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SuperbMelt Electric Induction Furnace Offers Flexible Melting Procedure

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Updated 8:00 PM CDT, Tue, September 04,2018

SuperbMelt is a world-recognized leader for manufacturing and exporting of various highly-developed electric induction metal melting furnaces.

Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/04/2018 -- SuperbMelt Electric Induction Furnace offers flexible melting procedure

SuperbMelt is a world-recognized leader for manufacturing and exporting of various highly-developed gold smelting and electric induction furnaces. Maintaining its outstanding quality and building the most pioneering melting and casting equipment for jewelry, SuperbMelt is offering the most potent and superior quality 'Metal Melting Furnace' for melting any ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as gold, silver, aluminium, copper, zinc, lead and steel.

SuperbMelt Electric Induction Furnace is appropriate to a range of scales of industrial and research applications. Foundries, mining companies, and laboratories performing research in ores and metals can all take advantage of the competence and product superiority of the electric metal smelting furnace.

How SuperbMelt Electric Induction Furnace is the best for your foundry?

- SuperbMelt electric induction metal melting furnace (SPB-MF) is best-suited for 50-250kg metals smelting from an output power rating of 45kw ~160kw.

- This electric induction furnace comes with a Simens controls system (PLC) for precision, accuracy and enhanced control to your melting process.

- It offers the flexibility to melt various kinds of metals with just a single furnace, thus saving your valuable time and money.

- The crucibles of this induction furnace are relatively handy and super fast to replace.

- The SuperbMelt IGBT technology incorporated in this furnace reduces power utilization by 15-30%.

- The furnace's hydraulic tilting design can be easily controlled with the help of a remote panel trolley.

- Its superb control system makes sure that you do not overwork with any of your input and output limits.

- This metal melting furnace has an omni-directional warning system that makes sure that you do not experience any form of system break down.

- This induction melting furnace also comes with a magnet yoke that perks up your melting efficiency, and by this means, saving you more energy.

- This induction melting machine can be operated continuously for 24hours without any system crash.

About SuperbMelt
SuperbMelt is a leading manufacturer of high-quality machines for smelting, melting and casting gold, including other metals like silver, aluminium, copper, zinc, lead and steel. As a foremost precious metal smelting and casting solutions provider, the company has developed a giant worldwide service network for equipment technology with their associates all over the world. The company also offers consultancy for its many worldwide clients that completely depend on its latest and high-tech techniques for manufacturing gold.

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