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YMC America, Inc. Highlights Their Triart Lineup

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Updated 9:18 AM CDT, Thu, May 10,2018

Allentown, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/10/2018 -- YMC America, Inc. offers a comprehensive lineup of hybrid-silica columns that are specifically designed for enhanced chemical and mechanical durability and delivering outstanding peak shape. YMC-Triart hybrid-silica columns are well-suited for most LC applications in both pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories. The lineup's performance in a wide range of method conditions makes them the ideal selection when it comes to reliable and reproducible HPLC columns.

The Triart series is available for purchase in five different reversed-phase chemistries including C18, C18 ExRS, C8, Phenyl, and PFP. It also includes bare silica in the form of the Triart SIL for normal phase, as well as the Triart Diol-HILIC when it comes to retaining and separating extremely polar compounds. YMC also offers a vast selection of silica-based materials which are available in a wide variety of different phase chemistries for normal phase, reversed phase, ion-exchange, SFC, Chiral, SEC, and HIC.

Customers are encouraged to inquire about YMC America's HPLC products by dialing 888-341-8380. A team member there will be able to answer any specific questions and make sure that customers are purchasing the right product(s) for their individual need.

Companies and laboratories that are looking to find out more about purification materials, other preparative separation products and high-performance liquid chromatography products online are encouraged to check out YMC America, Inc's entire catalog at

Industrial labs and medical processing facilities, as well as any other business looking for the best place to learn about reversed phase columns or supercritical fluid chromatography products online, are encouraged to contact YMC America, Inc. for more information.

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YMC America, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of YMC Co. Ltd. (established in 1980). YMC America, Inc. sells and supports YMC liquid chromatography products and offers application assistance, purification services, and method development.

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