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YMC Meteoric Core Columns – Core-Shell Particle Technology Described in 4-Page Brochure

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Updated 10:06 AM CDT, Wed, September 18,2019

Allentown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2019 -- A four-page brochure from YMC describes YMC Meteoric Core columns for UHPLC and HPLC.

All Meteoric Core columns utilize core-shell particle construction, with a 1.7 µm non-porous core surrounded by a 0.5 µm porous shell layer. This enables the particle to have a large surface area; however, the separation is enabled only on the outer 0.5 µm of the particle. The result is high resolution at very high speed, but with low backpressure.

Three reversed-phase chemistries are available: C18, C18 BIO (wider pore size, for separation of larger biomolecules), and C8.

The ability of Meteoric Core materials to produce sharp, highly resolved peaks – combined with the inherent low bleed of the columns – makes these columns an ideal choice for LC/MS.

Users of Meteoric Core columns are able to employ higher flow rates to achieve faster separations comparable to UHPLC, but with 20-50% less back pressure. Meteoric Core columns can be used on both UHPLC systems as well as conventional HPLC instruments.

The four-page brochure provides material specifications and column ordering information. Chromatograms show separations of isomers, basic compounds, and coordination compounds. Also shown is the application of Meteoric Core C18 BIO for peptides and proteins. Meteoric Core columns can be used for peptide mapping and for protein separations up to MW 30,000.

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