS-I today at 866-295-2642 or complete the contact form online.

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