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Trade 21 Is Offering Microscope Slides Frosted End and Round Bottom Centrifuge Tubes

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Updated 8:15 PM CDT, Wed, October 23,2019

Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2019 -- Trade 21 is among the most reliable Singapore e-commerce stores when it comes to the provision of medical and laboratory equipment for clinical laboratories and scientific research sectors in Singapore. The manufacturer has a variety of products on offer, from laboratory glassware and plastic-ware to scientific instruments, equipment, and histology-related chemicals. Trade 21 serves many types of clients that include hospitals, as well as pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and biotech companies. The manufacturer also caters to the lab product needs of R&D labs in various industries, medical-research institutions, polytechnics, universities, and government agencies, including defense.

"Centrifuge tubes are a must-have in any laboratory setting where samples are to be separated through centrifugation before further analysis is conducted," said the company spokesperson. "We offer a platform for scientists to buy round bottom centrifuge tubes, which are made of polypropylene. Also, we have centrifuge tubes in other sizes, most notably the small-sized 15ml models for handling smaller sample sizes. We provide all our clients with the freedom to choose between sterile and non-sterile tubes depending on the nature of the project at hand and work environment."

Trade 21 provides pipette tips that ensure stable performance. The pipette tips are made from excellent quality 100% pure virgin polypropylene that is medical grade. The resin is pre-tested to ascertain that there are no extractables present and no metal contamination. They are also lab tested and certified for Nuclease, contamination of endotoxin and certified to the results of U.S.P. for instance, the yellow pipette tips price at Trade 21 is very reasonable, considering the quality backed features of these products.

The company spokesperson continued, "In the modern world of online and offline shopping, clients are always looking to partner with a company that's as flexible as it gets. This is why we've invested in various payment gateways aimed at ensuring a client gets an option that is convenient for them. Among the payment options, we offer to include PayPal, Discover, Visa, Master Card, and Maestro respectively. These options are highly secure and have been certified as safe payment options throughout the world."

Any lab is incomplete without proper functioning microscopes and other accessories. At Trade 21, we offer some of the best accessories, such as microscope slides coverslips. Trade 21's laboratory range of glassware includes a microscope slides frosted end that has a ninety degrees ground edges marking the area of approximately 20mm on both sides.

About Trade 21
Trade 21 offers a variety of microcentrifuge tube with screw caps and O-ring. The microcentrifuge tubes can spin at high speeds for excellent outcomes. Trade 21 supplies both sterile and non-sterile microcentrifuge tubes that are autoclavable and human DNA RNase and DNase free. They are also made from medical grade resin and packaging and CFR 21 USFDA compliant. The non-sterile tubes are offered with flat caps while the sterile tubes have plug-style caps. They are available in different models such as refrigerated and non-refrigerated models for different laboratory uses. The microcentrifuge tubes are safe for use and can be processed quickly as the need arises.

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