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YMC Releases 28-Page Brochure Detailing the Silica Particle Technology Used in Their Pro Series Columns

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Updated 9:58 AM CST, Mon, November 04,2019

Allentown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/04/2019 -- A twenty-eight-page brochure from YMC describes YMC Pro Series columns for HPLC (5 and 3 µm) and Fast LC (2 µm).

The YMC Pro Series Columns are HPLC and High Speed HPLC columns across five different reversed phase selectivities. Based on a conventional silica particle carefully engineered with extremely low levels of metals contamination, YMC technology enforces stringent quality control over particle size, pore size, stationary phase synthesis, and end-capping.

Five reversed-phase chemistries are available: Three are C18, plus a C8, and one C4. The columns – which demonstrate high level reproducibility across batches, and importantly, across years – are ideal for production and quality control, while also useful in research applications. Batch and column inspection reports are provided with each column shipped.

The three C18 selectivities include Pro C18 (standard ODS with high versatility); Hydrosphere C18 (ODS for hydrophilic compounds and high aqueous mobile phases); and Pro C18 RS (high durability ODS).

In addition to columns for analytical scale separations, the Pro Series includes the well-known Actus series of axial compression prep scale columns.

The brochure goes to some length to describe the precision and quality control of the silica support material, as well as the synthesized phases. Sample chromatograms demonstrate the impact of end-capping, column performance with acidic and basic analytes, and durability.

Comparisons are drawn among the different stationary phases in the Pro Series family, to aid the chromatographer in column selection.

Examples are also provided comparing different scales of the same selectivity. In one example, a conventional C18 column (5 µm material in 150 mm x 4.6 mm format) is compared to a high throughput (HT) column (2 µm material in 50 mm x 2 mm format). Reductions in solvent consumption and elution times are discussed.

Examples are plentiful, and column/material selection criteria is abundant, making this 28 page brochure a valuable reference document as well as a useful column selection tool.

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